Chris Hemsworth v. James Corden - Battle of the Waiters - #LateLateLondon

Publicat pe 19 iun. 2019
James and "Men in Black: International" star Chris Hemsworth head to The Northall in London for a battery of tests to see who is the better restaurant employee. From greeting guests to serving food, Chris and James create a dining experience no patron that day will ever forget.
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  • That ALL NUTS part cracked me up real hard.

  • The guy with white shirt will be like "why are u carry my girlfriend? " 😂😂😂😂

  • Great combination - more Spoofs with James & Chris , how about it??

  • 03:15 I laughed and coughed so hard that my mom came into my room and patted my back because she thought I was having a heart attack

  • There’s something about James that makes me hate him be in his personal life he’s my likable

  • This show is genious

  • Y'all going to pretend like the girl being carried wasn't so damn gorgeous?!

  • Chris:Here comes the real waiter! James:He's a real masturbater! Me: PFFFFTTTTHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!😂😂😂😂

  • The real comedian..the james

  • I feel bad for Sarah haha 🤣

  • Omg I’m so jealous that girl got picked up by CHRIS HEMSWORTH 😭😭😭

  • Pulls out the massive pepper grinder

  • Chef Andre has excellent comical timing :D

  • If chris waited on me I would die 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Maaaan Chris Hensworth😂😂😂 you are too funny😂

  • The restaurant must be broke 😂

  • 😂

  • This man Chris gave the girl the whole bottle 😂😂

  • the people dont look to happy

  • I feel bad for Sarah

  • The lady who was carried by Chris... I'm so jealous 😂

  • You can see the discomfort on their faces lmao


  • I wish hostress were really like this at work. It be fun going to work/restaurants.

  • he's basically playing thor

  • “SHE DICE!” “NO WALNUTS FOR SARAH!” “Sarah, you’re walnuts, he’s all nuts!” “He’s a real masturbator.” “I’m an actor. So I have photographic memory.” “Can I get a beer as well?”

  • I liked mib and it had my tioe of humour but i just dont like this tipe of feminism that goes against the actual name of the movie a d with several previous movies

  • Was never a big fan of Corden when he did League of Their Own, he's won me over with his Late Late Show though

  • Thor is the best

  • wish i had more likes to give to this video

  • I feel bad for people who were trying to enjoy a quiet meal there

  • Why, is there anyone talking about what they sang 5:18 Chris: here comes the better waiter James: his a real MASTERbater.

  • some ppl looked so annoyed lol

  • Love the guy in white who came with his partner laughing his ass off lol

  • 1:11 wow that's a really flat chest on that woman.

  • hes a real masturbater, (I died) that guys laugh so precious

  • This is one my favorite video of all times


  • These are so funny I love James

  • ㅅㅂ 너무웃겨 미쳤나

  • “You’re walnuts and he’s all nuts” lol

  • I think Liam and Chris have a long lost brother.

  • 2:30 her skirts jus split

  • I commend your courage to compare yourself with Hemsworth..!..😄😁😜😍😍😍

  • Poor Sarah

  • They should do a movie together

  • I am a violinist What on earth is he playing

  • I understood 4:16 sexually

  • 5:49😂😂

  • I was jealous when the girl was carried by Chris Hemsworth to her table. I don't even know why, i'm a straight man..