4 Totally Awesome 90s Marvel Toys featuring X-Men & More! | Earth's Mightiest Show

Publicat pe 8 iun. 2019
Langston takes us on a walk down memory lane with Toy Hunter, Jordan Hembrough, to check out some favorite Marvel toys from the 1990s to celebrate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary.

Learn more about Jordan Hembrough at www.hollywoodheroes.com/
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  • Toy Hunter needs to come back NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Well I wanted to see what’s inside the spidey play set!

  • I used to have a ton of those X-Men figures.

  • I still have all of this still sealed and package I have a toy biz collection that’s no one will believe over 500 figures

  • Now marvel dont make toys for boys :(

  • This is so amazing 😱

  • I used to have a lot of X-Men toys, till the shady kid next-door (if you’re reading this you know who you are) stole them out of my garage before he moved.

  • Oh em gee!!! I had those X-Men toys as a kid. Rogue, Cyclops, Prof. X, Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, Magneto, Sabretooth, Longshot, etc...

  • Why is it that every box for that Spider-Man city it's sun Damaged?

  • Make a movie like these Toys and stop making Crap like dark shitex. Retire all this kids pls

  • May I ask why this seems scripted

  • I see the new X Men was so bad it needed some more promotion

  • Can’t wait to see the Xmen now in the MCU.. also a new toy line in the next years

  • we want loki back

  • We want solo movie on thanos

  • Silver Surfer please

  • I am a mix race man women put me in one of your movies I hear this is marvel now

  • Love it!!!

  • 90s animated series was the best

  • These are all awesome (my favourite is the Spider-Man set and the hulk one was cool too)

  • Universal Save Hulk character from shitmarvel 😠😤

  • This show is Earth's Marvelous Show 🤘❤️🤘

  • how can I buy those any link not provided

  • Man, I had every single one of those toys except the Rage Cage... And my Sneaker Snappers were Spiderman.

  • Marvel fans like buy it like me

  • Oh man those xmen toys. I had so many. My first was Archangel. Then I lost one of his wings :(

  • Love love love❤❤❤

  • 👍

  • i have that wolverine, mom got it at the beach for me. was insanely happy

  • Make a movie in( hulk and the agents of smash )

  • Respected sir I have a fresh content of the PC and mobile games

  • After the Dark Phoenix, Disney and Marvel pushed out those toys faster than a guilty parent who got caught doing something they had no business doing. Remember the good times, don’t focus on this other thing.

  • what was in the phoenix and falcon boxes?

  • Good thing I wasn't on the show I would have started opening up the toys and started playing resuming some of my old battles!

  • Could I still get these treasures?

  • I had that exact hulk figure. It was so cool, lost it while moving. sad day

  • I see thumbnail and I am instantly taken to my childhood

  • Don't forget about Spawn toys 👍🏻

  • *Nostalgia 100*

  • 1995 : hey dad can I get that spiderman figure 2015 : DAD GET ME THIS SPIDERMAN GAME ON MY XBOX

  • The black guy acts like it was the first time he sees these toys, but they were there all the time since the beginning

  • Where can I get that Cyclops T-shirt from?!?! 😍😍😍

  • Gimme those X-Men figures!!!!

  • I hope my kids one day know and appreciate how much I spend on them for toys as I do with my Mom...that once fought an old lady for Power Rangers gloves that made sounds so i can have them

  • I wanted him to open up the Spider-Man set lol

  • Im going to see dark phenox today'

  • **X-men theme intensifies**

  • I used to have Venom action figure with a water blaster from the classical Spider-Man toy series.

  • I cant give this enough thumbs up.

  • Oohhh! Marvel toys! My favorite!