Live PD: The Best of Calvert County, MD | A&E

Publicat pe 14 iun. 2019
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The very best moments from Calvert County, MD including an intense shots fired call that doesn't go as expected, a guy trying to hide the wrong thing and the answer to how many cops it takes to lift a pick up truck. #LivePD
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  • Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue on its NEW night - Thursdays at 9/8c!

  • More compilations plz

  • The first four minutes are useless - NOTHING happens - this is the best of?? Then 2 guys in a row crying, and the next guy wearing a man-bun. Real manly men in Calvert county.

  • Those California fires were brutal, they're lucky it was nothing like the conditions of Black Saturday in Australia, just imagine gale force winds pushing 100ft high walls of flames on you, that cop and the poor nurses probably wouldn't have even made it to the firetruck in those conditions.

  • Cop acting all Redcoat over a butterfly knife, Jesus.

  • no shovel..? ok take care!

  • If drug dealers actually watched these videos maybe they’d learn a thing or two from getting caught at a traffic stop lol

  • Who else watchin this because they live in or near calvert county, MD? lol

  • What sense does it make to criminalize some knives because they could be used to stab someone exactly like other knives?

  • They would hate being cops down south. A gunshot outside is a daily occurrence unless you live in city limits

  • A butterfly knife is illegal? Really? Definitely not in Arizona.

  • Check out that snitch lady she everything about the guy what's his credit score nosey lady

  • Every episode of this show I've seen is a perfect example of why you exercise your 5th amendment right to remain silent.

  • Since 1988 ??!! Ma’m I’m gonna have to knee cap you for wasting my time

  • ummm, get a warrant LOL

  • I have to ask? Is there a course in lying in that police training requires? The Supreme Court has confirmed cops can and do lie. Sadly it is legal. Sad 1-way legal system

  • It is funny because it is so true that that guy seems like the type of person that would actually be carrying around a special edition culinary spoon just because and not for drugs.

  • Picking up the truck ... I love men. ❤ Not all women hate you, fellas. 😘 We need you!

  • The traffic stop guy looks like he would be on heroin so he could be robbing people for his addiction.

  • Any body else hate this officer voice lmao

  • maryland cops are weird, cause half the time they are the nicest people in the world, but half the time, because maryland (or maybe just my area) is so relaxed crime wise, that these rookie cops will pull you over for nothing. i once got pulled over for my air freshener dangling from the mirror.

  • Is there any prostitution in this car

  • *RaiNBoW* *sIx* *SIeGe* *nEW* *dLc*

  • There some nice cops in calvert county

  • There's a snake in my boot

  • 6:01 that messes with me. Even though I'm not a cop (yet) no gloves messes with me

  • that pellet gun traffic stop was pretty cool

  • Lol the black guy at the end who said vindictive instead of indicative.

  • Dude went for a handshake but got denied and had to do a fist bump instead

  • Everybody in this county carry knive

  • "all over a tag light" that's exactly why you don't do deliveries.

  • You know you live in a great place when your county is on a live pd highlight reel XD gotta love calvert

  • Y que no puede una persona tener una navaja oh cuchillo en su carro ,como se defenderá ,no mames

  • poor snek

  • Oof my family's from dunkirk ny

  • I would have thought serial killer??

  • Did the snake make it ok??

  • That weed looked mad wierd.if That was the Crystal's collected in the bottom then daym that's a lot of Crystal's.

  • Why and how do gas stations get away with selling butterfly knife like I've seen them in countless of them

    • Ethan Edge they’re probably in states where they’re legal

  • Thank god that guy was providing that community with safe substances.

  • “I’ve been crying” 😂😂😂

  • take a look at 1:04. what do you see? lmao

  • He should have been arrested for having a man bun. D-BAG!

  • Bruh how tf is a butterfly knife more criminal than any other knife? Like wew lad

  • Rip that snake tho

  • 1:00 looking back towards the camera is so not fresh

  • Nice Espada XL! I can honestly see how he'd forget it's on him though. I carry a Voyager XL here in Canada and I forget I have it on me too. After a while, you just get used to the weight, especially if you're carrying it every time you go out. It's also long enough that if your pants fit properly, it doesn't really bang around a whole lot. It's like putting on a jacket. It's heavy and you can feel it easily, but if someone called you right now like "What are you wearing?" You know you'd have to look.

  • 2nd guy has the worst luck in the world

  • how old is this episode? Isn't weed legal now?

  • hey the reason I pulled you over is because you looked to your left and than to your right than you blinked twice, that seems suspicious to me, where's the heroin? give me your gun.