3 DAY BUSHCRAFT TRIP AND WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY - bushcraft, campfire, shelter, cooking, no tent

Publicat pe 10 mar. 2019
I am off grid on a small peninsula near the West coast of Denmark on a 3 day bushcraft trip with my camera. Making a base camp in the woods from where I can hike to the surrounding nature is a great way of doing wildlife photography.
The camera gear itself is quite heavy itself so I decided not to bring a tent. I love wild camping and on the first night I simply slept underneath a big tree while the moon rose and I could fall to sleep to the sound of the camp fire and the ducks and geese nearby.
I hoped to get close to the deer in the area but I had no luck. A few short glimpse was all I got. I got close to a group of swans and I was lucky to get a few good photos of these beautiful birds.
For me this is the very best kind of nature photography. Being alone in nature for a period of time without high expectations - just spending some days and see what happens.
More Bushcraft and Wildlife Photography behind the scenes: rotorrentinfo/watch/zaDPq8_Q2qeIkbs.html
Primitive Skills and Campfire Cooking: rotorrentinfo/watch/yGa4esy2roybqrc.html
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Nikon 24-70s
See you out there...
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