Camping in the Rain .....and strong wind

Publicat pe 8 iul. 2019
Camping in the Rain .....and strong wind
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  • Greetings from Nor Cal. 🇺🇸. Like that they have a powered pump for the Termarest. Nice headlamp too 👍🏕😁.

  • What part of Canada was this video taken 🇨🇦 🏕 ???

  • Really you can't blow up the mattress ,in the Us your called a gear head.

  • really beautiful where is this?

  • Cool video. Where is this at?

  • Надувной коврик Термарест очень уязвим!.. У меня надувной с наполнителем, пользуюсь несколько лет и нареканий нет..👍 А вместо палатки я взял bivy bag... 👍

  • And the Rain? 🙄

  • What happened? Looks like the wind stopped as soon as you got on the trail heading back

  • Msr reactor windburner..should be a better choice than the jetboil... And for getting your own coffee equipment, you might also want to consider a grinder..porlex os a good start😀

  • Nice vid Paul , please NEVER open a coffee house 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼😀

  • Looking to start camping and to purchase pop up tent for 2, last time went camping took ages to put a tent up. any tips ie where to buy from .

  • Do you like a little coffee with your cognac? lol. Great video.

  • I'm not really a youtuber but stumbled across your posts today and could not believe your as much of a gear enthusiast as me. I've been a hill Walker for 30+ years and camped all my life (apart from when I'm not camping of course) and buy, try, test and sell my equipment as I go along through life. Like you I've made an few discoveries on the way. Had and sold many high end tents and sleeping bags and stoves of course. Love the fact you have a soto windmaster. I've had almost everything out there and it's got to be the best little stove at the moment. Had the mukka as well and normally have quite a few stoves on the go. The optimus polaris being my current multifuel option. Not had a hilleberg tent right enough, love your channel and will watch all your videos now. Thanks, Gordon

  • I love this! I wish I was there. I'm going to be getting a tent and camping gear and I love seeing the clever and handy things that people utilize. That little air mattress is going on my list and the little stove is just perfect for tea! I can't wait!

  • What's that tent mate I'm new to all this I'm just starting off can you recommend any one man tents that will hold up to bad weather

  • Great Film work 👍

  • Look at the state of that tent. Looks flappier than my wife's glory hole.

  • Top man! This is what I'll be up to when the kids grow up. You conquered that storm like a pro mate, fair play to you

  • 2 and half month I survived in tent winter and snow storm.. Everyday I had to walk 3 hours to find food and some to to drink

  • Great vid. Would you say a hilleberg tent is better than a msr tent?

  • DOOD!

  • I really enjoyed this video good job mate 👍🏻

  • Take ear plugs. Trust me.

  • how well'd the tent keep the wind off of ya (noise aside)? Never been camping in such conditions

    • @Paul Messner I'm going to try and set up a similar situation. In the American southwest we can come across some pretty intense winds too, so maybe I'll get to test it

    • It's the most sturdy tent I've ever come across.

  • How would your rab ridge raider cope in those conditions?

    • The bivi would cope, but i'd get wet trying to get in when it's raining. Something a little different in my new video if you're interested. A bit of woodland camping. Thanks for watching rotorrentinfo/watch/yXnOfM600YOjsLc.html

  • Famous last words: "It's not going anywhere".


  • Valeu brother comecei te seguir esta semana vamos que vamos

    • Thanks as always for watching and taking time to comment. Something a little different in my new video if you're interested. A bit of woodland camping. rotorrentinfo/watch/yXnOfM600YOjsLc.html

    • Sou do Brasil pedreira SP

  • Love your Coffe and Cogñak

    • Me too. Thanks as always for watching and taking time to comment. Something a little different in my new video if you're interested. A bit of woodland camping. rotorrentinfo/watch/yXnOfM600YOjsLc.html

  • Normal People camp in the jungle Legendary camp on the mountain top.

  • great video. 👍

  • at that point i wouldn’t even tear down, i’d take a day and just stay put😂

  • Great video! Naturehike gaiters and rain pants,many colors!buy it here Thx

  • ...Those look like Double AA batteries...

  • Great video mate 👍🏻

  • Crazy type of enjoy

  • Your Head without hairs and do you feel cold?

  • nice

  • Nice production values. There seems to be some audio pops between clips so maybe try an audio crossfade between them. 👍

    • Paul Messner I use Lumafusion. You just need the video audio crossfade dragged between the clips.

    • Thank you. I know I get some audio pops from time to time but most of my videos now are edited on my phone as premier pro takes too long on my laptop. I haven’t worked out how to apply the effect with LumaFusion.

  • Great channel as always been watching for years new to but if you get chance check out my channel outdoor horizons as I said new to this so please excuse the editing I'm working on it and loads to come knife reviews sleep kits fire kits ect thanks again ✌🏼

  • Hey Paul I'm ex army and I love the idea of driving up to the lakes and camping out like you do but the truth is I haven't got a clue where you can camp?? And what would be good to take. Iv been watching your videos 😁😁 so iv got an idea

  • Nice vid.....Your tent is hanging tough....Blowing like hell. I have a squeeze bag that blows my full length up and can be used as a stuff sack. I have seen mold from breath blowing as well. I refill my gas tanks with the adapter from Aliexpress using the Chefs Gas stove butane canisters. I can get 8.5 Oz in a 100 G can. I use my Soto Amicus a lot. Great stoves. Did 134 mile hike and still had gas after 10 trial nights and days. Nice taking your tent apart in the wind. I don't think my Duplex would do to well in that air. That is big air.

  • Just passing by your channel, goodness I'm just glad you're safe! Amazing view and the wind reminds me of tropical storm back home in my childhood. *expat from Phils🇵🇭, now living in CA 🇨🇦

  • Here’s the water I sponged from my tent and got from the stream.... bottle of highland spring in the back ground lol! Just found your channel! Love the videos Paul :)

  • Rain camping?

  • This is a fantastic tent for what I'm looking for - coping with strong winds. Great video again Paul.

  • Hi should refill your canisters..i refill them it's simple, and saves a lot of money. You just need to buy the tiny adaptor

  • You seem a good lad you. Practical and encouraging tips. I liked the way you packed your Osprey 48 whatsit rucksack.

  • you are a brave live life honestly.. आप एक बेहतरीन इंसान हैं और जिंदगी को कैसे जीना यह आप जानते हैं मैं भारत से हूं और आपकी कैंपिंग वीडियो मुझे बहुत पसंद आई

  • the tent is 100% water proof ?

  • Man . Don't like yr selling pitch. I came here to watch the wind and rain..

  • I like this vid I got stuck on Hey Stacks with my 5 year old daughter and my dog. We had to get below the cloud and find a place to camp with as much shelter from the wind as we could. My daughter said, " daddy this is so much fun!' The wind and rain hit us hard. All day till the morning. And what a beautiful morning it was! I love carrying the world on my back

  • Anda y te acuestas!

  • You should have use the tent as a parachute and sailed it down to your car!

    • I would love to try paragliding but not with a tent 😂

  • Hi Paul. Can you recommend me a decent tent for one man and his 🐕 that is a bit more wallet friendly than your hillenberg as its out of my league. I wild camp in the breacon beacons in a bivi but now i have a companion its not ideal budget of around £300. Thanks

  • Bien ahí cabeza de pinchila 😂 😂 😂

  • stay aT HOME

  • You might as well just make a compilation of adverts for overpriced camping products.

  • I did enjoy the video! Many thanks!

  • "Even my arse was gasping for air" 😂😂 Top video