Elks Drug Awareness: Facing Addiction (Squad Vlogs)

Publicat pe 4 oct. 2018
Thanks to the Elks DAP & DEA for sponsoring this very important episode. Please visit bit.ly/ElksKidZone & bit.ly/JustThinkTwice_ for more info. A Single Moment Matters! Share & comment below with #ElksDAP. Red Ribbon week is Oct. 23rd-31st! Find out more ►► justthinktwice.com
We are given a very special opportunity to face addiction head-on in this special edition of Squad Vlogs. Thank you to the Elk's Nation Drug Awareness Program for an unforgettable experience.
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  • I started crying it's so sad

  • keith tho...

  • Me: *Watches this 35369 times* Me: * Only cries now * Me: WTF-


  • Did shayne do cocaine? In a previous video it was mentioned?

  • I started crying when Keith was in the room and the actor talked about him being disowned. 😢😢

  • I cried when Courtney cried

  • When Courtney cryed I started crying

  • Dammit, I just watched the Drug Makeup Transformation and now this. My head hurts from crying.

  • My sister tried drugs once, she luckily stopped but after watching this...I thought about what she could've ended up like, and..I'm just so thankful that she stopped....And if she didn't..I now know what could've happened to her.. 😖

  • I just about lost it when Noah was like "this is not where I would choose to live" and the guy said "I forgot that's what I used to sound like." I don't know why but that moment hit hard, just how different of a person he is

  • I can’t tell if it’s serious when Shayne’s involved

  • ya dint know

  • Bro i cried Courtney cried and said those thing😭😢

  • The most upseting part is that the people who dislike this might gotta be people who do drugs. And the other part is that after this or when people told us not to do drug but then they or the people that were told not to are still gonna do it

  • I cried to

  • I always thought about the opportunities I missed when I was 17, thankfully i never got to a point to where I couldn't turn back, you can get help and you can turn your life back around but it's an even harder process to achieve your dreams then it needed to be going down this road in the first place. You just have to keep pushing through and never give up

  • That might happen to Noah

  • This is heeeeavy

  • 😢😢😢😢

  • You know faith well my friends name is faith and she is blonde

  • I literally started crying when I saw there reactions, Especially Courtney’s

  • the noah look a like is a shane look a like lmao

  • Those actors look nothing like them 😂

  • when courtny's doppleganger looks like penny from The Big Bang

  • Duuuuude why Isnt dis a comedy channel

  • Keith really got me when he started talking about dancing

  • Courtney just pulling her actor into an embrace was so wholesome

  • Thats not true my Dad doesn’t look like that he is a meth user

    • They portrayed them after a long period of drug use, like 5-10+ years

  • If schools don't want us to do drugs thend why do they tell us about them cause that just gives us ideas if were depressed

  • Me and Keith share a birthday so when he said, “you got a birthday coming up?” I was like “YEAH WE DO!”

  • Who is still watching in 2019?!?

  • I feel so bad for them even tho they knew after it was fake..😢😢😢😢 they look so shocked and sad.

  • This man speaks to 273 kids a day

  • 😂 lol

  • 1like =one person to stop drinking and doing dugs

  • I'm crying rn 😭😭 this hurts do much

  • What about Shayne and Olivia? Hm? I think that Shayne and Olivia just look the same when their addicted.

  • Who else cried when Courtney met her fake self

  • Courtney got me... when she started crying I started tearing up.

  • Omg, I started crying so hard

  • I would of been pissed off because I wouldn’t want flashbacks

  • I loved this soooo much

  • Oh my god I never wanna do drugs

  • 5:52 sad 😢

  • R they really like on drugs

  • Did they do drugs????

  • I started crying because of this video and seeing them break down made me cry even more and crying because of this was one of the scariest moments because I thought about how my family would see me if I had been addicted to drugs

  • If they do drugs just make them see their a look alike when they didn’t.

  • *The Drug Training* Me: *Are they going to teach them how to take drugs?*