Bring Me The Horizon - Ludens (Official Video)

Publicat pe 11 nov. 2019
Bring Me The Horizon - “Ludens” Out Now!

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Written, Directed & Edited by Oliver Sykes
Inspired by Death Stranding

Some resist the future,
Some refuse the past,
Either way it’s messed up
If we can’t unplug the fact
That a world covered in cables
Was never wired to last
So don’t act so surprised
When the program starts to crash
How do I form a connection
When we can’t even shake hands?
You’re like a phantom greeting me
We plot in the shadows
Hang out in the gallows
Stuck in a loop for eternity
Do you know why
The flowers never bloom?
Will you retry,
or let the pain resume?
I need a new leader,
We need a new Luden
So come outside
It’s time to see the tide
It’s out of sight
But never out of mind
I need a new leader
We need a new luden
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But soon the sting will pass
But names can dig so many graves you won’t know where to stand
And I don’t feel secure no more
Unless I’m being followed
And the only way to hide myself is to give em a hell of a show.
You call this a connection?
Give me a break.

#BringMeTheHorizon #Ludens #DeathStranding


  • Too much hype for ordinary delivery service simulator Just joking:)

  • I surely can't be the only rivethead here who appreciates the Industrial roots to this song -.-

  • 00:31 The girl with the pink hair, isn't she the main girl backing vocal from the Albert Hall Live?

  • rotorrentinfo/watch/3Z-8cs7LnKqrlc0.html Check this link : Breaking Benjamin - Diary of jane ( Acoustic Version ) Thanks,

  • Kat Malaysia tres empre

  • Y'all are crazy as hell bad song disappointment to the true bring me the horizon

  • Obra prima essa banda ❤

  • One of the best songs of the 2019

  • Cough drops

  • Bmth turns into Britney spears

  • caralho! sem palavras..

  • It is a masterpiece!


  • hey if I liked this song what are some albums by these guys I should combine into a playlist

  • Why is everyone doing this Billie Eilish style of having loads of silence in their tunes? Edit: 2:36 I just laughed hahaha

    • Eh Friend This Is Not Billie Style, This Style Are Of BMTH But Nothing


  • Rock and Roll party maybe 🧐 ,, welcome home Boy

  • Me the fist minute : I had a last hope that this wouldn't be pop. Me at 1:27 : HOLLY FUCK!!!

  • 3:17 What a fucking blast beat

  • Givee me a break

  • no offence, but it kinda looks like he forgot to wipe off his make up after making a tik tok

  • The worst song of all time -bad religion-

  • youtube: Gives anyone with an account an outlet to make an actually clever and well thought out comment for likes The basic bro: points out anything overtly obvious about a person Said person: yes Me: I like reading good comments so basic bros, try working on that

  • They went from good to trash

  • The slowdown with the dancers was corny.

  • Love this ❤

  • my son showed me this, pretty cool

  • I'm kinda lovin the apocalyptic pagan mash up... then creepy baby

  • (BMTH) embodies 'progression' in the very name itself. 😂

  • After 3:27 gives me chills ambience man idk. There's something about it

  • I am mildly confused but also extremely impressed and into it - welcome back bring me the horizon

  • ok


  • That shit, that shit right there. That's fire bro.

  • Why did I forget about bmth tho? Oh well, doesn't matter, I'm back.

  • BMTH: Buy this video game Me: ANYTHING FOR YOU OLIVER


  • *Ricky & Morty Version* Let's eat the baby Bring Me The Horizon We Need A New Luden

  • What the f*ck is this sh*t @_@

  • лол что там death stranding потерял?

  • The legend that he never stopped screaming until they gave him a break

  • マジでかっこよすぎw

  • Looks like a new Linkin Park in this era,

  • his screaming makes my depression goes away . thank you oli .

  • He kinda sounds like michael jackson jaja

  • Brasil😅🥰

  • if you dont think 2:58 is the sickest drop ever, i dont want to be your friend

  • Would have been better to leave out the scream. Gave me a good chuckle 😂

  • nice song about cough drops

  • I have a problem guys, I can't seem to skip this song, I try but it keeps just replaying this same song. I tried playing another playlist but all I hear is this. Oh well I guess I'll just keep listening til my phone dies. :P


  • the horizon is over

  • Please watch rotorrentinfo/watch/vqiUqKWdqZ-etc0.html

  • Huhr duhr! Gay n' satanic. Marilyn Manson cover?

  • I stopped breathing at 2:58

  • Was Craig Jones from slipknot in the crowd at 3:38?

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • BMTH🤩🤩🤩😍😍 It is a feeling that I cannot describe with words. I only cried when I heard such a beautiful song...

  • Anyone knows other songs with similar sound to this?