10 Illusion Products You'll Never Figure Out!

Publicat pe 13 aug. 2019
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In today's video, you might think that your eyes are playing tricks on you....maybe they are or maybe they aren't?! That's for us to know and for you to find out, lol! Join us in todays video as we put our minds to the test and challenge ourselves to solve 10 illusion products! Let us know in the comments which products were your fav AND if you would like for us to make another illusions/mind tricks video!
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  • It wasn't my card mine was the joker

  • Someone call Joey wheeler

  • I had the Lind paper one the moveing thinks on the paper I has that when I was a kid

  • lol who else cicked on that ad whenthe were making their "optical illusion"i was banging on the creen for solong until i realised it was from their screen LOL!

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  • “Fooligan” WoooooooooW TanMan. Wow.

  • The one that you Weare and you become invisible.

  • From where did you bye the invisible product

  • Who needs an invisibility spell? I’ve been invisible to women for over 30 years now...

  • 19:45 wht is that song called?

  • The other guy somewat like pewds the guy with sunglass

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  • I need to see those gamesvpls im dying

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  • 19:31 why was my brain convinced matt said 3 out of 4 the first time and not 4 out of 5

  • 20:45 I'm dead XD Maybe the reason I laugh at that is because of the fart sound.

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  • I know how all of those items are created/made Editing.

  • Those products are super cool I even got amazed

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  • The problem the mirror glass when he changed it to Red I could see the yellow

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  • Tanner saying pick a card I was saying 8 of spades and then Matt said it and I lost it 😂

  • 19:45 SeXy

  • I am extremely STONED right now, you guys are cracking me up! I literally choked on my water. I am so glad I found you guys.

  • Who else here at 1:09 desperately clicking on the ad to make it go away and wondering why your video is pausing? XD

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  • fake invisible spray just editing

  • Michael held the 3d print at the wrong orientation the pointed end should be closer to you than the flat end and the point should be aligned with the inside of the corner

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  • Yes

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  • You know the title, it’s such an illusionary video, that I thought the title said 11 products

  • That 1 dollar to 100 is the biggest scam people fall for 🤣, a lot of these products are cool but that one people have sold to those who are gullible enough to believe what they are doing.

  • 5:53 where did tanner get candy!?

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  • Them: *Explaining polysphere* Video: *_PLAYS A POLYSPHERE AD THAT HAS THE INFINITY GAUNTLET_*

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  • You guys literally made my day with the card deck trick. My brother did this trick on me and he never wanted to tell me how he did it AND NOW I FINALLY NOW AFTER 6 YEARSSS

  • #like4liz

  • He got my card

  • I know how the paper moving one works, the black lines block off the right places then you only see specific parts of the picture at specific time creating the illusion it is moving. Still cool though

    • Oops I didn’t watch the whole video and I have one just like it that works like that.

    • No, your first explanation is definitely wrong, they even explain in the video, YOU JUST WATCHED, how it is REALLY done.

  • Why does this channel called DOPE or NOPE tho.. Why not the old Matthias :/ feels different

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