Top Plays of the 2019 Regular Season | NFL Highlights

Publicat pe 30 dec. 2019
Check out the best plays from the 2019 NFL regular season.
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  • Micah Hyde’s onside kick return?

  • Comment the best running back in the league.

  • For anyone questioning the chargers letting river test free agency: we were in this video 3 times. A pick in the endzone, a fumble at the 1 and a return td...

  • If your reading this have an amazing day and know God loves you 😁

  • My favorite plays are Lamar Jackson evades the Bengals and GEORGE KITTLE AND THE UGLY STIFF-ARMS

  • Dolphins are not the best team, but damn.. they had some plays, that deserve to be here. GJ

  • Dude that dolphin trick play was pretty insane 🥴

  • Lmaoooo the cowboys didn’t have a single play in here only 2 plays but they were the ones getting scored on😭😭

  • 3 lowlights 0 highlights Life as a Lions fan 😭

  • Wheres McCaffrey's 360 and stiff arm TD catch and the Bill's onside kick return TD

  • where did the season go...

  • Not a single positive play from the rams ..this video is a joke

  • Cmc 3:05 the instincts

  • Good job friendships

  • Can we all agree Matthew Stafford is a great quarterback on a bum team?

  • So many good plays not on here while some not so great are.

  • i just like how they did not show any of the cowboy plays where my cowboys fan

  • OBJ caught that ball in the same exact place he became a superstar.

  • This Nfl season went by so fast cant wait till next year

  • Dislike this comment and your favorite team will the superbowl 👍next year

  • I just discovered this sport... i decided to play football next season, instead of basketball. really beautiful to watch, great sport

  • where’s the tedric Thompson pick ???

  • Woooooww I feel highly disrespected as a eagles fan 😭 i know we were bad at times but Wentz and Sanders had highlight plays just as good as some of these... who cares though right 🤷🏾‍♂️😂.


  • 6:31 "cack"

  • 20:44 That stung like a mf 😖😂

  • hey refs, a little pass interference?? 14:13, the non-call cost Broncos the game vs. Vikings.

  • 1:45 OBJ went “anotha one”

  • Lamar Jackson 47 yard touchdown! 11:48

  • The season went by so fast....

  • 0:56 Lutz knew it went in before it went in

  • No love for the Kelce catch and lateral to McCoy?

  • kyler murray is trash

  • Kevin Harlan is the G.O.A.T of announcers!

  • I got NFL videos too

  • 49ERS are not the sexy team, but they had a lot of great plays overlooked

  • who ever made what is your favorite team, oh he broke his ankles is the ravens

  • i better see shy tuttle against matt ryan

  • Lol not a single play featuring the Dallas Cowboys. How does no one notice that during the editing process? Smh

  • 0 Cowboys Highlights 😂 true story! They suck 🤷🏽‍♂️ Miami appeared more 😂

  • Imagine being the one who drops drew Brees' pass on that streak

  • He is Houdini

  • Its amazing what this league has become if only I was still on the cowboys

  • Pin this please

  • You hoped my COWBOYS

  • 17:13 anyone else see blue the mascot make a funny gesture

  • I love football #NINEREMPIRE

  • In Weeks's 5 Yesterday's Of NFL's

  • Wow 0 cowboys plays


  • & I thought that Russell Wilson getting rid of the Ball but it was a TD. By Tyler Lockett

  • THE HANDED PIC 6 By Clowney was SO SICK

  • Anybody here after my Lions won the Super Bowl oh wait that hasn’t happened yet

  • 4:00

  • 3:58 when I need to take a piss badly and there’s a line

  • That one hand pick was nasty by the colts

  • show more saints highlights

  • I can be the only one who just skipped through looking for every time my team in in here😂😂😂

  • It’s true what they say the nfl doesn’t like Wentz or the eagles not one positive eagles play did I see!!! Yet they show the bengals who won one game ?! It’s a joke ! Not just the eagles, but a lot of teams got left out

  • I honestly can't remember another NFL season in which I've seen more wild finishes then this one, from the first Monday Night football game in New Orleans to the last Sunday night game in Seattle, it feels like we have seen at least one wild finish every week