The day I almost freaking died

Publicat pe 9 ian. 2017
Guns are serious...and if you don't know how to use them, don't own them.
Also...cromple domp tipple nips
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  • I just realised you're a huge douche

  • You almost got double pumped

  • I litterly thought I clicked on a markiplier video

  • From experience marijuana is fun but I ate a lot of food while on it

  • Are you Markiplier

  • I though that was mark

  • I respect men and women so dont be stupid

  • F R O P L A S

  • U actually convinced me that u were markiplier and these were the thoughts going through my head: *"Did markiplier change his name?"* *"Is this the right video?"* *"Are they making a video together?"*

  • *I thought I clicked on the wrong video, you monster*

  • What you think about gun safety

  • It loaded a cocked

  • I know this kid called Sammy and he smokes weed and hes 12

  • Mark?..ooookkk??😕

  • I thought i miss pressed

  • Hahah I though I entered a wrong video at the beginning XDD

  • My mom and stepdad are druggies and I’m glad I don’t live with them

  • I'm so tired, and literally thought I clicked on the wrong video🤣🤣

  • Holy crap I thought I clicked on a Markiplier video for a second

  • Dude I actually thought that was markiplier at the beginning

  • I literally see myself in this ytber

  • O mah gahd dat intro made me think I clicked on the wrong video

  • "Go suck a egg" My chicken: I'M RIGHT HERE

  • I thought I clicked on a markiplyer vid

  • Well maybe it's because you are Markiplier

  • Insert "A buddy of mine" meme

  • Adam: CAN WE GET 10,000 LIK- just kidding Me: 132k likes

  • I thought it was actually markeplier and i clicked off the video 😂

  • What does pinned mean

  • OMG house just about to clock out of the video when I head. Voice I thought I clicked on a Markiplier video

  • My aunt has been smoking sience she was 15!!! Shes 50 and shes still alive!!

  • My little brother and my dad both started smoking when they were 12. My little brother is a douch and does hard drugs too.

  • I really just thought that i clicked on markipliers video 😂

  • Watching in 2019 It’s weird without the common sense sweater

  • I honestly though that I accidentally clicked on a markiplier video

  • That intro fucked me up I backed out of the video twice

  • OMG he sounds like Mark *shook*

  • You do sound like markeaplyer!

  • You don't like Markiplier

  • Why did I think I pressed on a markiplier video on accident

  • You have a huge neck in this video

  • Did anyone else check to see if they clicked on the wrong title?😂

  • Stroy Time! So, i was at this sketchy looking place with a friend and was being a dumba** and hought it would be a good idea to jumpscare the,... turns out they carried pepper spray.... and had never used it before....... I now have horrible vision and gget headaches hourly from how much got in my eye...fu-


  • OooooooffffffffFFFFF

  • I was thinking about markipliers voice and that it was the same but kind of and not really so I never said anything lol

  • I littraly thought i misclicked on the wrong vidio

  • Omg I thought that was markypoo at first

  • tell me y i got a 35 minute ad before this video

  • Adam, you could use your matrix skills and your ability to gym good to take them down!