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Lost Frequencies - Live at Tomorrowland 2018 Mainstage (Full Set HD)

Publicat pe 3 aug. 2018
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Enjoy the vibes of Lost Frequencies mainstage Tomorrowland 2018 set!
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  • 4;08 sexy lady

  • Omg one day I ll be there ❤️

  • F*cking DOPE!!! One of my all-time favorite DJ sets for sure!!! ❤️

  • 15:00 *__*

  • @Lost Frequencies why did u remove 2019 Winter tomorrowland video?

  • Lost Frequencies live at Kuehlungsborn / Germany 25. august 2019 at the Beach ARENA "BALTIC OPEN AIR Kuehlungsborn"

  • What's with the cursed Japanese Kleenex advert music? "It's a fine day, people open windows..."

  • Awsome💙

  • What’s with the cringy heart symbols. Npc programming is strong with this one.

  • Please, give me the title of the song from the 21st minute

    • rotorrentinfo/watch/vFZatS0MDXvmaVs.html

  • This crowd should be used to plant trees

  • This music is everything I’ve been listening this for 20+ years and I’m still in love peace love and....

  • This set sounded really good

  • one of the best dj´s i see.Amazing performance At Mayday.I hope i can visit you by tomorrowland

  • I’ve listened to this fully at least 20 times and I still enjoy it every time 🎧😍😎🕺🏻🔊👌

  • 8:38 mom i´m fine haha

  • Wtf ahahahah the guy at 41:27, someone's hit him with a ball ahahah

  • Wow lots of tracks from 20 years ago made so modern, how original.

  • Tro nioul

  • Holy hell... this guy is incredible!

  • 4:42 When someone ask you what song that is ?????!!!!!???

  • Love the beginning of the set! =)

  • 25:30

  • Aall

  • 45:58 peak level 1000 starts. Thank me with drops of likes

  • Nice.sub plz

  • Amazing

  • !!!EPIC END OF THE SHOW!!! Amazing😱

  • What a way to start a set

  • Where the fricking frick can i find this song at 26:25? =)

  • what a shit set music.not good at all to take a pill of MDMA, electronic music its techno trance and house.This is BS

  • Leider für 2019 keine Karten fürs Tomorrowland bekommen, aber wir sehen uns aufm Parookaville :) please Felix, play this Set at the Parookaville !!!!!!!!

    • Hoffentlich haste dich bis Parookaville wenigstens mit genug "Material" eingedeckt ;-)

  • Not enough of us to change the world,... yet???

  • this is a masterpiece (by Gianluca)

  • Çok iyi

  • От души 👏👍

  • I love fucking this concert. I'm listing this when I'm sad and angry. This makes me feel better. Keep strong on minds.

  • Why arent you coming to ultra South Africa ----- Are you wit me!!!

  • GAURANGA!)))) HARIBOL!))) LOVE YOU!))))))))

  • HARE KRISHNA !!!!!!!! HARE RAMA!!))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The set couldn't be more perfect 😭😍

  • 52:46 Seriously, is that the new Aunt May from Spiderman?

  • so much love and energy in this set I love it :)

  • omg his dress😍😍😍

  • Why not so let jumb 👆 👆 👆 👆 👆 👆 👆 👆 all of us let jumb

  • .

  • 31:16 most beautiful girl ive ever seen

  • Someone from Hungary ?

  • Smoking! rotorrentinfo/watch/mciM6clgZRtXRow.html

  • Good lord what a set 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

  • Can someone please tell me the song at 6:20 😭

  • Would very much like to see him live one day 😀

  • This has got to be one of my favourite sets at the moment I must of listened to it a 100 times lol

  • trash! - turn on the radio > same shit > put some techno over it > lost frequencies lol - and whats with all the mic talk - only bad dj´s talk that much -

  • The only being that take away my stress thanks lost frequencies

  • This blessed make me Lost with his beat always my favorite

  • I'm confused, this is: "Live at Tomorrowland 2018 Mainstage" but so is this: rotorrentinfo/watch/7-j0-bFkSc21zVY.html "LIVE SET at Tomorrowland 2018" 😵

  • menia bi bi postavili, ja lutce bi sigral)

  • daze vo dvore bi ne vkliucil... takuju chepuhu 2002 goda)

  • 25:50 ?? 29:20?

  • this set is fire

  • amına koduklarım nası eğleniyorlar :(( fesatlandım....

  • Losing it omg😍😍

  • *deep House lovers , please Support Us*

  • You are great, best tommorowland set in years, awsome work

  • 53:28 Salt Bae doppleganger 😆

  • 40:52))

  • Có ai Việt Nam đang xem ko

  • It’s is by far the best set on the main stage 2018

  • What a wicked set, Tomorrowland 2019 here come

  • Best set of Tomorrowland! The Lost Frequencies Tomorrowland Deluxe mixes of "Crazy" and "Reality" are better than the original tracks. Amazing melodies and beats. My favorite house tracks at this moment. Lost Frequencies deserves to be the number 1 DJ of the world.

  • When I die, please take all my belongings and assets to the girl at 50:57. Do I know her? Of course not but she's incredibly gorgeous! Finally, I feel bad for the girl at 54:49 missing the show because she can't see! =(

  • What is the original song that plays at 26:00 . The melody is fromanother song i swear.

    • Jayden Deller Haha you're welcome man. Still curious about the name of the track at 26:00. Anyone??

    • @Jeroen0604 yesss thats where i know it from thank you it was doing my head in hahaha

    • Great melody indeed. It sounds like the track "Oxia - Domino"!

    • @Luis Bustamante i mean at 26:00

    • You mean a different tune from Fine day - Keany Silva?

  • Anyone who screams "hee hoo" at a festival should be sent home immediately.

  • Quality

  • Brilliant


  • Sztos

  • This is heaven!!!!!!!

  • Crazy

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • one more time

  • Losing my frequencies right now 😍

  • there's so many attractive people at these events always wtf i used to get made fun of for listening to electronic music in like 2009 by the same toolbags you see in these videos. Now that it caught on and is trendy its suddenly cool to listen to

  • I wanna dance by water 'neath the Mexican sky Drink some Margaritas by a string of blue lights Listen to the Mariachi play at midnight Are you with me, are you with me? Are you with me? Are you with me?

  • 52:36 listen till the end with earphones on

    • rotorrentinfo/watch/ut6Olk6xZIzA4a0.html

  • Desde el minuto 14:06 es puro espectaculo!!!

  • The whole set looks like the aftermovie

  • Stays good in 2019!!!

  • What a shitty music....

  • Najlepszy set 2018! POLSKAAAA

  • So hamma..

  • wauw men i never think hat lost Frequencies had that in um Best set tommorrowland ever.!!! lost Frequencies do on like this mate!!!!!! i realy like the 23:55!!!!!!!! track name please

  • блядь какой сука ебучий попсовый отстой ебать ему за это ж ещё и заплатили

  • daniel redclif is that you?david gueta's sons playing pop shit


  • Просто чума)

  • Poland here ;-)

  • Haha dude @8:36 "MOM I'm FINE"

  • esta genial la musica.