10 Illusion Products You'll Never Figure Out!

Publicat pe 13 aug. 2019
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In today's video, you might think that your eyes are playing tricks on you....maybe they are or maybe they aren't?! That's for us to know and for you to find out, lol! Join us in todays video as we put our minds to the test and challenge ourselves to solve 10 illusion products! Let us know in the comments which products were your fav AND if you would like for us to make another illusions/mind tricks video!
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  • I have just noticed at least 50% of DN’s vids are 24 Mins... perfectionists are satisfied.

  • Pause at 5:00



  • You’re like way too high

  • I want to buy off of those friends

  • Dopes. Nopes.

  • Spill it 😂

  • C

  • i inverted the colors at 3:20 so i could only see their faces in positive colors😂

  • Got an ad for The Invisible Man during the invisibility potion part XD

  • Thumbs up for this old episode , dope 👍

  • 13:07 you held it wrong, it is supposed to have the little extra thingy part thing on top of the bottom sick when looking at the right angle (this was a bad explanation but you guys did hold it wrong)

  • Wow you got my card right

  • 7:33 i thought those were his eyes omgggggggg

  • Spill it

  • When tanner place the green suit on and only see his head... it look like when Harry Potter puts on the invisibility cloak in the movie

  • Literally everything.. This wasnt even hard yu dopes XD

  • When they got to the invisible part,a trailer for invisible man popped up

  • Anyone else tanner looked like he had been beaten up with bruises on both sides of hid head by his temples

  • Thats a lot of Banjo Kazooie Sound effects 🪕

  • Why is o one talking about 19:55 that part had me dying 😂

  • I love your Channel it’s the best 😻

  • 14:19 is when they talk about the money thing.

  • You sound like my grandpa’s drinking buddies

  • Bid

  • Me: This is a good DOPE OR NOPE members:This is a doper pooper

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  • Spill IT

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  • 4:37 but I am black

  • Nah I got the 4 of fridge


  • No one: Jean Baptiste Colbert: 14:45

  • no mine was a joker

  • Spill it

  • 8:30 I think it was fake

  • Spill it

  • It was

  • Tanner : “ you’re turning ones into hundreds “ *laughs in Canadian*

  • That invisibility there is fake the hat is on the stick,the glasses where on the sofa and the jacket is on the sofa

  • Bring back like for lizard

  • Pause at 1:28.

  • Spilll it


  • He said a card of deck

  • Nobody: Tanner's Rap:FIRE

  • Not my card

  • These guys really crack me up 😂

  • 19:21 best meme

  • 19:45 look at me remix by tan man

  • Spill it

  • You guys are awful at performing tricks....

  • The first one reminds me of my child hood because there were pads with pics of animals with the black page but the size was smaller it was so cool

  • Mattias: don’t mess around with dark magic Me:you just did

  • Spill it

  • I just realized almost all of these videos are 24 mins exactly

  • I like tanners nails

  • 4:10 AAAYYYY!!!! MagicTricks.com!!! 4:47 I never liked this gimmick for this specific reason and I'm an actual magician 6:31 *I NV I S I B L E S P R A Y*

  • After watching the first trippy illusion I can see like so many lines