Meet Our Goats!

Publicat pe 9 apr. 2019
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  • 11:20 Andrew socializing with goats *"Hello? HellO--"*

  • I just wanted to ask is Morgan ok

  • So, when’s the “we got goats video?”

  • Everything about this video just made me so happy! I truly enjoyed watching every minute of it💕💕💕

  • Them getting surprised about the goat talking, had me

  • Ryland pie, we need to expand your vocabulary some, your grandma said wading not waiting😘

  • Okay but damn, those wigs looked so good.

  • your videos with your whole family make me so happy. you parents and grandma are literally the cutest!!

  • When are you and Shane going to upload again 😭

  • Why is no one talking about Andrew's cute laugh

  • MORGAN ANDREW and shane got drunk TOGETHER

  • I'm Erika Costell

  • Ryland will be such a good dad! I can see him bouncing on the trampoline with them and playing with them, feeding them, etc. because he does such a good job already with the goats and dogs plus cheeto

  • Gizmo is not having it

  • Gizmo is not good at this

  • Shane has such a pretty smile

  • i LOVE goats i really want one xx

  • Your family is amazing!❤️😀

  • this video is so pure 💖

  • Andrew and Morgan should date. #AndrewandMorgan

  • I love how everyone’s commenting Jeffrees jumpsuits!! I love them personally, I need to get one ASAP! They all look really good I’m in love with the light pink and red. The goats are so cute to!!!

  • Anyone else realize Rylands zodiac sign is Taurus and was born year of the GOAT?!?!? Too perfect✨🙏🏽😂

  • I need goats ♥️

  • I love Andrews input and laugh 😊

  • Awww I loved this video so much. Your family is amazing and it looked like everyone had the absolute best time ever with the goats. I could see my family enjoying that experience.


  • Ryland's grandmother said "wading in the ocean" ... not "waiting" hehe so cute 🥰😂

  • As an owner of 4 goats I recommend getting some😂💛

  • I absolutely love his family

  • Nobody: Ryland: We need GOATS!

  • 6:26 cheeto is depressed

  • what even is this video lmaooooo

  • This is definitely one of my favorite videos!!!!


  • no one: literally no one: rylands grandma: huh?

  • When your dad has good taste for Jeffree Star!~

  • *Yeehawwwww*

  • 16:32 he looks stoned😂

  • Get that boy goats

  • goats... illuminati ... gross sell outs.

  • I really like the pink wig on u 😍

  • I don't know why but Andrew frantically saying "hello" to a tiny goat made me laugh way too hard

  • Love this, the tracksuits, the family, the goats! Made me laugh out loud 🤣🤣🤣

  • 20:03 😂😂

  • Guys Andrew's little 'hello's' to the goats is so cute😂😂

  • You’re grandma is awesome! This has made my day. This is just so awesome.

  • Ryland's Dad is so iconic and precious

  • I love goats more after seeing this video!

  • Wheres garrett?

  • Morgan is so precious😂