Top 10 Family Camping Gadget & Gear Inventions

Publicat pe 19 ian. 2019
Top 10 Family Camping Gadget & Gear Inventions
Best Family Camping Gear Review:
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Best Family Camping Gadgets List:
1. Luna Bell Tent 11:59
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2. Coolala 11:06
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3. Power Talkie 09:12
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4. Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 75DZW 08:37
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5. BATTOP Pop Up Beach Tent 07:22
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6. Briggs & Stratton P2200 06:00
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7. Cozee Battery Powered Heating Blanket 05:14
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8. Peg-it 03:40
9. BioLite FirePit 01:45
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10. FUTO 00:14
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  • A great example of how commercial companies put more money in the video marketing then in the actual product development. Sleek advertisement for mediocre products.

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  • I'm surprised this little solar light wasn't on there! ... Super cute & waterproof. Plus it's inflatable, which is a plus to me for some reason 😅

  • This video don't have good solutions

    • We're very sorry for your experience. Hope your experience improves.

  • Бестолковые решения

  • This not good at all this is stupid as crap like really stupid as crap

  • the portable AC from coolala is a scam from 2017. do you research before posting misleading videos for views

  • I go camping to get away from all this kinda crap.

  • Top 10 zone is one of the best creator for tech video compilations , i actually created my channel called cool tech gadgets and news to show even more latest tech gadgets and news , come check it out and i will always follow back !

  • The last tent would be hell to set up And with no USB .. And for that reason i am out.

  • Cool

  • I must say,I like the Luna Bell tent

  • None of the links take you to the actual products.

  • It's not camping if you take a fucking generator

  • How much p2200 interverter generators

  • The Coolala was a kickstarter that never delivered. The FB page is full of people who paid and got not product. Scam.

  • The Futo looks good. Expensive? More than the £19 i paid for my double air mattress? That i can pump up within a couple of minutes using the £4.99 foot pump i bought, that even as an unfit 53 year old i can do without having to then have a lie down to recover... This of course would be AFTER i've pumped up the air frame of my five man tent... I already have a gas cooker Don't need a Peg-It. I have pegs that won't bend no matter how hard you smack 'em! If you are cold, PUT ON SOME CLOTHES! That genny is too expensive and doesn't supply 230V Battop beach TENT? That's NOT a tent! That's a windbreak with sewn in ground sheet. STAY DRY? nly if you've ordered the rain to come from behind... Dometic make very good camping fridges, but if it doesn't run on gas this'll rule it out for many, me included. And if it freezes down to -22 it's gonna be EXPENSIVE!!! Why use a walkie talkie that connects to your phone? If you are that far away from civilisation just use walkie talkies. Only ONE set of batteries to keep charged up too. That said, the GPS map feature is handy for getting help within ONE SECOND? Sit out in the sun with your air conditioner? ONLY IN AMERICA! Coolala. I've never been a fan of evaporative coolers indoors. You feel cooler in the airflow but they increase the humidity in the room which means it's harder for you to evaporate the sweat on your skin which means you feel hotter and more sticky. Either get proper air con or just use a fan aimed at you. PLus after reading some of the reviews it's a nasty tacky piece of kit that has no instructions and doesn't work very well. Was that a tent for bell ends? Who would go camping like that???

  • Every item comes with a flannel shirt, puffy vest, and matching hair tie for your man bun

  • LOL...what a disingenuous video. I like how they TOTALLY TRY to make ya think air pumps are only electric. I have a battery operated one - they been around DECADES...and ya dont have to run around like a goof trying to "catch air" for the

  • an A/C for the outside. smh. but that would probably be nice on serious hot days camping. Throw it in your tent.

  • changing the world with stakes... hmmmm ok.. lol

  • That biolite firepit is pretty cool!

  • Not what I was looking for but hey That generator of energy looks nice

  • The FUTO is the same as the beach sunbeds same blow up same air lock.... They don't keep the air in and go down fast. Have 2 and both do the same.

  • I think they are very useful things! Good video by the way.

  • this guy makes so much money by using other peoples advertisements

    • @Top 10 Zone That is good news at least.

    • @Top 10 Zone I wonder why you lost it lmao

    • Dear we lost our monitization -_- so no earning.

  • Powertalkie... wow... um... hold on... couldn't they just use a walkie talkie?! Lol

  • they are really light and one person can easily carry it, i have one, they are capable of charging e scooters well underestimated actually

  • Do you have to be an interracial couple to use the coolala?

  • I love how these are the 'top 10' camping gadgets and gear inventions, and while yes, they are indeed camping gadgets and inventions... i would not consider any of these 'top 10' worthy... I mean its like... would you EVER use any of these for camping? I doubt it... maybe that stake thing, but even then that's kinda pointless... there's a reason most people use a hammer... cause the ground is too hard to just shove the stake in by hand... so a tool that basically lets you do it by hand, would just fail when its harder ground, and require you to STILL USE a hammer... all the other ones are just kinda stupid... you wouldn't use them when camping at all.... Wait no, i take that all back... there IS a type of person that would buy some if not all of these items.... that one guy most campers know, who always seems to bring some sort of new 'As Seen On TV' style thing every time they go camping. THAT'S who would buy all of these things... "oh boy will my camping neighbors be jealous! I've got all these awesome things that they don't have, and they all make my camping experience less like camping and more like being home at my house! Who WOULDN'T have these?!"... yea, that guy...

  • Am I the only one that thinks using an air conditioner when you are sitting outside is stupid?!

  • Jesus millennials

    • Jesse Terrell - I’ve spent my entire adult life working for the common good, much of that as a volunteer, so your attempt to make me feel guilty is in vain. I passed those values of altruism on to my children and they are smart, hard-working, compassionate adults - millennials, in fact - whose careers center on solving some of the critical problems facing vulnerable populations. They don’t just complain, they act; I hope you do as well. Imagine how much we can accomplish if we stop blaming and criticizing each other and instead work together to improve the future. I remember when we could do that, despite our differences. We can do it again - we *have* to.

    • SkiingIsMyHappyPlace Bliss your right I was wrong the only generation worse than millennials is the baby boomers, single handily destroyed America with hippies and free love no real contribution to the world not to mention leaving future generations buried in deficient spending and weak values.

    • Jesse Terrell - Tiresome and silly. Each generation has its own challenges and each generation brings its own unique perspective. We gain nothing by bashing each other. I’m in my 60s, and I certainly wouldn’t want to live surrounded by only those my age - how boring!

    • SkiingIsMyHappyPlace Bliss yes what about it?

    • Here it goes.... the obligatory millennial bashing. 🙄

  • The mattress is junk. Says inflated about 3 hours, not 8. That's bs. Why would anyone buy that yuppie grill? Charge your phone.? Dumb. Uh, tent stake? How about a a bush limb? Oh sht, battery powered blanket, really? Generator good. Tent? That's junk. Cooler? Ridiculous. Walkie talks 20 miles in a flat desert, low cloud ceiling and standing on top or your truck. Otherwise, 1/2 mile at best.

  • Camping supplies have turned into a gadget racket. What a waste of money. I do not even carry tent stakes. I use branches. They work great. I’ve been hiking since I was six years old and i find it strange the useless products people buy and only use once or twice a year. If you need a generator you should just get a hotel room. Using a RV or trailer is not camping in my mind. It is just a portable hotel room. A tarp is all I use anymore. I do not even waste money on tents. Talk about another over priced product. Tent prices are just nuts. As far as a way to contact the outside world. No thanks. I go out there to test myself. I have no desire to carry phones or any other unnecessary crap. If I die in the wilderness I died where I was happiest. People have become to paranoid about their safety and being rescued. If you are that scared maybe you should not be in the wilderness.

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  • I nearly complained about the commercials but then I realized what I was watching a series of extended commercials

  • Futo cant be an air matress.... only if you sleep for only 8 hours



  • Useless

  • N'importe quoi !!!

  • Beach tents take forever to set up? Since when is 2 minutes at most "forever"? Love the sensationalism...

  • Looks like FUTO went out of business.

  • On #8, I hope Mr G picked up that bottle cap.

  • 5:51 Only a 16th century samurai should be wearing a damned man-bun.

    • Samurais might think that the man-bun has gotten sloppy.

  • Outdoor aircondition? Wow that could be the solution against global warming!

  • These people aren't camping

  • What’s with the intense music on the second one

  • COOLALALA; Is the most multicultural gadget I have ever seen !

  • Alles an Campingzubehör

  • Wow. Nice video... You can find all the camping gears from us @

  • Sad thing u only buy 1 of 10 Featured

  • Would love to get more info on that last tent.

  • If one finds a hand pump "exhausting"... perhaps they should stay at a Best Western. Just sayin.

  • Need to remove reference to the Coolala portable A/C (if you know how air conditioning works, you'd have realized this product was unlikely to be successful, at best). Their Kickstarter never provided anything, and customers have continuously posted that they have not received refunds.

  • expensive heavy toy $1600.00 on amazon for that cfx 75dzw . i got a portable fridge cooler from the thrift store with plug in generator for $20 works great same amount of space storage hehe .