I Challenged a KID Footballer To a PRO Football Competition (NEXT HEUNG MIN SON 손흥민?)

Publicat pe 7 nov. 2019
I Challenged a KID Footballer To a PRO Football Competition (NEXT HEUNG MIN SON 손흥민)
SUB to Tristyn Lee: rotorrentinfo/P53s-VII9tDkMRzg2zqFzmw
KIDS Football challenge for Kid footballers! big football competition we have the next HEUNG MIN SON 손흥민 this guy id a baller!
Global football camp: gfah_2018
I Challenged KID Footballers To a PRO Football Competition (9 YEAR OLD MESSI) rotorrentinfo/watch/3IjNdJbJqoSsqbM.html
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  • Hey I challenge you can you beat me

  • this is very nice

  • You scored 8 goals

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  • Why does he pronounce it pue ma

  • You are video of

  • Please give me this boot I am just a child

  • SV2 is the best r ever

  • Plz give me the botts

  • 10

  • 5

  • Hench legs

  • This boot is good

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  • Song at 12:29 ???

  • I can't believe you lost well Triysten lee is pretty good

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  • 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • 31

  • Why is everyone doing videos with this guy

  • Am I tripping or are they using the knuckleball

  • 4 said this at 2:24

  • you could score more then a mill

  • Seven goals in this video

  • 20 shots

  • Fhone

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  • 6 goals

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  • Get Christian from colts United his a flipping baller

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