5 New Ways To Use Maple Syrup

Publicat pe 11 iun. 2015
Maple it!
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  • I love eating salted fries with maple syrup haha

  • I put it on my weetbix

  • I've always put maple syrup on ice cream?

  • Im getting hungry

  • 2:21 LOL

  • Wtf that lady putting a single particle of ice cream on her spoon

  • "I like this more than I like some people" okay now tHAT'S A MOOD

  • Eww

  • TRUE Maple syrup freezes on ice and makes toffee.

  • why do you put that much sauces in things?? i think its better to only put a little of it, with that way of putting sauce you're basically eating the sauce, not the main dish...

  • i use it on apples

  • Raw oats+water+mixing+a tiny bit of maple syrup+frozen fruit=delicious breakfast meal. Simple, easy, no need to cook

  • Maple syrup on sausage is amazing!

  • At the CELERY one the man said that "I hate celery but... Yeah this is delicious" But he didn't even chew it and just the celery is just at the sbe of is face. 😑😑

  • If you put anything with syrup it's basically Canadian EH!

  • How in the world can you not like brussel sprouts!? They are soooo good!

  • I actually cook the bacon then dip it in syrup pops the flavor of the maple more

  • I don't know what world you live in if maple syrup with icecream or bacon is a "new way to use maple syrup".

  • I put syrup on my bacon, sausages, Mac and cheese and in my scrambled eggs, am I weird?

  • I like putting syrup on bacon and sausages...mainly when I eat McDonalds

  • maple bacon was a thing before this video came out, so was maple salad dressing. you're not slick.

  • people think this is new? oh no

  • I grew up putting my maple syrup on my ice cream along with everything else lmao catch up to canadians

  • And I thought I was the only one who put maple syrup on my ice cream.

  • I got so mad when Quinta barley spooned any. Like Cmon

  • Where i live there is already maple syrup ice cream

  • is the ice-cream with maple even necessary

  • Maple syrup in your coffee!


  • I used to dip my Sausage and Bacon in Maple Syrup, It was so good. My god brother did it and I very much suggest you try it too

  • that bacon was more fat than meat!

  • QUINTA'S LEFT HANDED!?!?!?!?!?

  • Nothing for ham? WOW.

  • I know this is basic but I couldn't think of anything else. I put maple syrup on my oatmeal with sprinkles cause I act like I'm 5

  • When you're allergic to maple lol.

  • If anything can make Brussels sprouts good it's maple syrup

  • putting maple syrup on ice cream is nothing new, not at all. The hell have you been Buzzfeed?

  • I EAT IT IN MY ROOM CRYIN YELLIN WHY!?!??!?! and then I go downstairs and watch buzzfeed...ahhh..life

  • fakka met die siroop

  • Watching food videos at 1:45 AM FML

  • Maple on ice cream? That's a little bit of overkill. Making your own salad dressing, however, is genius! :)

  • i find it so cute buzzfeed tryna make me eat healthy

  • Canadians: *heavy breathing*

  • You guys are evil. I want it so badly 💔

  • I use it in my coffee

  • do you guys hire professional eaters?

  • put it on body parts for ur partner to lick :)

    • You know there are kids on here so stop

    • @War Studios's r u doing this on purpose for some reason :/ ?

    • You mean Wife ?

    • @War Studios's ? i mean partner, what dont you get?

    • You mean Girlfriend ?

  • ahhhh hahaha. buzzfeed lives in a world where ice cream scoops are in a circle.

  • I put it on my fried rice....sounds weird but it's the best

  • this is going to make u fat af,but good vid

  • At 1:42, imagine if they went to Canada

  • I hate people who say I get diabetes or Omg diabetes.. u dont get diabetes by eating this once. u got diabetes BY GOING EVERY FCKING DAY TO MCDONALDS

  • My grandma puts maple syrup on ham ^-^

  • 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ 🍣🍣⚪🍣⚪⚪ I❤bacon

  • Does anyone ever drink maple syrup out of the bottle?

    • I thought I was the only one who drink maple syrup


    • BevvyIsTheBest yep and I'm Canadian so I drink 100% real maple syrup strait out the fridge

    • I do that with the maple syrup my mom gets from this Maple syrup farm cause Pure Maple syrup is to die for

    • yup, I'll admit it.

  • One thing to looking forward in Trump presidency.

  • I've been putting maple syrup on bacon my entire life. When you have maple syrup on a plate, mapleing (if that's a word) everything is a bit inevitable

    • Sam R. Art it's amazing

    • +JustGetRekt yes it tastes good

    • People,put maple syrup on bacon???

    • maple syrup on bacon is a dutch thing:pancakes+bacon in it+maple syrup=goodness

  • I like maple syrup with a grilled cheese sandwich, tastes really good when you use a cheese that's strong and aromatic.

  • Maple ice creams already a thing...

  • Maple syrup on bacon....?? I have never known that and I can tell sweet things on meat are disgusting