let's go back to school supplies shopping!

Publicat pe 26 aug. 2019
ahh, back to school time. we love that for us!! sort of. I start online school soon so I decided to hop on the bandwagon and make some back to school videos bc I'm lowkey excited?? is that weird? probably. anyways, I hope you enjoy this mess of a video. xoxo MARS
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  • Love this 💛🌍

  • Pls like to me Mars you're so pretty I like all you're things

  • Her intro js gave me the Kayla Kosuga vibe😂

  • omg how can you lift you leg like that inside the carrrrrr


  • what is the name of song that played in the starting after saying hii

  • Who think she looks like emma chaimberland like if so

  • Your eyes are so cute

  • 0:30 how did her leg do that😂

  • Scissors you need scissors

  • You mean tomorrow sep 27

  • This was in my recommended. I don't know why and I thought it was quite ridiculous, but... it was entertaining to watch and reminded me of my youth. Liked.

  • your so vsco

  • Do you speak Russian?

  • Can we just talk about the fact that America has BEAUTIFUL school supplies and here in Germany they’re just UGLY •~•

  • make more videos like these pleasseee💗

  • No one like school bro I escape detension

  • u like a fake emma chamberlain

  • Tbh in my school (in the Philippines) we dont use folders ( for exams only),planner,decomposition notebooks (bc we dont have it),etc., and next year im going to Canada and im nervous bc maybe ill use the thing that's not in the Philippines!!!!!!😥

  • You forgot a back pack

  • Басишь, противная какая-то

  • Who else saw her pencil case and straight away thought of lexi😂❤️

  • You have a shell neglis i have one

  • I loved the video, but you kept saying "whaterver" a lot during it and it pissed me off a bit

  • im in school already


  • Why are you wearing your hotel over you shourt

  • You forgot scissors and glue

  • Me during school shopping : Buys everything and say who cares

  • Did you get erasers?

  • not me watching back to school videos at 12:07 in the morning 4 months into the school year

  • Vsco girl did y'all notice

  • i’m so late but hi mars ur my idol 😂💗

  • I always get gel pens and I got mine a week ago and now I only have a green one lol

  • Why do you not buy school bag

  • Are you a vsco girl

  • Omg I have the same purse

  • Not good enough for the world

  • Yeah I loved your video

  • I saw this i said oh emma oh wait oh well shes cute and funny

  • And anyone 2019 :) in oct

  • I luv y I sub and nofacations on an licked

  • Lowkey me when I leave my house (*I look like a hobie*)

  • No one- Mars- (somehow just casually puts her leg behind her head like dam girl)

  • zars best couple

  • Are you in school 🤣😂

  • 8:21 Target hits the target. Get it 😏 😂

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  • This is what happens when go back to school shopping late everyone goes early to grab the cute stuff lol 😆

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love markers

  • Mars is the cutest vsco girl I've ever seen lol i wish she was my sister tho ;-;

  • Cutie🖤!

  • What grade are you going to

  • Smells like vsco girl

  • اكو عراقيين هنا😂

  • hallo i m indonesia

  • Hi I hope to subscribe to my channel zinab collection plzzz

  • In Emma chamberlains school haul you guys are wearing the exact same thing even the neck

  • She’s so beautiful like I can’t

  • ✏️📒💛✏️📒💛 IM In the #UK #LONDON can't get many things. WHAT I DID LOVE was the #LUMIY lightblade OMGS that was sooooo soo good lamp ✏️📒💛✏️📒💛✏️📒💛✏️📒💛✏️📒💛