Publicat pe 16 iun. 2019
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  • 你這個智障

  • Dude I’ve been through 3 accounts on yt watching this man since 14k and he’s really changed I can’t believe this was the guy who used to be my idol

  • You should do a sneaker collection

  • Die

  • Name the dog rice because it's white

  • He should name his dog Sushi

  • Rest in peace, kid

  • =)

  • What’s the point of still subscribe to him if he doesn’t upload

  • I feel sad for people that think they are actually boyfriend and gd. Observe how he never kisses any his gfs. They are just the next instagram models that use him for clout and he get some of their profit as well. Basically ricegum has become that person he hated so much when he started and a clout bridge.

  • Yo where's the Pewdiepie diss track tho? Still a pussy to go in on Pewds

  • Name cloud

  • I’m unsubscribing he don’t vlog no more 😤

  • i forgot ab this dude 😂

  • Rice gum is fucking dead QUESTION MARK :V?

  • Name him ricy

  • old ricegum> current ricegum

  • name him fluffels

  • Rice gum: he pooped His girl: awwwh that’s so cute

  • Man this guy really fell off...

  • Name him Klouti

  • 1month later sad

  • They should him noodle

  • Ricegumby

  • cya in 2 months

  • Is it r*pe if you force two other people to do certain things?

  • Shoulda named him carbs

  • Everyday I look at his yt to see if he will post

  • Name him white gym

  • Your the worst r ever I hate you rice bum 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Omg i completely forgot about him😂

  • Dexter name him dexter

  • The money got to your head. We thought you were all about the fans dude

  • You never post now that you have a girlfriend

  • Ricegum doesn't put any effort into anymore it's pretty sad

  • U said u post videos every day you u dumb bom ass rip off

  • That’s your dinner

  • I hate ricegum

  • Gumby

  • Forgot he existed. Came back to check and I was disappointed.

  • Post something already

  • lol rip

  • He says he'll keep posting takes two month's to post a new video

  • Legit half the people only clicked because tits are in the thumbnail

  • I honestly never liked this guy anyway it makes me warm and fuzzy inside knowing his channel is slowing going to shit. Lol, even "Bhad Bhabie" will eventually surpass your 10M (almost 11M) subs cause she is young, motivated, and keeps her shit going.. it's unfortunate she got herpes but meh, shit happens. Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful life. Maybe RiceGum will go broke and become homeless then we can call him "RiceBum". And remember fam, smoke meth, have hatred in your heart, mind, body, and soul and worship Satan. 😈 RiceGum - "me have Iphone, make crazy money and none of you can take dat from me!" Satan - *I'm a big red fucker from down below i'll burn your ass from head to toe.* 👿🐍🖤🥵

  • Damn what happen to ricegum

  • Bruh rice cum is fucking trash

  • Which that purple girl at 7:07 Name=???

  • Snowflake