Lost Frequencies - LostVlog 007 // Miami Music Week & Friends

Publicat pe 28 mar. 2018
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Hi guys,
Miami Music Week makes me feel so lucky to do what I do every year, there is no event quite like it. Watch on as my brother, my team, my fans and my special guests at my pool party came together. We played sets at dusk and played peak-time shows in the sun and really felt every angle of what Miami had to offer. Dive in with me as I show you how we work hard and play hard with some heavy promo and beach time inbetween, as you can see what MMW really entails for me.
The climax for me was hosting my own Lost Frequencies & Friends pool Party at Delano Beach Club. Together with my special guests Dada Life, Hi-Lo, Robin Schulz, Shaun Frank, Sons of Maria, Throttle, Zonderling and Magic Wand, I experienced a great atmosphere in the city!

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  • Gracias por compartir las experiencias y locuras. Son lo máximo!!!

  • Best bro

  • Love the vlogs!

  • Nice Day

  • Félix and Don diablo!! 😍😍 Love from Mexico 😘🇲🇽

  • Soundtrack of the vlog : 1. 00:14 | Van Duo - Diver [Found Frequencies] 2. 03:44 | Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Melody (Clément Leroux Remix)

  • is there gonna be more vlogs?? ive been on Kiev"s Atlass Weekend. You were amazing)) is there any video?

  • You're so cuuuuteee!! Come to Brazil ❤

  • Como se llama la música del minuto 1:03 ?

  • Eeeegggg tiiiiiiiiiime !!!!!!! Love youuuuu

  • the music on this sucks.

  • 1:03 song? PLEASE!

  • how was it in your old school Felix?

  • Song starting at 1:03?

  • Woop woop! Amazing vlog!

  • 'nice'

    • What is the name of the minute 1:04 music?

  • Eu tava super ansioso pra velo no sensation brasil,mas foi todos cancelados 😢

  • i feel more depressed now , he is having so much fun

  • 3:04 to 3:11 song?

  • THATS AMAZIIINGGGG 😍👌👌👌👌👌👌🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

  • What songs are used in this video

  • Félix,don diablo,Alan Walker my favourites❤❤❤❤

  • Hi there, youcl you please make a video like 'a story of my life' I am so happy when I see you being enthusiastic and truly enjoy what you do. I would like to achieve such a state too. Btw I like your fashion style :D Love from random fan

    • What is the name of the minute 1:04 music?

  • Featuring Alan Walker!!!

  • 5:45 song???

    • It’s my remix !! Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Crazy (Clément Leroux Remix)

    • jozz 2210 it's called crazy ft. Zonderling (but its the rmx version)

  • Amazing Vlog bro 🎉 And thanks for featuring my remix!!

    • What is the name of the minute 1:04 music?

    • Nice remix, I love it :)

  • my favourite youtuber

  • Félix + Alan =perfect combination ❤ I love you,greetings from Argentina 🙈🇦🇷

    • What is the name of the minute 1:04 music?

  • T'es le meilleur dj du siècle j'arrive pas a comprendre ta musique ton live de tomorrowland 2017 est fantastique

  • Yeeeeeeeees! You are amazing Felix

    • What is the name of the minute 1:04 music?

  • where da fooook are da sets :]

  • "Bitch-Time"

  • Best vlog so far Felix❤️❤️

    • What is the name of the minute 1:04 music?

  • My favorite dj

  • Alan And Félix OMG!✨😍 Good Blogs Lost Frequencies

  • Wanneer komt de vid van het college??? Want ben nu eerstejaar daarom

  • Alan Walker es el que acabo de mirar???????

  • Name of song 0:55- 1:01 ? Please?

  • Perfait..🌼👻

  • Lost frequencies brasillp

    • What is the name of the minute 1:04 music?

  • Much love from Russia 😍😍😍

    • What is the name of the minute 1:04 music?

  • Nice Bro ! :P

  • Segundo comentario desde México 🇲🇽

  • Primeira hehe