How I Got Away With Ditching Class

Publicat pe 26 aug. 2018
So I ditched class and got away with my story CHUN CHUN noise from that one show
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  • Fun fact, I finished this video (after losing a chunk of the finished animation cuz my computer is garbage) on a 13 hours flight to Australia where I'll be attending Vidcon!

  • Mr bla bla really

  • this was so fubby the omniverse blew up 5:15

  • 1:15 Thought I was the only person who does that

  • it fun

  • Math is the easiest thing on Earth

  • Was my school the only one that would make you leave your phone in class/give the phone to the teacher before going to the bathroom? Just me...okay.

  • Did you go to Heritage Academy?

  • I have a story where someone thought I was skipping class. So, I'm in school, Aunt Flow was coming to visit, and I go to the bathroom to, ya know, take care of fem-hy close to the end of lunch. And slightly after lunch ends, I here a guy's voice say, "Anybody in here?" And since I thought it could be the janitor just waiting to do his job, I answered, "...Yeah..." Then when he spoke again and asked, "You skippin class?" I knew that wasn't the case but I also knew that I couldn't just bail from the conversation because that would make him think I was. And so I said, "No...?" He asked another question, "What grade are you in?" I was getting annoyed of it and just exclaimed, "I'M NOT SKIPPING CLASS!" Then he said something really creepy..."Alright, I'm watching you..." I remeber thinking, "DUDE, I'M ON THE TOILET, HOW AND WHY ARE YOU WATCHING ME, YOU PERVERT?!"

  • That intro is basically every time I get a panicked attack.

  • cheese


  • My techer made it fun

  • Teach me your ways

  • 0:41 I got to say that one day

  • 0:38 That's basically me during a test. Like.... *STFU AND LET ME WORRRRRK*

  • *Alright, Welcome Class. Today We're gonna be Talking about differences of squares.*

  • Ummm did u know that Mexican's talk Spanish? And that's how u say important in Spanish? Who's Mexican? If u are then comment if ur not then like???? Idk 😭 no se

  • 1:20 in Mexican 😅😂

  • Same I did this all still


  • The first minute is so accurate

  • Alguien abla español? Nadie? So yo? .... Ok

  • Don't u mean Spanish 🇪🇸

  • 1:20 did you just call Spanish, Mexican? Te voy a pegar con la chancla!


  • Fuck education bro

  • Oof im going into grade 8 but doing grade 6 math 😤👏 😞

  • Stroller... I meant to say stall... stupid spell check...

  • I once stayed in a stroller for a entire school day! It was horible

  • 3:20 huh that’s odd I’ve never heard of that before I didn’t know high schools did that

  • Im a firm believer that school isnt always horrable can actually be cool and i enjoy learning stuff. Until 12th grade, when i took algebra 2. I *like* learning and i hated that class like nothing before, im with you man. Its boring, and nothing you learn there is useful even if you actually *do* math stuff. Someone will read this and tell me im wrong and their probably right to an extent but that still felt so pointless.... i see no redeeming quality of algebra two, on a scale of how good it is as a math class *specifically*, its maybe a 2

  • I had diarrhea and I got to go home

  • im good at math algebra and stuff and yada but i just dont like to do it

  • I did the same thing but one time my teacher came with me so when I got to the bathroom i did not have to go so I made fart noises and he fell for it

  • *in their itty bitty cop cars*

  • OwO

  • I will decapitate anybody who writes that loud

  • i bet my teacher watched it cause we cant go till recess THXSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS X_x REE

  • Keep calm and IGNORE IT ALL

  • So this story happened when I was in religion (I go to a private school and this happened about 3 mounts ago so I don’t remember tttthhhhhingzzzzzz), the teacher said to the class who knows what Christianity means then another teacher that we have nether seen before because he doesn’t work at our school walks in and says Christianity is, then this guy was just talking for the whole time, 2 people fell asleep and our real teacher had the ‘shoot me’ face then when this guy stoped talking, he turned around said did you get that, then the whole class got detention

  • That's my life of school


  • I do the same thing except I go hangout on top of this damn counter thing and throw pebbles around

  • Can I go to the bathroom? IDK can you? |:)

    • Roses are red... violets are blue... I like my own comments... because no one ever does

  • OOF

  • 5:20 *places nuke*

  • Me:I want to be an animator! In meh head:why not just SomeThingelseYT and friends,LOSER

  • Me: I wanna be an animator! In meh head: why not just watch Somthingelseyt

  • Adam: and I never came clean Me: pun intended?