The Satire of GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) - Wisecrack Edition

Publicat pe 9 oct. 2015
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Welcome to this special edition of 8-Bit Philosophy, where video games introduce famous thinkers, problems, and concepts. In this episode, we're doing things a little differently by cracking into the philosophy and satire of Grand Theft Auto V. We're planning to do more of these video game deep dives, so let us know what you think.
"The Satire of GTA V"
Exploring Social Commentary, Satire, and Parody in Grand Theft Auto
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Written by: Matt Reichle
Created & Directed by: Jared Bauer
Producer: Jacob Salamon
Co-Producer: Todd Mendeloff
Edited by: Mark Potts
Narrated by: Jared Bauer

© 2015 Wisecrack, Inc.


  • The funny part, if they added the Honor from Red Dead, it would be very low. I think Rockstar is trying to say something, put all of Rockstar Games games together, try to see the bigger picture

  • gta online punishes you for bad behaviour and rewards you for good behaviour now that's a real satire on our choise to do bad things in the game

  • Pretty much what I have known about Rockstar games ever since the GTA 3. Not so much 1 or 2, because they didn't have much in the way of story. And tbh I didn't like the first GTA because it was a top down 2D run n gunner. And my intrest was in immersive 3rd person 3D games with story such as Spyro or FF7.

  • 6:46 excuse me...??!

  • So we’re just gonna ignore 2:55?

  • You can do yoga, exercise, and do other peaceful stuff, but they aren't significant when it comes to progressing the story line, right? You're given options that involve good behavior, but the game rewards criminal behavior more.

    • Still, I like that there's actually some substance to the game. Thanks. I'm gonna remember these points.

  • This is the type of video you show your parents to convince them that video games have some sort of substance.

  • really insightful, I loved every second of it

  • I didn't liked the torture-level.

    • I thought it was cool.

  • at 11:04, they’re doing the “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” thing when they’re being told the government is corrupt

  • “Desantos”

  • 4:07 oh i didnt enjoy that mission

  • Most people would have the depth of GTA's satire fly right over their head

  • So, a question: Because Franklin is controlled by the player does that make him a bad representation of black people in America? And if Trevor is the id then what about his moments of loyalty or affection towards other characters?

  • If a regular person plays GTAV they do everything Trevor would do, but if someone like Trevor plays GTAV, he's the one doing all the yoga "exercises", races, bike rides, and other meaningless side activities.

  • straight up an english asignment on gta5

  • What was this video about? Watched it twice, I don't understand the argument or point being made

  • San Andreas was the shit . i wish gta had the house as a check point u should be able eat sleep and bring chicks back to the house to fk that would be awesome

  • The ending where you the player had to decide who you will kill and no third option is why i just couldn't finish the game I still like thinking about the trio causing chaos in Los Santos.

  • 0:35 Social "Commentray"


  • These graphics are bad what graphics card do you use?

  • I wish you could skip the torture scene. It's hard to watch.

  • What happened to games like fable

  • boy those are some terrible graphics.

  • 7:30 I would say that hipocracy is supposed to represent left wing (leftist) politicians who say capitalism sucks ,but they own mansions and cars

  • Michael de Santa. Not Desantos and not any other variation. It's just "de Santa"

  • All squares are rectangles. A rectangle has: 4 sides, 4 right angles, and has 2 sets of parallel lines. A square checks these boxes. A square has those and also all sides are the same length. A rectangle doesn’t have that. Unless your rectangle is a square anyway, as all squares are rectangles.

  • Michael listens to horrible music? Did your parents hit you when you were young?

  • white people smoke weed too

  • Michael De Santos

  • I thought that was Kate Upton

  • 8:03 - why did you use a screenshot from GTA San Andreas for the Jefferson Towers? rofl

  • 11:04 the three 🐒

  • 7:33 that's the same television. You showed two pictures of one television.

  • De Santa... DE SANTA

  • He wasnt just a biker. He was Johnny :(

  • oohhhhh man... his name is michael de santa not santos

  • I don't think GTA 5 deserves to be compared to a Mel Brooks movie.

  • Dude really did a whole AP Lang project on this.

  • 9:00 what the hell are these radio stations and why weren't they used they seem awesome.

  • Los Santos... Is American Reality.

  • This whole commentary is bullshit

  • How tf is this monetized?

  • De Santa !!!!!!!

  • This video has so much wrong with it especially the Franklin analysis you can obviously tell they either want attention from it or haven’t ever even played gta v

  • Jesus you sound like a fucking english teacher trying to throw in meaning where there is none. The VA for franklin, who Franklin was modeled after, said himself that when he first started recording lines for the script he thought they did research on his actual life to write it.

  • WHy iS therE So mAnY BIG WoRdS beiNg UseD?!?!?!

  • Oh god. shut up. YOU are a form of satire. Trevor couldn't be more openly condescendingly racist to Franklin when they are stuck in a car together and it's AWESOME. suck a dick dude.

  • this was pretty good but i think that your take on franklin was a tad bit askew

  • "because the lobbiest has weak shit compared to the chronic that franklin smokes on the reg" im fucking dyeing

  • I actually really hate the torture game but still love running prostitutes over with a monster truck

  • Holy shit I got a Facebook advert just as he said Facebook is life invader

  • It's Michael DeSanta, not DeSantos.

  • I immediately stopped listening to this video when he said “de santos”

  • isnt it michael de santa not de santos

  • GTA V is just more than a good game ^^

  • Second time I played thru the story I shot the target without torturing the dude. It was painful just watching it the first playthrough

    • EvoLjfe maybe your playing the wrong game...

  • De Santa**********

  • i enjoyed the torture scene lol