Publicat pe 10 mai. 2019
My Dutch Shepherd Dog, Tripper and I go on our first camping trip.
We drive down an old highway to find some old logging roads to drive down and explore.
We find many rivers, beauty spots, and tight roads.
We try to make it to a hidden lake far back in them roads up therre.
This lake was said to hold some nice Brook Trout.
Come along and see where the journey takes us!
This is trippers first trip!

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  • For the peole voicing concern about Tripper in the crate in the canoe.....I wedged his crate in the canoe, the boat would have had to flip for hi to come out. Anyone who has watched my canoe tripping videos have seen me addle in some sketchy stuff, and never once have i flipped this boat, yu sit very low, and it is nothing like a traditional canoe....this was a tiny lake, with no strong wind. I made a call, and was safe as possible, all is well, thank you for the concern. Sometimes you have to do stuff when you are outside.................

    • Tripper was so proud of himself when you two got back to the truck. He's hooked 😁

    • One of my favorites vids so far Joe. 👍👍👍👍

    • @TheRageMaker thanks man! I had kinda forgotten how controversial this video was ha.

    • @D.mushroom Hunter People like you get the world covered in bubblewrap for no reason

    • @Septarian3 33 well said dude

  • Красивая природа... Россия...да и только!...

  • I've been camping north of North Bay near Tamogamei . Really nice up north.

  • New sub. Enjoyed. 50:15. Seen what makes those tracks elk hunting as a kid. All I'll say. Had luck trolling with a canoe for trout on lakes. Covering ground. I just lightened the drag. Fish is extremely good for dogs but not the heads, killed my friends dogs.

  • Please allow the title of this forest on the map

  • Hmmm it's definitely not a rainbow trout, the tail fin looks like a whitefish and the body looks like a brook/lake trout pattern. Maybe a hybrid. It's not uncommon, here in Sweden we have hybrids between searun brown trouts and salmon, usually they are sterile so they cant reproduce.

  • “Crate” Tripper: goes on top “Good crate”

  • a think that fish was brown trout bud

  • 35:51

  • Now it's a truck 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦👽👽

  • Good job

  • That was a great camping trip.

  • nice video

  • Tripper is so cute!!! God love him!! great dog joe. I envy you. I'm not home enough during the day to have a dog. but I want one.

  • tripper was such a cute lil puppy. Edit: when puppies chew on things like that it's a nursing behavior. Like cats "making bisquits" or "kneeding dough" with their paws. Means they are happy and feel secure. Edit2: 4th time watching this vid, it just gets better.

  • If you were to capsize that crate would sink and your dog wouldn't be able to swim to shore

  • As the world's foremost professional medical internet veterinary dog-walking internet champion of the internet, I can conclusively and professionally conclude that you have a cute dog.

  • Tripper look so cute in your sleeping bag!!😍😍😍😍😍

  • Looks like a splake!

  • Tripper's Root Removal Service

  • A little bush pinstripinng adds character to your vehicle

  • Hey Joe have a blanket made for covering the inside of the crate for insulation.

  • What down jacket?

  • Until I saw this video, I used to think that drones were an extravagant toy or luxury. You could have really used a drone on this trip to get a bird’s eye of what lays ahead. Maybe one of those nice drones that folds down to about the size of a paperback book. ❤️Tripper... no matter how his ears are. Lol.

  • Voracious puppy appetite! Too cute!

  • :50 minute mark. I'm no moose expert but those huge tracks looked bipedal. Just sayin'.

  • its funny because i had a dutch shepherd that would also kneed and suck on his blanket give him enough time he would suck a hole right through the blanket... best dog i ever had i miss him....Arnie, Dec. 1st 2017 r.i.p. my best friend

  • What a wonderful place 😍Glory be to Allah the creator of all, thank you for the video it's so enjoyable, pet your cute dog 🐶 for me 💕greetings from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦🌷

  • Aren't you worried about bears?

  • omg short haired dogs looooove to cuddle, mine sometimes too much #never

  • WOW.....I'm holding my breath!!!

  • Why don't you take the leash off the dug

  • dude u need to replace your windshield wipers 😂😂

  • Awesome video thank you. May I suggest that you get a “duck bill push pole” like we use down here in Louisiana. We use them on mud flats (saved my ass a few times) Whenever you get into those icee waters. If you just bring the metal end piece with you, you could always cut a hardwood pole And snap it on. P.s. I love Tripper -gonna be a really smart buddy

  • I feel like canoes are easy too rip, what if it tipped while your dog was in the cage.. You would lose him

  • This man is a fake. He is operating a You tube channel to make money. Don't believe a word he says.

  • Tripper he's so cute Scout will be proud of him !

  • Scout is dead?

  • The wheels are fucked hahaha

  • poor dog sleeps outside alone locked.

  • Nice upgrades to the truck! those falken wildpeak at3w's are EXCELLENT tires. i've had them for about 3 years now and they perform well in pretty much all conditions except ice, but no tire will without studs or chains really so cant hold that against them. good treadwear warranty for how aggressive they are. they also arent too loud at highway speeds. good strong sidewalls for off road durability. honestly I cant wait for these to wear out so I can get another set here soon, but in a size larger.

  • What a hair raising adventure! Tripper was such a good dog. Fabulous scenery. New difficult challenge with the icy lake! I was so happy to see you catch a fish, not get stuck on the muddy road and safely back to the truck with no flat tire! Wow!!! I watched all night! It's now 9:13 am here in southern Indiana. I just kept saying...one more video.🤣

  • Your other young pup passed right.


  • Love watching your video's, I hope you don't get any hate about animal cruelty, with the fish, lol. A good fish dinner sounds pretty good right about now.

  • What kind of dog is Tripper?

  • Wish you would do more with Tripper. Maybe I have missed some. I shall have to get on your channel instead of Ytube which is where I watch most of your videos.

  • Funny thing, every time you tried to get over the ice, my stomach muscles kept crunching as if to help. Haha.

  • Because I have Crohn's disease, I can't go on overnight trips so I have to live vicariously through you and GMMD. He's a metal detector in Vermont and I go between watching both of you even at work. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy things I haven't done in years. Love Tripper. He has great potential.

  • I could smell my neighbors fire the second you showed a close up of yours & I thought I was having a stroke.

  • pushing the season a bit, aren't ya bud?

  • Amazing to watch the progress of the dog

  • You should come up to the Adirondack mountains in New York state whiteface mountain is nice

  • Another excellent video Joe. Thank you for the entertainment and knowledge.

  • Heyy Joe & Tripper The Very Cute & Clever Pup 😀 I Loved Watching Your Camping Adventure Video 😀 Super Cool, i Felt So Bad for You Both Getting Iced in On That Lake, VERY BEAUTIFUL LAKE, That Would Be Awsome To Swim in, in The Summer 😀 Am Looking Forward To Your Future Adventures & Watching Tripper Growing Up 😀 Lot's Of Love & God Bless You Both 💋💋💖

  • is your truck 4x4

  • When the nights are called A one dog night, when it's really cold a 2 dog night. Miss my fella waking up under my arms.

  • 23:44 Tripper : Oh yeah yummy yummy! jajaja

  • What's up with all the back to back commercials every 5 minutes? good content though