Score On Me, You Get $100 vs Random People!

Publicat pe 15 aug. 2019
I brought a hoop to the park and played random people 1v1 and gave them the opportunity to make $100. If You Score On Me, You Get $100 vs Random People!
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  • GUYS! Tanner finally started a Channel! He made a dope video playing people 1v1 for $100!! Check it out: rotorrentinfo/watch/sGe6hJTOump3rL8.html

  • AJ feels like the king of the court until he sees Yao Ming coming around

  • Name of that music

  • Im 6,8 i would just dunk over him lmao

  • pressure. Man money for that fake lmao airball how can he beat you if he young get a young person to 1v1 let them do a half court.

  • If this was in a black neighbourhood he would’ve gone Broke

  • 600k grinding

  • I am 14 yrs old and yet i think i play better than those people who played AJ

  • Jimi jackson

  • That 1 dude is good

  • I gave the man 1,000 dollas

  • At like 2:29 u said 100$ can change his life

  • PLOT TWIST: team lebron and team giannis walks by

  • Please put no girls on the sign

  • Have u wonderd that his entrance song is jimi Jackson’s song

  • 4:05 the black forces

  • The real mvp of this video is that kid that picked up the ball for aj

  • me : plays league of legends him : ma boy teemoo me : mother fucke...

  • at 9:29 that girl in the backround be looking like jessie quick from the flash

  • you need to come here to sanford

  • Olympiakos 🔴⚪

  • That intro go hard

  • Shaq walks by I will be last I might shatter the goal

  • his names kobe but hes wearing a jordan jersey lol like if thats weird

  • Bruh it’s like the mother’s knows everything

  • Imagine the professor coming

  • 5:30 how was that a travel?!?!?!

  • I don't mind playing one-on-one but I live all the way in Kentucky

  • Coby Kobe is dead who he think he is mr. Bryant 2020 he's dead

  • 1v1 proffeser live

  • 7 ads in 11 minutes, you are trash

  • Like this if any one thought that his was mr.beast

  • Did you play in the NBA

  • Me Grabs taser Me Grabs wallet and runs

  • You suck

  • The skater dude looked like the best player out of all of them

  • It’s not many black folks around huh cux that hundo would have mine on gawd

  • The black in me is hurting

  • Get good

  • Airball and double dribble

  • If you can defend me 2 /3 u win 100$

  • 2:27 gets ad

  • Dude has mj jersey on and is named kobr tho /:I

  • this dude chill as fucking shit

  • I wouldve moved that sign.

  • Lebron James: easy money!

  • I wish I could 1 on 1 aj for $100 but I’m in australia.

  • just to save 11:23 minutes of your life, only 2 people won the guy in 2:13 and the woman in 9:44

  • I’m new and I subscribed and liked the video

  • 9:02 We got kobe!

  • Too easy

  • Come to minnesota

  • His name kobe

  • I would've scored on you eventhough I'm 5'2 😂😂😂

  • Professer: Im About To End This Mans Whole Career

  • This video was actually uploaded on my birthday lol

  • Go to the hood man

  • thankfully you made 6 thousand. Also, I am almost at 100k subs. :)

  • Is nobody gonna talk about the jumpshot @ 4:34

  • You make me think of Luka Modric o_o seriously