Sum 41 - Never There (Official Music Video)

Publicat pe 18 iun. 2019
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The official music video for Sum 41's new single "Never There,'' off their new album 'Order In Decline' out July 19th on Hopeless Records. 🔥💀
Dedicated to single parents everywhere.
Directed By: John Asher @therealjohnasher
Produced By: Selfish Entertainment @Selfishent
Pro Skater: CJ Collins
IG @cjcollinsskate
Do you think about me cause I don’t have any doubt you must in this life
Even though you’re never there, I didn’t feel you disappear from sight, you did it well.
And now
You and I share the same life missing out
So the story goes
That we’re left, we’re stuck with a broken house.
I know that if I
I had the chance I’d let you know, that I understand and I’ve let it go.
I don’t need you by my side I think by now I’m doing fine myself, on my own
But I feel you time to time, like your sending outta sign to tell say
I’m not alone
You and I share the same life missing out
So the story goes
That we’re left, we’re stuck with a broken house.
I know that if
The chance appears I’d have no fears, we both share pain, we feel the same.
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  • did anyone noticed that the melody & the feels almost near to avril's innocence?

  • I’ve always loved this band they never forgot where they came from and stuck to their roots unlike some bands unfortunately great job

  • If you wanna watch a chick sing this song rotorrentinfo/watch/jIdEvgjMx65XkHs.html

  • The lyrics is too deep for's make me cry when I sing this song.Love from Indonesia....

  • Damn.

  • His voice, the instuments, the song. PERFECT

  • i feel this

  • Sum41 never disappointed me. #ILoveYouMom

  • Every album has at least one music I can relate completely. Thanks Sum 41 for coming back a couple years ago. You’ve no idea how your music helped me through some tough times.

  • This is the best song ever!!!!!

  • One of my favorite bands since I discovered true music when I was 10 I’m now 27.. The Hell Song is my all time favorite

  • Man, what a beautiful video. It also struck a chord, me being raised only by my mother.

  • Fans From Indonesia 😍

  • If I was to say I'm doing fine by myself I would be lying😭

  • this is so powerful.

  • You are the best ! man ı love you and your works on music. greetings from Turkey ^-^

  • I feel the same

  • this is how music should be . spread a good vibe .not a sex vibe

  • Mad fucking respect for this band nuff said. 👌🏻

  • Sounds like "Zombie" (The Cranberries) and "Innocence" (Avril Lavigne) mixed together ;)

  • 2020 ..when goofy pop punk went all serious

  • Great song by Deryck. It's got a nice Noel Gallagher influence.

  • I heard the new Album today, and I saw this Video for the first and I am not a person who cry but this Song touched me a bit because I don‘t have a good relationship with my mother and I don‘t want to see her anymore, because she done a lot of sh*t to me. And I reminded of all the time, thx for showing me that not everthing is bad

  • Welcome back ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bring back the actual ART of music and remove the sex obsessions

  • First words sound like some other sum 41 song but i cannot find it. Can you help?

  • It's an interesting sensation to me to both relate to his and not relate. My home breaking was the best thing that ever happened to it. My mum got herself out of a life of abuse and into a place of self control. No part of me feels any loss or sadness over that time.


  • first time i hear this song, and i like it ;)

  • we both share pain, we feel the same

  • Iya prinsip hidupnya terlalu aneh

  • That's my favorite band

  • Nouvel album du lourd 👌 on t'attend pour le jouer en France 🤘 Ce son doit passer dans nos radios , sa changerai d'avoir enfin de la bonne musique sur nos onde, force a tous 👌

  • At the 2:25 minute mark of this song, compare to the 3:03 minute mark in their song Best Of Me from Underclass Hero and it's very similar guitar notes just at different speeds. I recognized it the first time I heard this song so I figured I'd share the knowledge.

  • Oh my childhood! I grew up with this band. I remember that when i was like 10 years old i was watching a clip about a football game on Tv and the background music was Still waiting. I just loved it. Tried to find it with my horrible English. Then finally found it. After all, i've listened most of their songs. I liked Pieces, With Me, too but Still Waiting is my all time favourite. It feels good and also creepy you grow up somehow and your first band still makes music. You feel they'll keep on making music till the end of your life. I just love you guys. You made me notice somethings when i was a little boy. Greetings from Turkey. Sum 41 FOREVER!

  • keren bung

  • Thank you :)

  • up tha punx

  • I like never song.. Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Sum41 never getting old

  • This song reminds me of Pieces and So Long Goodbye produced many years ago. It's hard to believe these guys have been around nearly 20 years and can still make music as legendary as this Lifelong fan #Sumkuk4l1fe

  • Thanks Deryck thanks for all

  • 😢♥️♥️♥️

  • this is so good

  • Sum 41

  • The Legend Still Going Strong🎉

  • My favorite ryt now!!!❤❤❤

  • 0:03 Best

  • Ka kiang a awm ai a, amah a nunhlimna tur tha ti a ahriat chu min pansan tur ka kut a thlah ta... After 10 years if i had a chance i'd let u know i understand and i let u go ....

  • If you want to download the complete album: rotorrentinfo/watch/kTQRjzjT4p7TmYA.html