Chris Webby - Paid

Publicat pe 19 iun. 2019
Welcome to #WebbyWednesday!
"Paid" by Chris Webby.
Produced by JP On Da Track.
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  • Webby I'm glad you don't beLIEve in flat Earth.....Fuck their spiritual flat plane....Thank you for staying....

  • R.I.P nispey respect webby a real 1for the shot out!!! All money In!! Make this blue for nipsey!🙏👊

  • One of my favorite songs you’ve made Webby! Love your music.

  • You know the state-government can't force us to play in a god game to think we are more than men cause we're not....Were just men and we have the power to speak or not to speak....

  • I get all my financial advice from Webby.

  • Never stop you are one of the greatest rappers ever and your music has helped me through some shit your shit is deep thats why i like it it makes you think what makes you vibe hard

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • This Beat is just Crazy

  • 🥰🥰💍🥰

  • No joke that beep sounds like my interlock..

  • We need the webby, montana of 300, and doobie bvndit collab!! Break the game!!

  • This is dope !! got a hit 🔥🔥🚀

  • Everything webby drops is straight flames juss know this !!

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  • Fff

  • I feel like rolling a blunt to this song

  • I wonder why this video is under the music video section on his page??

    • upload'n high af

  • Hello

  • m.rotorrentinfo/watch/jxZ3KPoyKHsGyGA.html Wrote a song about you homie. "Shout out to webby" 7ven 3irty Thanks for the inspiration my dude. Stay real.

  • Used to be hard to get a broad, when I got declined on my debit card Duct tape on my headlight, no AUX plug in my beat up car And college loans stacked up Acquitted to more than my savings and shit I ain’t even reach graduation so now all that I’m paying is hard knocks education I’m saying that I barely had money for weed Shit I had to sell it to smoke Pullin' up with my tank on E Yes I was incredibly broke But shit was inevitable I had to go through it to get to the dough The ropes on the slope of a treacherous road Still I put on one hell of a show My credit was low but I shot for the top I didn’t know whether I got it or not Seeing these people with money and wondering if they were better I honestly thought That copping a drop Or buying a yacht Or wearing a chain with the shiniest rocks Would make you the man So I made a plan And now I got fans that are buying my stock And now that I got What I came here to get Secure the bag, I dont need to flex I just stack and chill and play PlayStation, no vacation Just reading cheques then cashing ‘em, then stackin’ ‘em And through it still the same old me Never ball out, I just stay low key How far it goes? We’ll see I don’t gotta flex for the ‘Gram post Don’t whip a Corvette or a Lambo’ I’m just stackin' up my cheques and I’m layin' low Well f*ck what they say ‘Cause I’m getting paid I don’t gotta flex for the ‘Gram post Don’t whip a Corvette or a Lambo’ I’m just stackin' up my cheques and I’m layin' low Well f*ck what they say ‘Cause I’m getting paid (Now, now, now) Hold up, just wait a second I still gotta figure out a way to spend it Taxes suck and I’m rackin' up so this cash will touch and get reinvested My Ace Flynn on the finances Money come and he time stamp it I’m a simple man with a business plan Couple hundred grand on my mind, dammit Drop five K for the Kangen water Wanna glass? Shit make an offer Money over fame Put a ring on the game then dip with the maid of honour What you spend on a necklace, I get it and invest it And then I’ll get a necklace with what I made off my investment But I’m frugal watching money quadruple Bringing in that cheddar and gettin' credit approvals; whole kit and caboodle I’m tryna get it all Locked up in a lab until there’s plaques up on the wall No need for a withdrawal I only make deposits I want eleven figures, imma hustle ‘til I got it 'Cause Nip taught me 'all money in’ ‘Marathon’ never ends hit my stride and then I’m gone with the wind I don’t gotta flex for the ‘Gram post Don’t whip a Corvette or a Lambo’ I’m just stackin' up my cheques and I’m layin' low Well f*ck what they say ‘Cause I’m getting paid I don’t gotta flex for the ‘Gram post Don’t whip a Corvette or a Lambo’ I’m just stackin' up my cheques and I’m layin' low Well f*ck what they say ‘Cause I’m getting paid Show me the money Yeah Show me the money Yeah Source:

  • Learning a lesson while being blessed by true lyricism. This is why we love you Webby

  • Who else hits the like button on all webby songs?🖑

  • No one is the comments is even talking about the song or the subject. Its always just people pathetically trying their hardest to get top comment

  • I hope webbys happy. N this shit dont mean fuck to him bc only 220k views? How arnt millions on this guys shit? Yet fuckin old town road has 3 fuckin versions. Smh. The fucks wrong with the world these days. Webbys always got fresh bars, so many bangers out n never re raps nothin. Respect webby

  • Been listening to your shit for 10 years now!!! Keep it up man

  • Webby could kill the beat from legend by Billy marchaifava

  • you always killing it bae 🔥😘

  • This shit is fire!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • It's your time right now man you need to go for it

  • Webby im depressed and I'm sure some of your other fans are too. It would mean the world if you could make a song about depression and how to overcome it. You probably won't see this but if you do please consider and tell me if you will or not.

  • Webby is fucking dread still popping with the reality

  • FUCK YEAH, epic track

  • Me and my lady been driving for 4 hours on our way to see you live tonight in Bend, Oregon and haven't listened to nothin but #Webby the whole ride. 💣💥💣

  • Why no Texas shows?!?!?! Lol

  • Am I the only one who think he Sounds like rittz in this

  • ⚡🙏

  • What he is saying is all facts invest don’t spend on things that won’t give guy a return unless have that much to just spend on whatever

  • This actually sounds so dope at 1.25x speed

  • So fuckin dope dude 🔥🔥🔥

  • Just seen him live and met him he’s dope has fuck humble ass guy keep going webby

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🏻🙏

  • 💯⚡⚡💪

  • Kangen water gang !!!

  • Footwork

  • This song is so fucking fire holy shit. Straight banger that slaps

  • Savage, I got a baggage, full of matches, stuffed under a mattress, lit up with stack, of presoaked cash, that had a bubble bath, in bag filled with gas, and it's still not as fire as this track.

  • Sitting there broke as fuck tripping on an edible thinking about how I need to stop being dumb with money. Then this drops the next day def a sign

  • this has to be the best music, and the best consistency I've seen in years.

    • Prod. by MiB props to JP on Da Track supplying the killer beats the last two plus years, always consistent, numbers don’t lie. Wait till you hear the shit that is coming. Crazy!#JPsPops

  • does anyone have the isolated vocals for a remix?

  • This shit be taco bell fire sauce packets