My Crazy Imagination

Publicat pe 18 iun. 2018
I had a very active imagination when I was a kid so heres an embarrassing story about how I used said imagination
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  • My imagination was as active as my crippling fear of rejection

  • Your imagination would be awesome in an anime

  • 5:28= Peter Quill/Starlord The Second. Now All We Need Is A Dance Off!!

    • Also, This Episode Explains My Childhood, Except I Did It Outside And Scared The Crap Outta My Neighbors

  • Epic Super Smash Bros. Sound Effects

  • I can definitely relate to the music and acting. Like, I’d be riding a school bus and act as if I’m a bird oc that believes their a singer, but the true singer is Petsbud who can play all kinds of music and sounds from their body. (Their a cat btw) and the bird got jealous so so Petsbud left. And now Petsbud runs by the bus while singing and dancing. I know, super cringey. 😂😭

  • You’re not alone, Adam. I ALWAYS did that. I’m surprised at how much we relate. Even in appearance, I kind of look like you

  • What if now would be like then. Just say you like like somebody and BOOM at Aulive Grrden

  • Oh and yea I say Nani a whole bunch of times and always with the names adding with senpai or Chan or those kinds of anime nicknames and eh :P

  • Your imagination is not a problem but me I'm still doing the same thing over and over again when I'm Flippin bored and I literally have a dramatic anime imagination that I'm playing through and there's action...and..stuff...and..annoying people..and...idk just all that random stuff that I just play through and sometimes I feel like it's a video game but story mode -.- I just have a messed up life is much,_,

  • So I was in my room I was like six and I got a good idea to make a fourt and I was a hero of my village and I uhhh died.....

  • Your not alone I do this LOL I’m going to tell you my story

  • That was me too when I was little except it was dinosaurs

  • Been there done that ... I really enjoyed doing this 😂😂

  • I do the same

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  • I do that too expect not exactly the same imagination but same theme blood,death and being the hero except I die in the end but everybody’s saved. Its feels good to have someone that is like me And your right we can’t blame it, it’s for all kids and teenagers I just say that because I’m 12 and still do it and probably will not stop

  • Im a kid and i do that lol

  • 😀😃😉

  • I've already had 4 was dramatic when I broke up with someone and when I asked them to be my boyfreind

  • 8:23 I do it when I’m not bored

  • It takes a lot more than billions of Arrows to kill me!

  • I have a really crazy imagination

  • Some bro

  • Your not the only one mine was like a mix of dragon Ball Naruto Steven universe and avatar ps I'm still doing it I'm 7

  • I actually used (still do) cry when my friends would "die" in a game of pretend and they would look at me and just stare confused and continue playing but would kinda sit there try to stop crying idk im weird

  • Yo I did this same sort of thing last week yeah I’m a kid

  • 6:28 till 6:30 when i stub my toe

  • Who else saw red hulk? | \/ Like if you did?

  • CRINGE over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And the same as somethingelse’s imagination when I imagine that I’m a hero and take a shot on saving my crush;-;

  • I have a wild imagination

  • I’m like “somethingelseyt”

  • Hi

  • To be honest I did the same thing 😂

  • I do this all the time and I hope I’m not weird

  • You got that from the 300

  • 0:06 face reveal

  • I would do it before I went to bed so I could jump higher (that's if you had a spring berd)

  • *Thumbnail poses-*

  • When I was a kid, my older brother photo bombed a picture of my grandma trying to take a picture of me, and all I remeber was screaming, crying and kicking him in the balls...I found that picture of me, and my eyes were all red and teary, and,, honestly, I just looked plain misserable...and mad of course.

  • 3:27 3:27 3:27 fee replays


  • im like II and I already have three ex s soooo...XD

  • I do

  • Adame!

  • Pause it at 5:03 and prepare to cringe

  • Ur childhood was probably the same as mine lol don't worry you're not alone

  • I love it when he says ye

  • 5:59 you got it from the movie 300