Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Publicat pe 3 iun. 2019
There is nothing more satisfying than a plunger trick shot! Trust us.. try it!
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  • So cool

  • 😂 lollipop 🍭 was the the best

  • 1:28 ocd peeps I’m sorry..

  • 4:00 when the plungers hit the pole it was on sinc with the music

  • me and my brother is loveing the song

  • The reason they go 'yeah!' after every trick shot is because it takes them like a million tries to get right

  • No plungers were hurt in the making of this video.

  • Have they run out of ideas or what?

  • Part 2

  • Did dide perfect decide to pit 'Born for this' for they comments talking about the weird relation between Toilet plunges and ghe song

  • Pls make plunger trickshots 2

  • Don't put music to your videos-

  • I FOUND OUT WHAT DP ACTUALLY MEANS!!!! I CANT BELIEVE THEY LIED TO US SAYING IT WAS DUDE PERFECT!!! When i is actually Dude Plunger!!!!! Me just realising I did to many caps for a crapoy comment no one will read...

  • Im $910 richer than when I started this vid. My bro said that the front flippy sticky was easy so we made a bet. $90 bux of equipment later (and about a week) he has said that it is actually hard and (surprisingly) paid up.

  • Coby:how about another steryotype the fans seem to love tho-- Tyler:how about plunjer trickshots The whole dp squad:lets goooooooooooo


  • 2:44 You can tell it’s not his first try. 😂

  • They use too many things for tricks even a plumber

  • I want a video about Zax trick shots!

  • How did dey buy all those plungers

  • Ai việt nam dơ tay

  • Arter watching this

  • What do you se

  • Omygad

  • Mom-what are you watching Me-dudes throwing plungers

  • G S S P

  • They are Plummer’s by heart

  • they should team up with roman atwood

  • They are experts at Fortnite

  • One of the best tricks!

  • Would you guys make another lacrosse trick shot video

  • Plzzzz make more vids😺😺😺

  • This Video was not Needed. 😆

  • When dp run out of ideas No hate😂

  • 0:39 is the best. Lolz

  • And the Oscar for the most futile youtube vid ever.. Goes to....... P.S Wtf did anyone think here. And how tf did they get over 20 mill views. Ffs.

  • The 5 plunger throw ty did the gap of the glass pane things went 2-2-2-3 and now I’m mad

  • No one: Nobody: Not even a single soul: Dude Perfect: Let's do trick shots with plungers!

  • This is how much times they had to restart

  • 0:01 when you have gym class at shcool

  • ocd at five plunger thingy 2 inbetween 2 inbetween 2 inbetween 2 inbetween 3 inbetween

  • Hello

  • I think dude perfect has run out of ideas

  • Do a plunger trick shots 2

  • Waiting for toilet paper shorts 😂😂😂

  • Is that difficult

  • Question: how do you like them apples. Answer:I like them roasted

  • This video made me wonder - why doesn't Mario throw plungers? That would've been more fitting than those fireballs.

    • Reminds me of the Mario Bros Super Show, when Mario and the others would use plungers as weapons

  • Hey dude perfect I just started a channel I got inspirered me Maureen Amerling please subribe

  • I just ..... wut

  • Imagine throwing and sticking 2 plungers together "Dude, PERFECT"

  • Watch this video if u like grown men scream about plungers

  • Wow, they can literally throw anything

  • I wanna impress my crush Me:

  • How many toilets do u need

  • Mario should watch this 😂

  • Song: born for this Me:you were born to throw plungers

  • You should plunger trickshots 2

  • 2016 water bottles 2019 plungers 2020 tomahawks??

  • Kid:Mom I want a plunger. Mom: why because I saw dude perfect throw it at a wall and I want to try it