Marshmello - Rescue Me ft. A Day To Remember (Official Music Video)

Publicat pe 14 iun. 2019
Marshmello - Rescue Me ft. A Day To Remember
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Director: Phillip Vernon
Executive Producers: Daniel Malikyar, Karam Gill, Andrew Primavera
Producer: Anthony Abaci
DP: Elijah Guess
PD: KayCee Tarricone
Stylist: Allison Cartagena
Editor: Christian May
Colorist: Bryan Smaller

Marshmello - Rescue Me Lyrics
Never been saved
But I’ve never come closer
Another year down
And another year older
A million fresh starts
What I needed was closure
I lost who I was
But I found my composure
When I found you
I found me
Nothin around far as I could see
You were the current that carried me
When I found you
I found me
Lines in the sand only you can read
My SOS ya you rescued me
Rescue me
Call it high strung
Started upping my dosage
We’re way too young
To be feelin this hopeless
You were my light
In this endless ocean
Feelin alive
Even just for this moment
When I found you
I found me
With / Nothin around far as I could see
You were the current that carried me
When I found you
I found me
Lines in the sand only you can read
My SOS ya you rescued me
Rescue me
You got my SOS
#Marshmello #ADTR #RescueMe #JoytimeIII


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  • This is the collab I've been waiting for! Punk rock and some EDM damn this song is dope AF!


  • I Love you

  • The Happy birday you

  • es la hostia nada mejor rock con electronica xd es increible

  • I love you marshmallow

  • you are the best 😻😻

  • Marshmello i love his dj skill

  • Awesome

  • thanks you for the title french

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Congradulations, Marshmello!!! You almost reached 27 millions subs! which is A LOT! keep it up!!! (i also suscribed and pressed Like)

  • And you have many friends helping you

  • Marshmello we love you and your video's and I imagine it I'm in the island and wow you survive

  • When i found a spider in my room.

  • How they even brought the instruments in that small boat...huh???

  • I love the song. I feel like I'm letting go of the blues. Do you agree with me? Kk

  • Wow Jeremy didn’t scream 😒 Great song tho!

  • When i found you i found music

  • Why am I just now finding this?!? Amazing! I honestly didnt know A Day To Rememeber was still around!!!

  • I just wish she would call me...

  • I am a er

  • Love this song

  • You are the best singer i ever heard

  • You fuckin kick ass marshmallow.. I absolutely love your music and you really know how to drop a beat

  • Oi

  • WOW.

  • Oi Eu sou Pietro gosto muito de você


  • i losing in the songs of mello :)

  • Lead singer of adtr 😍😍😍😍😉

  • Omg insade your sound

  • Wtf is this garbage? You’ve shamed me adtr. Boo.

  • When I found this video I was like what Marshmallow and A Day To Remember who does this but I had high hopes since A Day To Remember was part of it and I actually really like this! It’s the perfect blend between Punk Rock and Pop in my opinion. I actually wouldn’t mind it if music ended up heading in this direction

  • I thought I wouldn’t like this because I thought a metalcore/pop punk band collabing with this guy would sound terrible, but I don’t know, I actually kinda like it.

  • 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • X_X


  • Estoy de acuerdo con izaac

  • Marshmello i am Kevin your suscriber

  • My favorite singer is ADTR


  • Sick bro 👍👍

  • megugustan tus cansiones

  • I don't want to like Marshmello tracks but I always do lol

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