Camping in the Rain .....and strong wind

Publicat pe 8 iul. 2019
Camping in the Rain .....and strong wind
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  • I've been through more sever condition on my last trail in Iran. the 1st lesson I learned is that never ever camp at the edges and cliffs since the wind up there is insane the 2nd lesson is: when you see that it is going to be a storm ahead, you have to pack up all your stuff including your tent and place them into your backpack and put on your wet prevention cloths and reestablish your camp far away from trees (unless you want the lightning strike or tree fall on you), a the place where the turbulence is less crazy. You can have look around you where the grass and rattling stuff around you is more calm. I personally go for a ramp where the ground not steep so you can sleep at ease.

  • 👎👎👎👎

  • The H2r is excellent. Did you know you can ignite char cloth with it ? The plastic lens is a bit of a let down though.

  • Great video and mountain rop view. Please send more videos.😃

  • Im indoors , eating soup , i love the outdoors , i love camping - i love your videos - thankyou Paul !! not going to let the shitty British climate stop me getting out there !

  • I really appreciate my nice clean warm bed right now

  • What tent is that?

  • Triple-A batteries have increased in size to the same as AA it seems!

  • love the harsh condition of the weather to test camping gear! yeah

  • I love these videos. I'm fascinated how people camp in a tent during thunderstorms and blizzards, and how they stay warm and secure. Especially with high winds. It seems this tent held up alright, but I would still want a stronger tent. I'd be afraid of a high wind tearing that thing apart.

  • That tent definitely held it out.

  • Thanks for the video. Is that Scotland?

  • cool, I have a double Hillberg tent, too. It's bomb-proof (e.g. 1 meter of snow overnight). I wish it was a bit lighter! And... vodka+lemon works for warmth for me. :)

  • Hey mate, any chance you’d recommend a rain cover that’ll fit your Levity 45? Thanks in advance!

  • From Ontario Canada, I love being in a tent in the rain.

  • Camping um the BRASIL rotorrentinfo/watch/vKepo926rY2JqZY.html

  • I was going to leave a comment... But i dont think i need to.!


    • I didn't leave the area. I stayed for one night. That is all that is tolerated in the UK

  • Don't know where you fell out of Mate But you certainly make pearla vids ! Your vids are GREAT !

    • Glad you like them Andrew. Thanks for watching

  • I'm a bit jealous everytime I see that hilleberg but I have to keep reminding myself that it's a 7lb tent. Lol! You must be nuts to lug a 7lb tent all the way up there. Still...

  • having high tech equipments are really not worthy , u have to camp with lesser.

  • Come to Indonesia

  • Oh man that pic! Clickbait Gold! Loving the videos bud. The shorter intro with the new logo is great. Keep up the good work bud ☺️

  • Great advert for that tent

  • High, an interesting demo.. Kindly Fiete

  • This is your favorite tent then is it?

  • ill take it there was no condensation with that wind then......................

    • @Paul Messner love your vids keep them coming pall... peace.

    • The tent was wet through inside and out

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  • This is a great video Paul, I need to shift up a gear and get my act together for solo camping, first port of call in the beautiful Lakes. We already have a few things from previous trips but guess what..some clown decided to chuck a perfectly good 2man tent..well naffed off lol. No car so travelling basic, light with essentials, resourcefulness and commonsense. I'm hoping a roll mat will be ok too. Low Wray campsite, Ambleside where I've stayed before with my son will ease me in gently for solo. See how things go. Take it easy⛺greetings from Manchester

  • From a brother Messner in Newcastle Australia i found your chan searching Tents in Storms.It has stopped raining in Oz ,climate change fantastic so it is cool to watch camping in the rain BLISS only a memory now thank you from William Scott Messner ,aka scoper1977, 4th generation southern hemisphere !!!

  • I never knew channels like these used clickbaits too. So disappointed. Dislike

  • Awesome channel, only just found u. Fab content. This is such a cool video. Lv the little inflator.

  • Fake

  • Great video Paul. I have the Soulo and I’d never use anything else, but that strength and reliability does add some weight to my pack. What was the weight and size of your rucksack for this two day trip?

  • rotorrentinfo/watch/zZu1e8q53IqfrLs.html paul have you ever been here i think its pretty close the the hope valley went the other day on a hike was so cool! love the vids

    • I've done lud's before. It's a very cool location

  • Oh wow Enjoyed your video

  • I have watched a lot of your videos over the last few weeks. I have never camped in the wild other than a weekend in the sun. These video's, along with others has inspired me to get up to Angle Tarn & Place Fell at the end of this month. I'll hopefully do a vid of my first venture. "even my arse was gasping for air", I haven't stopped laughing all day, priceless so thank you for your vids.

  • beautiful place and view

  • Gross with squeezing water in cup and drinking

  • What shoes are you wearing

  • NICE :)

  • Great video!

  • Funny how he sets his camera up walks away then turns about around to get his camera now he has got his shot

  • Nylon tents make a lot of noise in bad weather ,my force 10 doesn't

  • Coward running away from wind

  • Nice video paul, cheers from indonesia

  • Dude are you alive?

  • I don't like it to stay outside like that

    • @Paul Messner yes just in weather

    • I like to be outside in all weathers. As long as you have the correct gear all will be fine. Lightning however is something I avoid at all costs

  • Paul, I came here from Dan Becker's and Backcountry Exposure's videos to check you out. I've watched this and the Lanshan testing video. Just curious, do you typically set up your tents right on a ridgeline? While I am sure it's the best place for the view, it also seems like the worst place for wind and rain.

    • I've seen Brits sleep on small rocks for the sake of a view. When there is a sunset, they turn into women.

  • Hilliberg is the only tent that ever leaked in me. Vango has never let me down.

  • It makes you wonder where these ultra light 1 pole tent guys actually set up 😂

  • I love it when I see some rough weather camping videos

  • Very nice vid. well we watch more vedio

  • I thought wild camping in England was illegal?


    • Is it? You can camp just about anywhere in Scotland

  • Nice view

  • Very dodgy spot. You could have blown down the hill like a kite! Great video!

  • Im from Indonesian :)

  • pertaruhkan nyawa demi konten sir sir....hadehhhh

  • Any recommendations on a tent mate on the way to decathlon to get my camping gear

  • jesus man that looked scary fair play to ya