Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After

Publicat pe 10 sep. 2019
Well, this is a movie that happened. We counted the sins and, honestly, didn't have a lot of fun doing so.
Next week: survival sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • dug the reading at the very end. "Dad?!"

  • There’s nothing wrong with shrek

  • its blank

  • This movie was great. My favorite one.

  • Its blank

  • Movie Sin counter correction: 0

  • Delete this video, NOW

  • everything wrong with coraline please

  • *impossible

  • Should just be a black screen

  • Jeremy, your book sounds really good!

  • The reason Prince Charming didnt come to save her, is cuz Fiona's parents disappeared, so they're no longer the kings of the kingdom, and Prince Charming only went to save her to become King, but since he couldn't become King if he saved her, he wouldn't even have tried.

  • Leave Lil’ Timmy’s fan fiction alone

  • Nothing is going wrong with shrek

  • This movie was so bad that even this video was hard to sit through

  • Look! Its blank!

  • How dare you disrespect Shrek!!And proceed to lie to us by saying 14 minutes or LESS and making it 16 minutes

  • I forgot how bad this movie is. Thanks for reminding me

  • Everything wrong with you

  • Ok...so how are all the ogres from the alt timeline present at the birthday party at the end? If Shrek got his old life back, then he never would have met any of them right? In the alt timeline, Shrek never showed any signs that he recognized them or had met any of them before. There’s really no logical reason for them all to be there, except for maybe audience pandering.

  • The you are a toy thing was from toy story not Shrek forever after

  • Can there be a whole movie of of just Logos and end credits

  • Splish splash your opinion is trash

  • Why did they make ogres an analogy for black people in this one

  • This movie was terrible but I loved the game on my mobi go THIS WAS THE GAME OMG rotorrentinfo/watch/sqyQgKya1qKQ3K8.html

  • This should be a 0 second video because nothing is wrong with shrek

    • Other than the fact that he can't seem to understand that he's in a different universe.

  • there is nothing wrong with this film

  • Picnic dick Pic-dick? Dick pic?

  • Direct a movie, then make a movie sin about it

  • Pussio in boots

  • Trash

  • How dare u disrespect my senpai shrek San

  • please do alladn

  • Its blank

  • I’m sorry but you’ve gone too far this time...

  • You copied little flutter fim!

  • You have officially gone to far buddy

  • *Everything wrong with Shrek* Everyone disliked that

  • Nothing is wrong with my gospel

  • Can't wait to show this to jacksfilms

  • Plot twist: Shrek is flawless

  • This videos a sin


  • Scroll: *Everything wrong with Shrek Forever After* Me: *It's blank*

  • Ffs finally

  • 600+ sins i a shrek movie?!?!?!. You are now a sin by yourself.

  • Sad

  • Cinema sins has done one of the unholy sins...they sined shrek

  • It's, blank

  • Nothing.

  • Impossible

  • there is nothing wrong with shrek

  • Hi fan fiction. Wait this is an actual movie? Yikes

  • Do Terminus

  • Geez, be careful don’t do the actual shrek...

  • There Is Nothing Wrong With This

  • do toy story 4 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • There should be no sins on this movie made by god

  • shrek : you need to calm down cinema sins :taylor swift