Genoa 1-2 Milan | Kessié penalty seals Milan victory! | Serie A

Publicat pe 5 oct. 2019
Milan took all 3 points and ended their losing streak! | Serie A
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  • Viva Benacer04

  • Ffs these jokes penalties are being given even with VAR around no helping hand there football is becoming a joke with these ridiculous reference decisions sad state to see

  • Reina soapy ends

  • Milan are gonna have more red cards than points this season

  • 3:33🍻🍻🍻👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑❤🖤❤🖤🖤🖤❤❤❤❤🖤🖤

  • Penlaty

  • AC Milan better than Man Utd now😶😶

  • This team have beaten Genoa, without a coach and with Calhanoglu on the field. No team play whatsoever, just individuality goals: Theo and Leao, with Kessie scoring the penalty and Reina saving one. With a proper coach, we were in top 4 already, I am sure.

  • una partita da vincere per il Genoa ... ora, la situazione e pericolosa ma ci vuole serenita e lavoro per migliorare subito questi resultati.... Di Tolone: Forza Griffone !!!

  • Por que o Paquetá é reserva desse time...? Esse técnico é idiota...?

  • 2:20 ITALIA!! ITALIA!!!

  • Reina from zero to hero

  • 02:20 the behavior that is often done by cameramen in the Indonesian league 1 shope 😂

  • why haha the foof

  • Ha fatto tutto Pepe Reina 😂😂😂

  • Asroma no var !!!!!

  • Reina just pulled a Dida in the first goal lol

  • I like the way kessie celebrates he mimics the referees gestures when it involves a VAR decision.

  • In the 93' penalty: that's when you give the ball to a reliable player such as Pandev

  • These highlights made me wet my eyes-beautiful game

  • Pepe Reina legend

  • läsa shone back at it again

  • No one: Serie A: straight red card

  • Reina looked like Abbiati.

  • Arbitrage ridicule qui gâche le match.

  • Best canal thanks

  • Bien Milan

  • VAR

  • Tanzania foot ball

  • Drunken referee..that obvoius dive should be given red card straight away

  • The level of officiating even with VAR is shockingly bad how was that a penalty?

  • Who is the girl at 2 .21 ?? Random or some celebrity?

  • Welcome Spalletti to Milan, and welcome Milan to Serie B in 2019/20

  • VAR or not, it still refereeeeeeeeeeeed!!

  • Coba gua ulas Pertama gue pikir ac milan klub heroik tp saat genoa dpt krtu merah...anjritt ac milan gue ga senang bgt lianya ga seneng jg sm pemaen2nya....akhirnya datenglah drama smpe peperena save. Anjinggggggg gue salut bgt sm ni kiperr....salut bgt lahhh....seneng lg dah

  • Reina: Hold my beer


  • *P E N L A T Y*

  • Genoa penalty shout was disgusting

  • Khouame dive almost made milan fans dream came thru, if it went in...giampaolo ceratainly out/sacked. Lol...mixed feeling.

  • Genoa Boss looks like a CAPO


  • Giampaolo out...and Wenger in, enter...

  • soooo i guees Italian for Penalty is... Penlaty?

  • Savage by Reina. BTW why you didn't show another two red cards?

  • 3:40 when back bencher passes the exam and friends fails 😎

  • Wasn’t there 4 red cards in this game? Highlights only showed 2.

  • Donnaruma pembawa sial! 😅😅

  • Reina ,haciendo un de gea

  • Serie A but put a ucl badges 7 time

  • paqueta fez um erro em ir pro milan,o time é horrivel não tem brasileiros no elenco,treinador horrível o milan morreu

  • Crazy drama. Bravo Giampaolo, mungkin ditunda pecatnya

  • Piatek-suso-hakan-kessie-calabria-musacchio-OUT !!!

  • Kouamé , Kessié ans Gervinho is the best

  • im feeling sad for shone he is an amzing player

  • Léo Duarte cria da Gávea do Flamengo 😍😍junto com Paquetá 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍

  • Let me get this right...We have VAR to fix up mistakes and so on yet you can see at normal time that was not a penalty people up stairs checking it from angles yet they say it was a penalty?? Corruption at its very best...The fkn game is rigged.. Absolutely disgraceful..

  • If ya want to seriously destroy your coaching career the coach of Milan. Really sad when in retrospect Gattuso looked like Capello compared to this clown they thought would fix Milan.

  • Giampaolo makes me a huge pity poor man

  • What’s a pen-laty?