Avengers Endgame MISSING EASTER EGG Search! (Endgame Rewatch)

Publicat pe 14 aug. 2019
Avengers Endgame Easter Egg Rewatch! What is the "important" mystery Easter Egg that remains hidden in Endgame, according to the Russo brothers? Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Receive a 2 month free trial by clicking here: skl.sh/newrockstars13
Avengers Endgame gets another in-depth scene by scene rewatch for dozens of new details revealed for the first time ever! Erik Voss explains what more visual clues you might have missed -- the true identity of NoobMaster69, the possibility that Tony Stark could have been adopted by Howard Stark, Loki sightings after his disappearance with the Tesseract, and even more hidden jokes about Thor and Hulk!
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  • Missed Howard the Duck 13:28

  • anybody hear from indonesia?

  • You forgot horward the duck

  • 13:12 The Only Easter Egg I Knew About

  • I saw Boris in the grave stones

  • At the funeral

  • Did you not notice the flash hero from DC

  • The BIGGEST missed Easter Egg are the scrambled eggs in the Hulk restaurant scene, even though they are scrambled they are the most Easter eggs of all the Easter eggs in the movie. Like 2-3 dozen eggs. Bon Appetite.

  • December 16 1991 was my birthday and birth year...

  • They like keeping people stressed out

  • No

  • where is the missing taco when hulk handed it to scott

  • We have same birth day in april.

  • The real thing here is a short video shot, fast speech like the Express train, and a clever but silly style.

  • Are we gonna discard the fact that captain marvels last name is Danvers, that’s also the last name of supergirl at least in Netflix and captain marvel is kind of the marvel supergirl

  • No it’s Kylo ren not Loki

  • 9:32 ewwww

  • Me bday is 3 days later

  • The poster at Cap's group therapy says "Where do we go, now that they're gone." Foreshadowing the MCU stories now that the Infinity Stones are gone.

  • When Cap stole 4 vials of Pym Particles, the extra 2 vials were for after dropping off all the stones. One to jump to Peggy and two; to get to the bench.

  • 12:55 to 12:57 some of the portals are are the same colors of the Infinity stones

  • In 2019 infinity Saga, in 2020 we're looking for Easter eggs in them... That's how we are.

  • Noobmaster69 is obviously Loki

  • 6:07 How big is that pencil? lolol

  • studios are currently working on Avatar sequels. If any of them pass Endgame in sales ima be pissed xD

  • In the funeral who is that kid I think he is the iron lad

  • Just wasted 15 min of my life 😶

  • Spotted another Easter Egg NO ONE has caught yet!! If you look really closely, you'l notice BUCKY is actually in this movie!!!!

  • The only Easter Egg more hidden and obscure than these is the relationship between Steve and Bucky.

  • would be hilarious if it morgan stark was noobmaster69.


  • My birthday is April 7th too 😂

  • Why does it matter who noobmaster is????😂

  • Loki was laufey's son, so why didn't he turned blue when killed by thanos?

  • .

  • 13:28 wasp comes out of the quantom realm city

  • 9:44 RDJ on his toes trying to look taller...

  • My question: How did Gamora get off Earth? All of the ships Thanos brought through time can be seen getting dusted.

  • My birthday is april 6

  • Noobmaster/taskmaster

  • Im tired watching you talk

  • Damn until now i though falcon winter solider vision and loki were movies not tv series

  • brother you forget howard the duck 13:23 in the left side

  • The person who made this his b-day is April 7?! THATS MY BIRTH DAY to!

  • Dont disrespect avatar

  • Captain Britain is in black widow tho so ya ^-^

  • I watched it 7x

  • Wanna drive EV insane. That's a short (but entertaining) drive.

  • Y’all don’t realize that jarvis is actually a real person, I was mind blown 🤯 and then he was turned to vision, In avengers age of ultron

  • Fun facts: All MCU movies combine up to Endgame has 3000mins.

    • @Darkraihs 2996 minutes but close enough

    • Ryuuzaki Hasegawa actually tho? Or u jk Plz don’t r/woooosh this

  • i want my view back

  • what did skill share do to help u make this episode? genuinely curious

  • I was rewatching endgame recently on Disney+ and I had the subtitles on when that scene with peggy played and I read them and just thought to myself "That must mean something"

  • Maybe tony chose that certain date when Howard Died

  • there was a teenager at tonys funeral was the kid he took care of years back

  • 6:13 looks like juggernaut

  • Ayyyy April 7 is my bday tooo

  • 6:15 looks like Dr.bong

  • Loki didn't time travel he teleported.

  • Maybe Tony's dad is noobmaster 69