Happy Hippie Presents: Look What They've Done to My Song Ma (Performed by Miley Cyrus &...

Publicat pe 12 mai. 2015
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Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions - Look What They've Done to My Song Ma performed by Miley Cyrus & Melanie Safka
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To launch The Happy Hippie Foundation, Miley created a new Backyard Sessionsseries and invited special musical guests to perform with her to make these music video collaborations.

Founded by Miley Cyrus, The Happy Hippie Foundation is a nonprofit organization that rallies young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations.
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Watch more of Happy Hippie Presents: the Backyard Sessions here: miley.lk/bysplaylist


  • Sh#t, I'm listening to that again (even the French) Wonderful!

  • My Mom died 27th of April 2015, worst day of my life. Just 14 days later when you's recorded this I'm positive this performance would'a melted her heart. In theory I could prove that too. In fact she loves you both! 100% everything about yous. Can't freaking lie about such facts. 7 is my lucky number FYI Two Weeks of 7 days is one four sorry haha but yeah totally her style sound & attire scene or basically the whole setting speaks of her kinda thing/vibe. It's truly wonderful to hear today. So thank you for this wee show. Gratitude & Romance is ALIVE & soo is Johnny5 LOL I can neither confirm nor deny that some of these songs definitely don't make me cry sometimes. I'm a big strong hardman sure. My temper is wayyyy bigger than yours sure, said every hard-man ever. Talk to each other people, send them inner vibrations outwards coz if you bottle those up, you wreck your life in someway as it'll eat you up from inside to out normally with the bottle but through many other ways as well. Same story for the 7'+ billion other Human-Beings with Souls & Feelings & many many more before us. Peace & love to you all, even the haters. Mocking me is a reflection of stupidity but mocking mothers or would-be mothers is a reflection of you and what you stand for, unfortunately your own mother doesn't bare witness to your negative trolling actions otherwise I wouldn't be back from darkness to tell you all what you's all already know (It Ain't Right). Slow it down. Pulling people down insulting them is total immaturity, you may as well come straight out and say To Feck With The Lot Of You, I Am The Big Last Boss Me Me Me I Demand All The World. What a way to operate in life. Mind the vibrations you're putting out, if you don't like something online like this comment then move on don't even bother ever reading it. Sure you'll learn what you need on your own journey, think before writing tweeting etc that all our artists are real people, often vulnerable in the first place and the very reason they work in the arts providing the entertainment we love. Don't you think it ironic then trolling the internet being nasty. REAL PEOPLE THE SAME AS YOU & I Keep up the abuse and reform of media law will make it so that it all goes in a negative direction for everyone. Look at the good and the great entertainment we're getting. You's really wanna spoil that for everyone, the minority ruling once again. I think not.

  • All Cynthia Corcoran sound look what they've done to my song.

  • brilliant combination love this song

  • I’m loving Miley C 🥰 much love from British Columbia Canada 🇨🇦 xo MCA🐾🐾💗

  • this is so beautiful

  • G

  • Best side of miley :)

  • What a lovely lady Miley is singing with. Wise. Both.

  • melanie's vibrato is so satisfying

  • It's September 2019. Who is with me? 🥰

    • @Ning Ning Me too 😊 I like her country voice.

    • Me. Still can't get over this masterpiece

  • Wow

  • back here in 2019 still listening, love you miley

  • Just glorious talent, born from honesty

  • i love the added maturity since she sang this at the other session

  • And the production is fantastic

  • I can't lie I'm not a fan but I think when u sing country u sound so angelic

  • This is the first time I have heard Miley Cyrus sing and Wow! Melanie is super duper awesome special!

  • I'm enjoying this kind of sessions. A love to the moon and back for Miley Cyrus. More of this please.

  • Which would have meant "I can take out the trash." I asked her, and she started answering me by singing. I could eat chicken and I had watched TV about Egyptians digging brains out with long instruments. She never liked me picking my nose. And she wash your mouth. I had cut my foot trying to be Jesus walking across the trash gully. We went from brown paper to plastic in the kitchen trash. I was telling her that I let the water drain out like it should. That was funny want'n it?

  • Back then, I called her mama. On the last few words I didn't say "Mom." I said "mama I can."

  • Faultless but you look Like you got fucked 1000 times a night from Jolene ?

  • Sorry to all her fans, but I feel like this is the genre Miley should have stayed in. Her voice is absolutely perfect for it and sounds great. Any of the pop music I hear of hers sounds awful in my opinion. This really showcases her actual talent.

  • I always wanted Miley to make a country album! I would listen forever 😍

  • I am here for Melanie. We were both born in the same year, 1947. I was never a hippie though. I like the way Miley sings this song also.

  • I love Miley Cyrus... Can't help it.

  • This brought me to tears. What a breathtaking beautiful performance! Happy Hippy Miley and friends forever!


  • I'm 81 years old and I do believe that this is my favorite song!

  • both solo n with Melanie are amazing

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Dear Miley. Please keep going. I am coming to see you. Xxx

  • When she slips into french my Louisiana heart melts.

  • GREAT!!!!

  • performed by miley Cirus and ... the Author : Melanie Safka ;-)

  • Wow...so long since I've seen Melanie... I don't comment to often... but this is the 2nd time on the Happy Hippie...M/C has become one of my favorites which I can't believe... thanks Miley for what you are doing.

  • NO matter how hard you hate her... those are some really nice white teeth.

  • Love it!!!

  • If you look past all the radio glitz, Miley's got a soul big as Texas

  • Miley's the man. Know what I mean?

  • But still Melanie is the better singer of them in my opinion.

  • Living proof that culture can make a pop star stupidly behave yet when challenged to just be an artist something special can happen.

  • Trailer park trash

  • Melanie is a legend.....Miley will be someday if she continues as country singer

  • Wow Nice

  • As always great job Melanie! and little Miley !

  • So full of emotions! Simply amazing! Also Melanie is incredibly beautiful!!

  • Very nice!

  • A slut destroyed another song.

  • what a voice she has, fab.

  • Is the real Maley , the truth

  • brought me here

  • Cool.

  • This is so beautiful .

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  • I have always loved Melanie and now I have a new respect for Miley . UPDATE: I just seen Miley cover The Beatles "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" it was horrible!

  • wow i love this :')