Donald Trump has never stopped running for president

Publicat pe 18 iun. 2019
Donald Trump is officially running for a second term in 2020. But he’s had his eye on the presidency for a long time.

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  • Hi. Chris here-- Donald Trump’s gearing up to start his 2020 campaign. Who do you think is his biggest competition?

    • Only himself

    • @news now hampton roads The bloom i have downstairs can be that crazy fool. I never seen anyone that gives the same speech at every rally, i mean that to.He had you and all the other little Donald's believe the same crazy words coming out of his mouth. Sometimes I just sit back and watch the stupidity and just SMH. I love you America but I just don't understand you sometimes 🤪 . Just maybe we can figure it out this time or we're going to regret it.

    • You reported on trump having two scoops of ice cream while others had one your news channel is a joke

    • Elliot Richardson

    • @Glass Man manafort and co are hardly poor.

  • Certainly the best president in decades.

  • I'm pretty sure Trump is NOT going to be re-elected in 2020. Especially if Bernie Sanders runs against him. If Hilary Clinton were elected in 2016, I bet she wouldn't get re-elected either...

  • Cnn blows

  • Is it possible that if Trump had been allowed into the 'Old Money' social circles he would have been able to obtain loans from American banks, rather than having to look overseas, to banks that launder money for Russian oligarchs. He also might not have run for President, because in all honesty it's those 'Old Money' people who control the country, including the halls of government.

  • You losing viewers

  • Webster dictionary... def ofCNN: LOSERS

  • Cnn more obsessed with trump than trump is with re-election

  • Trump derangement syndrome

  • After he loses, he'll still be Moscow! Bwahahaha!!!

  • So the point is that he is running a second term because he’s an asshole? I didn’t see CNN complain about Obama running a second term

  • Chris. You very well could be the absolute worst "journalist" in the history of manipulative mainstream media. You write like a 12 year old, constantly exaggerate and come up with the stupidest things in a pathetic attempt at "outraging" the public. You are the definition of a loser.

  • Make America Great Again Again~ He must be President Again American Only First!!!

  • This liberal propaganda is annoying

  • You are So Fake news!!

  • What a stupid monologue

  • Look, Trump is a good president with his personality. I think he's a funny guy, but the choices he's made make him a bad president with his actions.

  • Trump 2020 !!!!

  • Trump 2020, 2024 ....

  • 5:03 Why don't you try telling people why he dropped from running? it's because the party was considering giving a ticket to a white supremacist and Trump was against it.

  • Best on CNN, easy! First time I've found you watchable in ages, congrats!


  • It was SOOO great watching 25,000 people chant "CNN SUCKS" Right after that, CNN stopped broadcasting the event to lick their wounds. How embarrassing that must have been. What CNN doesn't get is, it's not only Trump that is disgusted with CNN, it's about 78% of the population! CNN would LOVE to have the approval ratings Trump has.

  • This dude is the only political commentator i actually like you can tell he is just about done with the two party system.which the forefathers warned the people about.

  • Does he actually think he's gonna get re-elected after everything he's done?

    • Hahaha unless Andrew Yang is the Democratic nominee, Trump will win


  • ...other things trump has never stopped doing, lying, cheating, stealing, and fucking his daughter ivanka...

  • He said “We are the elites” you fucking dumbass. He’s bashing the elites for thinking they are better than everyone. You seem to have missed “the point”

  • Trump is bought. A low iq prostitute.

  • So? Why is this even important information, CNN again in denial and crying over everything.

  • Fake news

  • You are Fake news !

  • No democrat can defeat him ...

  • CNN? I thought you were defunct as a media business?! I send you buckets of abomination from Australia. Trump2020!

  • Fake news

    • Definately propaganda by extreme radical leftist nazis ----》CNN

  • maybe if CNN would read the comments they would understand that the American people are tired of them blowing smoke up peoples back side. HEY!!!!! CNN!!!! read the comments and get a clue

  • CNN hasn't stopped lying to the American people in over 3 years.

  • 0:30 cnn reporting gone from mostly false to “almost true” ... thats an improvement i guess

  • Lost me at "almost literally true". Obviously.

    • @lennykk they love to play with words and change definitions.... Some use this to control the narrative and most are just ignorant about the words they use.

    • If it's not literally true, that means it's false by definition. These libtards will try any dirty tactic.

  • That’s because running for President is Literally the only running he can do!

    • Chief Dishes Stacker - there there don’t cry young lady...

    • Your not funny making jokes of elder people. I wanna see your lazy ass run. Probably couldn’t make it 100 meters without being gassed.

  • the point is trump ISN'T the legal president. i'll iterate just one example of this fact. its IMPOSSIBLE for him to lose the popular vote by 3 MILLION votes and achieve an electoral college landslide. a close victory - perhaps. a landslide NO WAY! the elite, both American and Russian, corrupted and fixed that 2016 election like never before in U. S. history. its also possible trump, himself, only participated in some of that rigging of the election. he's such a narcissist he actually believes he won an honest election! right now we have NO LEGAL president in this country. and the media itself is of course guilty of perpetuating the lie that trump IS the legal president. so its impossible for to RE-elected since he wasn't legally elected the first time.

  • What’s so good about trump and what’s so bad about Hillary Clinton? Trump wants to start war. And what’s so bad about Clinton?

  • 7mill subs, 50k views. Lmao

  • never syopped running? SO FUQQIN WHAT????????? FER FUX SAKE DO SOME NEWS!! he is a daily ad for election,,, cause he gets the job done,,,, UNLIKE CNN!!

    • triphik looool, he’s done 6% on what he promised to do, he is a shit president 😂😂

  • Air quotes again, obviously lack of vocabulary!

  • how about report things that are actually news?


  • What a great leader.👍.. Good job making Trump more famous because of your hateful comments 🤣🤣

    • Yeah, his polls shows him to be so very popular and is winning in the polls... "the polls in Trumps head says he is winning". The little fake orange man is a loser, no matter what you think.

  • MAGA, Trump 2020...

  • CNN will never get it right with people. They just don't get it. They suck big time. They are only good at covering wars in the middle East. I bet you 2 years from now. CNN will only be on tv and Amazon tv.