29 Pace? Wes Morgan Responds To FIFA 20 Rating! 😂

Publicat pe 13 sep. 2019
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  • Hahahahagahhahahahahsja

  • Er braucht 10. Min um über den Platz zu rennen und wundert sich für 29 pace

  • Fifa don't know sh1t 😂😂

  • He is even slow in fast motion WTF😂 Deserves at least 36 pace Naruto run.🤔🤔RESPECT MY FRIEND😎

  • EA: So I guess the speed was 9.59? 9 acceleration and 10 sprint speed then.

  • Time doesn’t go faster while hes speed up

  • 29!? max 19.

  • This isnot his normal pace he forced him self

  • Respect morgan

  • Lol I thought I was 29 and all football players starts at 60 atleast

  • He did a 100m in 9.59s which is huge

  • Let's face it he peaked at forest that says it all

  • Wes Morgan: 9:58 Usain Bolt: Am I a joke to you ?

  • Kurwa to już ja jestem szybszy ja jebe a jemu za to płacą jeszcze 😋

  • Winter downgrade : 15 pace

  • 9 hours and 59 minutes is not bad at all

  • Now he deserves at least 30 pace

  • Os fale

  • 29 pace, is my granfather...

  • Y a une acceleration mdr gros tu triche aller ntm gadjo

  • I can have 39

  • Hit the ball

  • Kkkkkk

  • 21* pace

  • I'm 29 pace and I'm not an athlete 😂 FIFA is smoking something

  • Pace se refiere a ritmo o como? No juego fifa :/

  • What you talkin about? EA focuses more on pack animation s rather than the game

  • Fake shit

  • Lol it's only 45meters lol

  • FIFA se pasa de pendejo a la hora de los stats

  • Hy GUYS

  • FIFA 👎 PES 👍

  • If you would give your maximum plus train more you could pass Usain Bolt's record this achieving a pace of 40! 😁

  • 28 pace

  • I'm glad somebody called ea out about their stats as loads of them are wildly wrong, but Wes Morgan wasn't the person to do it as ea were more or less correct with this one.

  • Now you have 30 pace

  • leeds is shit who cares

  • He is like a mountain that comes against you

  • Even my grandma is faster

  • Empieza a correr sin camara luego con camara wtf xd

  • could be 28

  • That’s what you get for being a CB 😂😂😂

  • It is false He starts at 0:12 and finish at 0:27

  • 0:18

  • 🤣🤣


  • Why run when he can fly

  • 😂😂😂

  • Slow af mate

  • They literally sped up the vid 😂😂😂, but cmon, he deserves atleast 31 pace now.

  • Hızı böyle ise çalım manyağı yaparım bunu sağından atar etrafından dolaşırım kısa ve kalın bacaklı yapım var cok hızlı kaçarım buna

  • I'm an ice hockey fan. Why did recommend this to me and who tf is this dude lol

  • But what is the pace with ball...

  • i wish i could take those 40 seconds back

  • Fake?? Nearly wr?!

  • This man took 10 days to run

  • It is just a joke.look how he is running

  • Footballers of all teams should stop reacting to their cards which belong to the awful UT mode and it's poisonous micro transaction culture.

  • 30 easyyyy