Binging with Babish: Huevos Rancheros from Breaking Bad

Publicat pe 18 iun. 2019
This week, we're back with a Breaking-Badian breakfast - but shockingly, not one involving Walter Jr. Jesse cooks up some halfway-decent grub in the form of Huevos Rancheros, a dish with a few basic components that can be endlessly tweaked and customized. Just don't add chili powder.
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  • Sorry Walter Jr, this breakfast got nothing to do with you.

    • Binging with Babish why you keep making Mexican recipes if u don’t fw cilantro that’s like if you didn’t like the barbecue sauce part of bbq

    • Loved your "honduran crema" hack! XD We actually call it "mantequilla crema". Please make Baleadas, the honduran national dish FTW!!!! Ramsay loved them FYI. ;)

    • Amazing work! Can’t wait to watch all of your vids!

    • wheres breakfast?

  • Queso fresco or Cotija would level this dish up even more.

  • Making your own sauce and tortillas isn't that crazy I make the tortilla mix and leave it in the fridge and if I can't find the press I can still make them by hand. We also make beans in juice then Cook them again the next day then mush them on the third day

  • I fucking hate coriander

  • Brooo cilantro is great you just gotta try the stems instead of the leaves and put it with some tacos

  • babish dont take this the wrong way but tortillas are not made in cast iron pans.

  • Lol he said cumming

  • Babish! Are you one of those guys that thinks cilantro tasts like soap? I know a few. You are not alone

  • I love that you hate cilantro. I as well hate cilantro. It’s cool to know someone else with good taste hates that gross plant.

  • What kind of b.s is this?!

  • That’s not huevos rancheros

  • So wait why was wasting that first egg necessary lol?

  • Los pollos hermamos chicken ?

  • Purely subscribed because the statement “now all that’s left to do is pick around the cilantro.” That’s the story of my life any time a dish has any amount of cilantro in it.

  • you referenced gordon ramsey but then used significantly less salt and pepper than he does. what are your thoughts on the amount he uses?

  • Your videos always make me super hungry, lol Anyways, what brand/model is the non-stick pan you are using to fry the beans and tortillas?

  • This is your binge. And this. Is your binging with a side of kosher *BABISH*

  • Mmmm the second one looked delicious

  • Ahhh... Hate to break it to you but that's not huevos ranchers. I'm sure it tastes good but yeah that's white folk food. No Mexican family is going to do all that work for breakfast. We got jobs to get to vato!

    • Why you gotta make it a white thing?

  • Wait did you really sub corn tortillas for the flour tortillas that’s extremely disappointing

  • No one: Screaming hot skillet: *AAAÀAAAAAÁAAAªÁAAAAÁêªÄ*

  • as a mexican thought this was disrespectful

  • I love your contempt for cilantro.

  • I've never seen New Mexican huevos rancheros with sprinkled cilantro, they usually put a whole sprig on the side just for picking off. You didn't need to do this to yourself...

  • Something from recess where Vince becomes Chez Vince

  • I have only watched a season and a half of Breaking Bad, and the title of the video didn't fit on my screen fully, but I just knew that something called "huevos rancheros" had to be from Breaking Bad.

  • tomato pepper sauce? you mean salsa right?

  • Pick around the cilantro. Yes.

  • When I serve something that is supposed to have cilantro and I know a guest doesn't like cilantro, I put it in a little bowl on the side along with a little bowl of parsley for the cilantro haters.

  • Nobody: Burquenos: YOU DID IT WRONG!

  • Ufff pretty good, looks really tasty!!! I'm mexican by the way, my mom like this plate on her birthday!

  • Okay, not sure why - but this video made me so happy! Like I was so taken aback by how happy I was watching this😅😅 Thanks Babit 🐅

  • Babish’s coriander hatred is really getting me down

  • 🇲🇽

  • I like your videos man but you need to do more research regarding the history of the food. Huevos Rancheros are a typical Mexican breakfast dish. Not new Mexico not southwest or anything like that.

  • Uncultured ppl: whisk together the ingredients Babish an intelectual: tInY WiSk

  • It is so nice to have a well known cook dislike cilantro as much as I do!! :o)


  • Mr and Mrs Smith iconic dinner scene pleaseeeeeeeeee !

  • Cilantro is food fit for kings!


  • ive never seen a transparent glass pan before

  • With your I think you had your temperature too high and I didn't inflate like it should usually when I make them I wait for the address to change a little bit and then I flip it before it Cooks in the middle after that I make sure that the side that's facing the skillet Cooks well enough where toasted a little bit then flip it one more time and let it inflate

  • Babish: I think we can do better. Me: Didn't you just say it was goo - Babish: Take 2 down quarks, 2 up quarks and an electron, put it in a blender... Me: I think I'm already dead.

  • Babish: *" kOsHer sAllllllllllttttttttttttttt "*

  • Take a breath lol

  • This is your drugs on brains.

  • No the traditional way of making a tortilla like a true mexican is to flip by hand

  • Love how he does the original, then makes it for real. I gotta ask, prison food. Make a hook up. My brother in law made me one with shrimp ramen noodles, some unknown 20 dollar bag of chips, hot tuna and cheap cheese, and ive never tasted anything better.

  • Jjjjjhhhuevos rancheros :)