Gordon Ramsay Served Chicken Dish That's FILLED With Oil | Kitchen Nightmares

Publicat pe 19 iun. 2019
"That lobsters fresh. Even though it died, it's still good"
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  • 2:34 ’ he’s a Brit he’s a pain in the neck ‘ how flipping rude 🙄🖕🏻

  • Love the little nod after the owner lets on how screwed he is

  • To much olive oil? You think? Weird hearing those words coming out Gordon’s mouth

  • That lobster like miss keisha. Dead

  • Unacceptable? Dude your the one ALLOWING dead lobster to be fed to these people and you think their not going to be disgusted?

  • Is no one gonna talk about how the guy at 2:36 grabbed the meat without any gloves??

  • *"this ain't a normal guy he's a Brit"*

  • Gordon Ramsay:Is that lobster dead!? Guy: i think they are just sleeping'.. Lobster:Is my death a joke to you?

  • That lobster just killed itself rather than being served as a horrible dish to Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares!

  • Micheals kinda cute tho likeee he sucks at owning a restaurant but still

  • Gordon! Oil helps the food to slide down the gullet more readily!

  • Gorden: is he dead smells lobster yeah that lobsters fucked Chef Mike: IT DONT SMELL even though that lobsters dead if he's fresh yeah he's good Bruh you don't see people diging up their dead relatives graves and eating them going yeah he fresh he's good to eat

  • “Even though it died its good” Me when after a hardass exam.

  • the comments section is the best part of these videos

  • "There is more olive oil in this then popeye's dick"

  • I think Gordon and simon are soul mates

  • “That lobsters fresh. Even though it died, it’s good”

  • _”He’s gone!”_ “Is he...?” Oh, stop Mom.

  • Gordon: Is he dead? Me: No, he is just praying to leave that restaurant.

  • Yep nothing the fuck wrong with that lobster

  • Marco Pierre may not think that's too much olive oil

  • "Even though it's dead, it's good" Are you okay sir?

  • Waiter: Chef would you like some dessert Gordon: Very kind but I lost my appetite Big oof

  • 1:23 the face of regret

  • 0:40 What the fuck do you think they do in the Ocean, Gordon? Lmao

  • At 0:45 did that guy remind anyone of Al from Al’s Toy Barn in Toy Story?

  • U know it's oily when chef who season and olive oiled every single thing say that's oily

  • Waiter: Too much? Gordon: *YOU THINK?¿*

  • Lobster: Dead Chicken bowl: has enough oil for the milatary to have a lifetime supply of oil Gordon: hold on let me make a call : FBI OPEN UP

  • I dont know why people think ramsay is a dick, hes just honest 🤭🤷🏻‍♀️😂💖

  • Why arent these people happy with his help? Sheesh, I dont understand.

  • 1:38 United States military wants to know your location

  • ‘This ain’t a normal person it’s a Brit’ bitch u want real British words il give u fuck right now ars hope we beat Italy in WW2 along with other great countries like America Canada and partly Russia. Bitch u think we rude u fucking burnt ur priminister dozy dick head

  • 1:03

  • Don’t know why I laughed so hard at ‘the lobster passed away’..like it’s a pet

    • Lmao. I know I havent laughed so hard in a while

  • The fact the guy cooking the chicken didn’t wear gloves

    • Phe phe May it doesn’t matter the germs that coulda been on his hands would be cooked away anyeays

  • You think there’s too much olive oil?

  • Title: Gordon Ramsay served chicken dish that’s filled with OIL! *AMERICA WANT TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION*

  • 0:31 Gordon - "A dead lobster, Oh, He's gone." Lady - "Is he ?" Oh no, he's just sleeping, that's all ... Not reacting to that exoskeleton crunch too ... Just an act to escape ...

  • İt has so much oil that America wants to invade that plate

  • Lobster-bolism

  • US wants to know your location *

  • It looks like that chicken was filled with a gallon of oil

  • 1:32 "Can I get another bowl and just drain some of that out? Looks like they're swimming." I laughed so hard trying to imagine those fried wings doing backstrokes.

  • _America has joined the game_

  • I don’t see people noticing this, but Gordon, when criticizing the food, was whispering. He has restaurant manners good job 👌🏻👌🏻

    • He also said out of respect for your grandad. He is classy.

  • What episode is this one

  • Please anyone what is episode. Please I wanna see the whole thing. Anyone in the world help

  • Gordon has good manners when talking to waiters he is a kind person most of the time