Marvel's Avengers game, X-Men comic news, and more! | Marvel Minute

Publicat pe 17 iun. 2019
Catch up on last week's Marvel news with an X-Men FAQ, the Marvel's Avengers trailer and a new season of Marvel's Jessica Jones!
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  • Never gonna get it

  • Universal Save Hulk character from shitmarvel 😠😤

  • Is that Cyclops ......Why does he look like BlackManta???? Did they run out of design ideas...

  • I want to say hi to old sick Poo Thanos 👑👽💨 who afraid Avengers 💪⭐ and the end his criminal game 🔥

  • Can't wait for the Avengers game! I love the new designs of the characters

  • There is no premiere day of LEGO Spider-Man Vexed by Venom is June.

  • Fix black windows face.

  • Nice DD POSTER

  • Muieee marvelll

  • Miue

  • Pone sub al español

  • I like Tony Stark And Spiderman Biggest Fan of pakistan marvel studios

  • Too bad the game looks like trash..... Oh and you forgot to mention the microtransactions for the game too.

  • the game chars are ridiculous ugly :(

  • Make the game cross platform

  • What is this? is Marvel soo.. poor that can't afford to get some look alive character skins? I see no Avengers in this game, well, thank you for showing me the real deal and no marketing 'makeup' on this game to waste my money on it!

  • Wow very good

  • Nonk

  • great marvel news this week can't wait for the avengers game.

  • Just curious who is planning on buying the Avengers game?

    • i2i - Disney Through Our Eyes I'm one.

  • Natasha stans just want blackwidow movie!

  • No hate but redesign the Avengers game

    • Ira Ford bruh Black Widow looks like Lord Farquad

    • BenDanger 2213 nah they look fine.

  • Cookies or cream civil woreo

  • Am I gonna be able to play as black panther ? or not that’s all I really care about and is killmonger gonna be in the game ?

  • Hipe

  • SQUARE ENIX:Every avenger is in this game HAWKEYE: ... TO BE CONTINUED

    • I know I saw the gameplay They have still a year ,I know it It is just that other fans are triggered just because they don't look like mcu vrrsions

    • It's a teaser. It wasn't going to reveal everything.

  • If New X-Men opening movie plays cartoons music from 1992 by fox ill die. Strong emotion tô me support. 🎵😭

    • Maybe Marvel Studios could do it

  • The Avengers game could be a really good game or really trash🤷🏾‍♂️ can’t wait to find out

    • Minty Gemini most likely really good.

  • *Rumour has it that Drax is on this video, but he's standing so incredibly still that he became invisible to the eye.*

  • Where can you pre order Avengers?

  • Nice vid 😍👌🌺♥️🎊💟

  • Lorraine is awesome 💯

  • I don't like Cap's and Thor's look in the Avengers game. But the rest is pretty good though.

    • Brother you can customise as you like just like mcu versions don't worry

  • Stop mentioning the game if you shitheads not gonna reveal the gameplay..

  • I put a X on a man an he become X man

  • They still need to redesign the characters!

    • @Loy Turns they've already said that there isn't any plans to redesign them since its their own interpretation but they may change their minds so we'll see.

    • The game is still a year off. They're going to keep working on it until it comes out.

    • Unfortunately they already made it clear that they're not.

  • I don't think I like the new Marvel's Avengers game....funny thing is that it kinda look like a mobile game lol

    • I agree with you mate,it do kinda looks like a mobile game,I wished they did it like insomniac spiderman but we'll have to wait and see for sure

    • You wish mobile games looked like thst.

    • On what planet?

  • Hey, did anyone follow Marvel Entertainment on Twitter?

  • I love you.....marvel. Subscribe .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Avengers game is gonna be sick!

  • I can't wait for the avengers game to come out I want gameplay now iam HYPE 😊😎😃😄

  • What about spiderman 4 ??

  • Fans : we want gameplay videos.Give it already. Marvel : No.I don't think I will.

    • U get to play the game at e3 and there was a leaked gameplay footage but it’s bad footage bcuz the person filming couldn’t film

  • Which is the best Film?? Endgame= like Aladdin= Comment

    • Woofy He or she is just begging for likes.

    • You clearly know that people like Endgame more , hence why you put it in the 'like' section , just to get likes .

    • What do they have in common other than being owned by The Mouse House & being 98% CGI?

    • Really Aladdin ???? Really ?????

  • .

  • I love Tony Stark ♥️ We will miss you as a Marvel Heroes

  • 99% of people won't see this but Have a wonderful day 1% :)😊😊

    • Thanks bud :3

  • Iron man fans hit like

  • Hii

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍