S1:E37 Camping by an Alaskan river; nothing better - Lifestyle Overland

Publicat pe 28 mar. 2019
We get a little too deep into the Alaskan bush and have to reverse course. Wild blueberries, fishing, and delicious cooking make this Denali Highway adventure one for the books. Mmmgh!
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  • What was your favorite part of this episode? (Our's was the fish!)

    • Keep quiete, jus do it, is better

    • She fried that fish so good ...

    • Kevin, the best things in this episode is when you and Caroline fishing, and knowing what kind of berries you all are able to consume and not getting sick. This is a great way for children to learn their scouts/survival skills! May I have a request from you all to have Sarah share her beef vegetable soup recipe with us? It looks awesome and i would love to try to make some this winter. Happy travels.

    • Let it rain, we don't care , we're camping. Good times!

  • Your daughter is so cute. May god protect her. AMEEN

  • anybody knows the name of the song starting at 4:35?

  • Be blessed such a nice family .. 😍 Sir please visit Nepal 2020 if you have time to travel .. you are warmly welcomed here any time

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  • Hi there! I’ m from the philippines...i enjoyed watching your videos until i broke my phone several months. Just subscribed again to your vlog..,just wondering if you still travel? Ride safe!

  • Your Wife is a keeper. I would rather have 3 cobras loose in my truck than my wife in that circumstance. How would I know...yeah I've done it. Love your videos.

  • Never been there (Alaska). I would not move an inch without a long gun with me. Not there. Apart from that: Great footage and idea. Discovery Channel guys can ... go fish

  • Tarastudiothavidiyamav Juyuan ui i

  • I just saw your channel for the first time. How did you determine the water level on those creek / river bed crossings?

  • Going up to Roosevelt Lake - Caroline is probably thinking "my parents are simply nuts!" 😁🍀☔🌈💚 Hey, stranger - rescue me from these people... [just kidding!]

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  • Hello from Russia! ) I really liked your video, I live in Siberia on the Khabarovsk territory by the sea. I know your climate.)

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  • The music is just terrible

  • What month was this footage shot ? We leave for Alaska in 30 days .

  • dear you are so lucky because we havenot oppurinty

  • All I am missing on my Adventures is kids. Lol... Well that's what my fiance says

  • Very good!

  • First, if you're afraid to get locked in, camp in Texas, or NY. Or in a nice site in Canada. That isn't camping what you're doing. You could just go in a giant RV. You got all the comfort, camping is something else. Caming is living in the pure nature, and living of the raw nature. And all those electronics, and fuel you with you... What the... All that luxury. Some crazy city people.

  • Your country is so blessed!

  • Come on man say it with your chest

  • Очень круто!молодцы!

  • rotorrentinfo/watch/12q0gcvU2nyNrtU.html Watch road in Azerbaijan as Alaska )))

  • beautiful river , but sorry where is Alaskan rever ?

  • `You got us all... hooked with that bluberrie/ pancake man....I am in...to your next adventure..!!! Where is the coffee?

  • Is that the Partner cook stove and griddle? Nice food!

  • super super super

  • i want to join you at this trip if it possible i am professional driver in mounten region of nepal ( mustang ) plz check out vedio of mustang

  • Is it a land cruiser?

  • Nice one

  • Everything is very nice

  • Do not spoil water .its like gold

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  • Nice view of the nature environment in Alaska. Is there any wild bear around the camping point,btw?

  • Belo carro, excelentes equipamentos e uma linda família, Parabéns !

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  • Um abraço aqui da cidade de Porto Alegre, Rio grande do sul, Brazil

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  • Güzel bir aile yaşam boyu sağlık ve mutluluklar diliyorum