Tyla Yaweh - I Think I Luv Her (Lyric Video) ft. YG

Publicat pe 27 sep. 2019
"I Think I Luv Her" available at: smarturl.it/UnderstandMe.TY
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  • 💕💕💕💕💕

  • I was playing minecraft and i listend random songs when i heard it a got addicted No one: nothing Me:i think i liv that bitch My mom : wtf did u just said i'm beat u . Where is the belt Me : aaaaaaaaa Don't u scream nigga

  • That awkward moment when you know the actual song is almost 10 years old 👀

  • I just realized that this is a sample of Bossy by Kelis

  • im sorry but this song is trash get this out of spotify soundcloud the radio lmao take all this out who even likes this crap

  • if tik tok ruins it. i’m actually suing the app 🙅🏻‍♀️🧢💯

  • The beat kills

  • Im bossy...

  • 4M

  • This song so underrated

  • Ha its good

  • Helo helo szias

  • +1 (407) 564-6923 that’s the number

  • I think I love her🤪

  • Fuck TikTok

  • Shoutout Kelis dat beat still go hard💯

  • Kelis - Bossy ft. Too $hort Laugh about the beat.

  • Kelis brought me here “I’m Bossy” ayyy

  • TY

  • Gabe Grayson would be a crazy feature on this beat

  • Thats good

  • Tyla Yaweh feat Don Toliver?? 👇👇

  • Here before tik tok

  • *beat comes on* me: IM BOSSY‼️‼️

  • i fucked my gf to this song

  • . . . 👇

  • There’s something with the flow of this song that just has me so hooked.

    • Kelis I’m Bossy it’s her beat

    • LiamGM -08 same bro

  • 👌🏾

  • lets just all pray this song wont be found by tiktok anytime soon

  • Tiktok: HiPiTi HoPiTi tHiS tHIS Is NoW pRoPeRTI👺🎭🗿

  • I showed this my gay friend and now he is straight🙄😥

  • I need this instrumental

  • up next

  • I love it

  • Whats this beat from? I recognize it from the early 2000's

    • @San Yates thanks brotha, but j already found out my older brotger knew exactly when i showed him. This beat goes so hard

    • Berleezy's Hairline it’s from “Bossy” by Kelis, back in ‘06

  • Damnnnn all bitches on Instagram you will See 😂

  • The Yahweh is the devil, im tellin you!

  • who ever thought that YG was the good to be featured on this song

    • YG is the worst male rapper in existence and you cannot tell me different.

  • Taxi 5 Soundtrack 😍✌

  • Did not like this at first but it grew on me!

  • Walking with a stick like I’m mopping it 🔥

  • This nouț’ to blow up any moment now

  • aight atleast im here before all the fuckboys

  • Tik tok will prob milk the shit out of this piece of gem

  • 🔥

  • so glad I met tyla before the blow up

  • O kurwa ale to prawie spaliło mi głośniki 😀

  • shoulda put da baby on it

  • Wow this shit is trash

  • "Cause I'm a boss" wait what!?!

  • I thought this was some lil Wayne shit

  • When I first heard the beat start, I was like "wtf", then I listened to the rest of the track and it was complete heat

  • Like to protect this song from tiktok

  • Yasssss

  • bruh tf this was with 100k views last time i looked

  • That one part kinda sound like yvng pinch

  • This song sucks

  • Sampled from Kelis-Bossy

  • Yeah Ight

  • OMG.. Finally I found this ❤️👌