My Dad Was Hit By A Car And I Was Very Happy

Publicat pe 19 iun. 2019
My Dad Got Hit By A Car And It Was For The Best
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music: akram artoul


  • 😱🤳🌟✍️🙃

  • I’m scared :v

  • :)

  • Your dad was smokin that stuff !

  • Duck off u fricker

  • Oh God

  • Roses are red, Ketchup is too, I got a like, Wait, why’s it blue?

  • How did you know that story. Ass.

  • Click bait...

  • You should’ve put a pill 💊 in a coke bottle and act innocent 😇 and you could make him take his pills.

  • My best friend is named Adriana!

  • You don't have to be too harsh on your dad just beacuse he didn't want to take his medicine well i can't blame you because its not your fault I'm sure you didn't want to yell infront of your dad but its well pls don't be mad at me but its k kinda y your f f fault pls don't hate me I don't want you to be mad at me well the good thing is that your dad is fine mk bye.

  • You said that you where happy about the fact that your dad got hit by a car! Lies I say! Lies!

  • (Dad:breaks like a stone) (Daughter:Ow I’m dead)

  • Oh I get why she’s happy! Because it helped his mental issue

  • Nobody: My Story Animated:I got Raped when i was 8,And i got Arrested for knocking down a Bee-Hive

  • I think thats drug

  • Lol I’m sorry but the title is funny

  • Sad

  • This is kinda considered click bait

  • Suffer hell

  • Paranoid schizophrenic


  • What the heck my dad got hit by a car seriously this story is just like mine what’s going onn

  • "My Dad was hit by a car and I was very happy." ~Shouto Todoroki

  • 3:42 ??

  • Click bait kinda

  • 2:46 Table was snapped like Thanos snap F in the chat to pay respects 3:41 Me:"Her dads on drugs."

  • My dad hung him self and I was happy

  • I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh at the title lol

  • my family and I have these really bitchy peeps accross the street who jump in their pool and scream while blasting hevy metal music at *2 A. M.* NOT 2 PM! 2 AM!!!

  • U didn’t say u were very happy in the video,clickbaiters these days

  • YOU WERE NOT HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • She doesn’t seem happy he was in the car crash

  • The dad went mado mode

  • Uh no k

  • is red Facebook is blue I got clickbait so did you

  • *your dad was hit by a car* *smiles* Me:what the hell, does she not care

  • Wait, I dont know how your dad being hit by a car is a good thing?

  • You didn’t look happy???

  • 2:12 tho got me lmao

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  • This is very sad 😭

  • what a click bait..

  • 8:24 is funny

  • You are a monster

  • I'm sorry if you're grounded don't you already get your stuff taken

  • This story is not real

  • Aren't you a shame even if my father treat me like that I will still care for him