Publicat pe 2 iun. 2019
00:04 Aloe Vera sunburn hack
00:56 Homemade mosquito repellent
01:33 Where's my tan?!
02:42 Sun damaged hair?
04:19 Repair your flip-flops using a pop tab
05:30 Summer tattoo
06:17 Clever way to repair pool toys
07:21 Hot flip flops
07:31 DIY beach bag
07:55 Ice-cold beverage
09:16 Clothing hacks
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  • Podre milk

  • 2:57 pit?

  • The cocoa one doesn’t work I tried it and it only made a mess

  • Stop copying 123 go

  • Is she wearing t-shirt??!! I would never do that!!!🤮

  • (The plastic bag holding the phone was open when she threw it on the sand)

  • siapa disini orang indonesia,o iya btw cewe itu kik pake tato ya

  • siapa disini orang indonesia,o iya btw cewe itu kik pake tato ya

  • Do they just had avocados without pits

  • What happened you see a life hack but you don’t have the stuff you use

  • How many 5-minute crafts!?!?!?

  • 3:50 засем она несколько раз трогает если ей больно!!???

  • with the broke thong/flip flop (whatever you call it) use the classic Australian hack use one of the plastic clips that keeps a loaf of bread sealed

  • je suis frensaise

  • 2:58 thats not look like avocado

  • cool life hacks

  • Who pits vineger on bread

  • Your so dramatic

  • 🌅🌊🌞🌹🌈🍦🍹🏊⛵Its Summer

  • 2:57 where is the pit?

  • FYI it’s true don’t waste the milk but the bread helps! I think no one would like having that kinda scar jeez

  • At minute 11:45 I really like her tattoo

  • Avocado...um wut

  • Is there any crafts for hells itch😰😭😨🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

  • Hi!!!!


  • Siempre ponen lo mismo ya eh visto muchos videos con la imagen diferente i siempre sale los crafts repetidos

  • Stop hating on 5-minute crafts! they did nothing to you! if you think that they’re wasting milk and hating on them about that, stop hating over a little thing! and plus you probably don’t use the hacks, so be fair! and polite!

  • 5:29 *how to get Robbed* : Step one put your phone in a *clear* bag Step two put the phone with the bag randomly on the beach

  • el primer ya paso

  • Who wants to put bread on there foot ???????

  • I love your tatto

  • What don’t people understand? If u bring plastic to the beach and forget to get it and it winds up in some animals stomach then just how? I prevent bringing plasic

  • Why do you have tattoo can you erase it?:-On_n


  • 2:46✨

  • I think you fashion designer

  • Do you have the summer tattoo forever?? 😲😱😢

  • I have nothing to comment

  • 2:57, Did anyone else realise that they’ve taken out the seed and filled it up with mashed avocado!?!?!?

  • 5 minute craft always true

  • Olm bunun Türkçesini yapsaniz yaaa

  • Just no the close Just no please stop is not guh Just stop

  • Anyone else notice that the avocado didn’t have a seed


  • There was no pit in the Avocado like what the heck

  • Boo u look it up

  • منو عراقي هنا

  • 4:37 just use the bag you don't have to decorate it

  • Wow so cool 😎