Watchmen vs. One Punch Man: How To Destroy A Hero (Satire vs. Parody) - Wisecrack Edition

Publicat pe 24 apr. 2018
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Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on Satire and Parody in Watchmen and One Punch Man!
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Written & Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Narrated by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Andrew Nishimura
Motion Graphics by: Beto Ruiz
Produced by: Emily Dunbar

© 2018 Wisecrack, Inc.


  • Incongruity is just a special way of saying comedy needs a victim. schadenfreude is a chemical in our brains that gives us pleasure to see the downfall of others. The hopelessness of people behaving like machines in a machine society is the humor in itself. The idea that society is built for people to chase the American dream only to be trapped in the mundane is subversion, therefore comical.

  • Lol, "Satire: a critical reintroduction" is probably the best name possible for a book about Satire. Also, I don't know if Watchmen truly disparages the superhero genre- more so grounds it. Maybe I need to reread it, but I don't think Alan Moore really hated superheroes- anymore than he may really hate the Looney Tunes. He's definitely critical of a lot of storytelling (there's some pretty good interviews of him making fun of some grim dark comics "inspired" by watchment)- but that's different from disowning the genre (he did write Killing Joke after this, so he obviously doesn't think the genre itself is bad). I agree that its satire, but I guess satire can be more nuanced than just "thing bad". The message I took away from Watchmen was just Alan Moore pointing out that superheroes can be flawed because people are flawed. The scary part is the answer to "Who watches the watchmen?" is the watchmen. The watchmen watch themselves. It's more about abuse of power and some stylistic flaws of the superhero genre. It doesn't say the titular watchmen have to be bad people (I'd argue that Owlman and Silk Spectre are kind of cast in an overall favorable light), but acknowledges that they are in fact people- and thus have flaws. But also, if they weren't people- that'd be bad in different ways (just look at Dr. Manhattan)

  • I came here to watch One punch man get obliterated by Dr manhattin

  • Why do I feel as if the centerpiece of the argument/point being made was just explained over and over again for 17 mins without actually making any clear point? "Because watchmen is a satire and one punch man is a parody." "Why? Because watchmen is a satire and one punch man is a parody." In this book, a guy says satire is blah blah, "BUT WHY? Because watchmen is a satire and one punch man is a parody." WE GET IT.

  • Ozymandias is Thunderbolt and Rorschach is The Question. They kinda relate to Batman (so I recognise the point made) but are instead based on Charlton Comic characters (Dr Manhattan = Captain Atom, Night Owl = Blue Beetle, Silk Spectre = The Phantom Lady).

  • Philosophy of Watchmen 2019. When it's finished anyways.

  • If you are watching this in 2019 you might enjoy a zombie apocolypse parody (I think). It's called Daybreak.

  • I love my bike riding super hero

  • Black Adam is more like Dr. Manhattan in that he is a vastly powerful being (arguably more so than Superman) who thinks there is no reason to care about people and life, which are essentially not worth his time much like a person walking and stepping on ants as collateral damage because we don’t care enough to go out of the way to not kill them

  • Satire is not a tool intended to destroy. Political satire is not a tool meant to tear down society and build a new one from the rubble; it is meant to challenge one's understanding of society and the base assumptions you had accepted. The same goes for something like _Watchmen;_ it does not suggest ending superhero stories, just superhero stories that are flawed in the ways satirized by the text. Parody and satire are distinct, but they are not so different in intent as you pretend.

  • Originally Dragonball and Dragonball z we're about all the fighters coming: together against the enemy Vegeta whenever Goku did get stronger it wasn't enough......and Goku has died ,... So clearly the other people are only a deflection for the enemy in tell Goku shows up that's all they use them for they did it when nappa and Vegeta showed up and they did the same thing with the Android saga .....but it was Gohan that saved the day not the main hero Goku at end of the cell saga

  • "How to Destroy A Hero" - Let Rian Johnson write the screenplay.

  • Fuck the BBT, fuck it right up its stupid little fuckin ass. fuck the big bang theory

  • So Disney Star Wars is a satire of Star Wars.

    • Yep, a cynical deconstruction and mockery of everything it was made to represent, at least The Last Jedi was... The Force Awakens at least held some respect and reverence for what it was following.

  • Life is a wonderful thing beauty lies all around us if u know where to look. But really it's right in front of you ✌️ I'm just kinda lost now. 🙏 For the video dude 👏👍👌👋

  • Dam ppl just don't seem to understand when I speak or try to explain 😔

  • What should I say I'm just looking for challenges. I found Ted kaczinkies article intriguing but then again it's same as everything. Please anyone help me i even tried the बौद्ध buddha way it again leads me to the same boredom. 😔 The boon of strength always leads to boredom!


  • watchmen is neither a parody nor a satire... read the fucking comics properly...

  • Well ya psychopaths as well as goody two shoes both can have super powers in these stories

  • you had me at fuck BBT

  • 17:08 why onepunchman writer (obviously japanese credited as "untuk pertama kalinya" which is indonesian phrase mean "for the first time". as i know original onepunch man creator is a blogger who call him self as "one".

  • I don't understand the point of swearing in your videos just to censor it. Makes no sense to me.

  • Watch the boys

  • Great video. I think this explains why I like OPM but couldn't even make it half way through the Watchmen comic. One appears to respect the genre, the other doesn't.

  • These two works ask the very stupid question, 'why does Serena Williams even still own a racquet'?

  • What watchman believes it satirizes is discussed and accepted with almost every other superhero, it is as unnecessary and floppy as ol' boys weiner.

  • OPM: Mumen Rider is Saitama pre-workout regiment. Two sides of the same coin. On one side, no powers but will fight for what is right no matter the odds. On the other side, max powers but will fight for fun, higher rank and well, to not be bored. Although both sides are different, they share the same goal in mind: Be a better hero. Genos is almost the combination of both with a splash of revenge. But this story isn't about Saitama in my opinion. It's about everyone else and how they deal with a world where he can exist.

  • I see the comments and came to notice that nobody realized the irony of everything said in this video, and all the points you made given that people are arguing from their own perspective as opposed to the narrative lens presented to us in all the source material and what was displayed for everyone to watch in this......

  • But the question we (and be "we" I mean "I") want to know is: is Spaceballs satire or parody?

  • Seriously, fuck big bang theory

  • Love the end "Bing Bang Theory is none of this things and.. fuck that show" brilliant

  • Do The Boys next


  • could you have both satire and parody properties in the same story?

  • why curse if you just censor your vids?

  • "Goku always saves the day" Did you even watched or read the manga? Goku won Like Two fights in Z against big baddies, in Super he lost almost every single fight.

  • Who is the guy in the Kraftwerk-shirt ?

  • both are bald, i call a tie

  • Lmao. You're wrong and got it backwards. That's why you're named wisecrack.

  • Batman is so extra that Watchman had to cut him into three separate heros.

  • so.... in short: its a parody because the author says so; and its a satire because the author says so... ok... got it. i think.... or you could have just said: parody superhero acts like superhero; satire superhero acts like narcissistic ass. your video is long and pointless, it describes what satires and parodies are, but not how to identify them..... in the words of Nappa... Ah... pointless.

  • wow, this is a 5 minutes video stretched to 17.

  • Dr. Manhattan is basically God. I love Saitama, but fighting Dr. Manhattan would be like fighting God himself.

  • Do Jojo

  • Can we all agree griffin( the blond guy) looks like the Superman from the Boys

  • I’m not a fan of this analysis, I feel like it provides a misinterpretation of reference material to fit the narrative of the vid. There’s so much more to Watchmen if you look at what it’s parodying, and I think you’re looking too deeply in the wrong direction when it comes to One-Punch Man.

  • is "the boys" a satire or parody?

    • It’s satire. Satire is making fun of something as Parody is literally modeling after some specific scenario

    • Considering the writer, I'd say satire.

  • I love all the punch sound effects in the watchmen bits

  • How to make a successful satire/parody, make the main character bald

  • When something is already subtitled, it doesn't make sense to put other subtitles on top of it.

  • Ozymandias is inspired by the first Blue Beetle while Rorschach is inspired by The Question

  • Nice. Can you make a video about how to destroy a THOT?

  • “What do they have in common” Me: they have a powerful bald man

  • Manhattan sounds like Rae

  • Because Goku isn't Human like his friends.

  • actually rorschach is primarily based on the question, Nite Owl is based on Blue Beetle and Batman, Ozymandias was based on Thunderbolt, Silk Spectre was partly inspired by Black Canary

  • so are you parodying big bang theory at the end there? placed it right in the middle of all that hard work ;)


  • Dr Manhattan haves his hand and kills OPM