Camila Cabello - Shameless

Publicat pe 5 sep. 2019
"Shameless" single available at:
Director: Henry Scholfield
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  • Camila should do a collaboration with Ariana

  • 3:34 it sounds like shes saying “uh huh uh huh I wanna throw it back uh huh uh huh I wanna throw it back”

  • Iove💗😘

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  • I like it

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  • Esclava



  • No oh uhuh don’t want to do this now

  • Porque todos ablan en ingles

  • nice

  • teamoo

  • perfeitaa

  • 86M Is Coming Streaming!!!!

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  • Sounds like she loves someone bjt fhey cant be together because of what others will think... But in the end she wants to be with this person she cant be with. "Shamless lovers"

  • I love you Camilla cabello.i want to be like you and I am an Indian

  • Sheimles is city

  • Is this dedicated for Shawn mendis

    • yes - im shameless mean: im brave to say i love u shawn

  • wow😁❤️

  • #camila

  • Shameless😍😍😍😍

  • This has to be my favorite Camilla cabello song ever! The costumes are beautiful her singing is like an😇 and the dancing is my favorite. It’s a very good song

  • ARTE EN SU MÁXIMA EXPRESIÓN!!! Pedazo de video, flor de artista... Te adoro, eres la numero uno. 💞💞💞

  • Achei que tinha um monte de Camila Cabello mas é que todo mundo ali é igual caraca kkkk

  • I love everything about this music video, the way she's telling the story looks like a movie ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Perfeita❤😍😍

  • You are ugly and digusting

    • @Oops! no carmfcka is so ugly like you 🖕🏻

    • You? Yes 🤢🤮

  • Camila cabello she is jealous because normani is better than her.

  • she's copying normani in waves

    • No bitch.

    • stop saying that Camila is copying this without talent, Camila doesn't even know this song, nobody knows why it "beckons" because it is a failure, imagine camila right lol lol hater ridiculous will do something useful will transmit your dancer, Camila has more what to do than to copy others' failure😙

    • @Her ft. 6 black

    • wth?

  • the best video is normani motivation 😍😍😍😍😍

    • oh why here? too hate a fucking beatuy?! LOL your just fucking jealous of her

    • You mean the best flop of the year? hahahaha We all hate that Black slut 💋👄

    • Shameless and much better humiliated that fat dancer, broom hair, kisses😙

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  • i honestly don't understand why 48K people don't like this song



  • ㅑ 애ㅜㅅ ㄱㄷ미ㅣㅛ ㅣㅑㅏㄷ 소ㅑㄴ 내ㅜㅎ

  • ❤ *Falling in love* ❤

  • amo muito❤

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  • Te amo❤❤

  • #shameless

  • 2020?????

  • I would love to see Camila Cobelo and Billie Ellish do a music video together

  • 😍

  • one of her most underrated and best songs

  • What a perfect song I have sunk in this

  • Stream Stream Camilizers 100M Soon !!! Camila Deserve IT !!!!

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  • This is my favorite in camila cabelo

  • This song is so underrated period

  • O que e 48 mil dislikes perto de 1,6 mil likes, rainha né

  • She has alot of friends, I'm including myself 😜

  • Listening to music with these headphones is next level.

  • This part make me crazy 1:09🔥