Publicat pe 10 mai. 2019
My Dutch Shepherd Dog, Tripper and I go on our first camping trip.
We drive down an old highway to find some old logging roads to drive down and explore.
We find many rivers, beauty spots, and tight roads.
We try to make it to a hidden lake far back in them roads up therre.
This lake was said to hold some nice Brook Trout.
Come along and see where the journey takes us!
This is trippers first trip!

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  • For the peole voicing concern about Tripper in the crate in the canoe.....I wedged his crate in the canoe, the boat would have had to flip for hi to come out. Anyone who has watched my canoe tripping videos have seen me addle in some sketchy stuff, and never once have i flipped this boat, yu sit very low, and it is nothing like a traditional canoe....this was a tiny lake, with no strong wind. I made a call, and was safe as possible, all is well, thank you for the concern. Sometimes you have to do stuff when you are outside.................

    • For the people that are absolute pussies who treat there dogs like there spoiled children...

    • Joe Robinet Dont mind the peta weirdos man. You know your skills.

    • Adrian Foca I trust Joe knows what he is doing. Tripper is in good hands.

    • Please don't put trooper and a dog container on a boat I know somebody who did that in a canoe the canoe flipped the dog and the crate sunk

    • Please don't put trooper and a case on a dote

  • I was wondering what you did for work, or are you a full time youtuber?

  • crate.... well that's one way :)

  • Bush doggy 😂😂😂

  • somehow missed this one Joe, Tripper is melting my heart

  • Of course no dog will replace Scout but you have a special one in Tripper, I’ve never seen a puppy so well behaved.

  • great show again. Sorry you got stuck in the ice. Your dog is sweet.

  • Mr Van Gogh, I love you

  • My cat does that to 😂😂

  • hi Joe and good boy saw its bros very amazing ! Brook trout river nobody today fantasy build on Camp like views those. Thanks you Joe" a day skills very men.bye against

  • You're two of a kind

  • hi Joe and good boy

  • too much talking

  • Dude, I know what you do is rather expensive but the amount of adds in your vids lately, has made them virtually impossible

    • Relax, 6 or so 5 second or 15 second adds nothings to complain about in a 2 hour vid bro. The bloke deserves revenue for entertaining us all!

  • did you fart at 35:52

  • chem trail 1:14:13

  • Hello Joe, Alan from Liverpool England. I am 73 and did, in my youth, a lot of camping in Wales, Lake District and Scotland. Love watching your videos with, wishing we had all the gear you have. Tripper looks like he is going to be a great companion, you have trained him well. We will always remember Scout. One thing Joe, when you catch a fish that you are going to cook, kill it right away.

  • Ever encounter bears?

  • 1:26:01 oh you got the bum bum problems

  • 1:34:00 "I warped the tire"...... Lol uh no Joe a piece of wood jammed in the bead doesn't constitute a "warp" of the tire lol.

  • Trippers the first inbred mutt ever lol. Dumb as a box of rocks, and he has no manners but he's a friendly guy.

  • The dog demands that he share more... So he does lol.

  • don't stop man you and your dog are awesome thanks for everything you do.

  • 🏡🚗🚗🚗🚗🏡


  • Screams like a girl😂😂😂😂😂

  • Man, your videos so make me want to get a dog, but I don't drive and the only woods round here are all getting knocked down as I type to make way for a huge new housing estate. There is a field near buy but no fences or anything so the dog could just run off. Then I also remember my mothers dogs both getting some sort of sickness bug and they had none stop shits and puke for 24 hours, if it was my kitchen I'd have burnt it. So yeah, I guess I don't reall want a dog that much.

  • 1:09:24 made me laugh out loud! “What are you doing?” 🤣

  • Joe, my heart absolutely shattered when I heard the news of Scout, he was a very special dog! While Scout will NEVER be replaced, it is nice to see you back enjoying the beautiful outdoors with Tripper. Here's to an amazing future and us getting to know Tripper, we all know he has some huge shoes to fill to stack up to old Scout!

  • Love the bond you will have with him

  • Love the paint job on that puppy

  • Those ears crack me up🙂

  • I give my last dollar to go on a trip like that. Even better, be able to join Joe for a bit. Seems like a great guy.

  • Glad you mad it out okay! Great trip! Thanks for bringing us along!

  • Man your videos are therapeutic!

  • Great video great dog great presentation all you needed was a sexy woman amongst it all.

  • So proud of you ... you 2 are a great pair...". Yummy fish.... your kid is a big lovable baby..... enjoy...

  • stupid intros not just on this channel but on all tv and shows are a waste of life/time. Always downvoted

  • Where is scout?

  • Another great video,,, can anyone tell me about the boots Joe;s wearing ? unusual..

  • That was a good video. You need a narrower truck for those bush roads. How about a Toyota? Glad you caught a fish. That makes the outing much better. Training looks like it's going quite well.

  • Always love to watch your videos! Cant wait to see what adventures you and Tripper go on next :)

  • That dog is a beauty!!!!!

  • ahah at 14:36 when you started squeaking the toy my dog started barking at me thinking i had one of his toys

  • Swift pack boat used as an ice breaker.

  • 50:15 wildman... So right. very wild indeed. wondering if anyone else caught that.

  • What kind of pants are those Joe? I see them each episode and they look great. Super expensive?

  • Joe, the leash always on and the dog crate in the canoe, doesn't give the dog a fighting chance if you can't rescue him. Think of worst case scenario.

  • "Im excited about this soup. Lentils, beans, other things, carrots.😂😂😂" Trippper is so darn cute Joe. I cant wait to watch him grow here on this channel!!

  • you know what i miss? the beer wier!!! whos an OG and remembers those!

  • Man your dog is perfectly camoflauged with all the browns, greys and dark greens of the Canadian forests

  • Keep that nice truck in garage for family trips on tarmac. Something midsize better for trails cushy full size pickups. Had good results with a Nissan Frontier quad cab and Jeep Cherokee myself.. What happened to your Jeeps from previous vids?

    • Oh . . . and Tripper's a damn smart dog . . . 58 mins in and he's tucked way up in bow of canoe avoiding wind and cold waterline in that composite canoe. He's a natural! Gonna be a great tripping companion. You're a lucky man JR.

  • Love the new dog, such personality. Always love your camping sites, makes me want to go camping! Thank you for sharing.

  • I forgot to say Trippers blanket snuffling it could be if he was taken to early from his parents. He managed to do so many commands, tracking canoeing ice roads and sludge snow. What a beautiful look e gives when he has one ear up and sweetly turns to give that cute look. He's gorgeous and Joe's so lucky to have so many blessings x

  • Its been awhile since I have cried enough tears laughing watching you, going so patiently and slowly getting one eared Tippy accustomed to the canoe. As when you gave him the marrow bone whence he gnashed, slobbered and grumbled not in the slightest worried about the canoe or you were moving apace. What a brave spirited little tripper ... you too Joe ... Love it x

  • you call it "the north", but you are from Windsor (so it does not count). Where do you go on these trips?

  • That wasn't a moose. It was Bigfoot.

  • 1:26:05 "Oh you've got the bum bum problems" I literally couldn't stop laughing and I think I'm actually dead I-

  • I just found your channel! Honestly, I'm stuck in the house due to financial issues and other stuff and all I've ever wanted was to be able to do bushcraft and go wild camping. Watching your videos makes me feel like I'm literally there. It's actually helping my depression ALOT. Better than any pill or therapy. What's worse is I live in Scotland and I have so much wilderness around me, but don't have a car to get to the good places. Once I get on my feet I hope to take a page out of your book. You probably won't see this but just in case you do, thank you. Thanks for bringing us with you on your adventures, we all need some good old nature in today's world. My first video was one with Tripper so was hard to know you just lost your companion Scout not too long ago. I'm looking forward to watching all of your videos. Take care bud, thanks again 👍

  • something about him reminds me of Jacksepticeye Edit: His earrings and idk the way he talks just gives me vibes😂