"Racism has become worse in this country in the last few years" | Gary Neville on racism in football

Publicat pe 7 dec. 2019
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Gary Neville, Micah Richards, Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp give their thoughts on the alleged racist incident during the Manchester derby, with Neville suggesting that racism has gotten worse in the UK in the last few years not just in football but in society as a whole.
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  • Neville talks such woke drivel ...it's almost laughable. Ask Clyde Best and Cyril Regis about racism in football was like in the 1970's. Not one guy making faces ....but 20,000 supporters chanting very loudly in unison from the terraces , Old Trafford being one of the worst.

  • This racism needs to stop. People are just envious that they don’t make as much money as them so they do things like this.

  • It’s really nice to know that reports on Islamophobia in Merseyside dropped by a massive amount, when Muslim players like Mo Salah & Sadie Mane joined Liverpool FC. I know I’m talking about a religion and not about racism. But I’m sure you people get my point. It would be nice to love in a world where there isn’t any discrimination in race, religion, gender etc. I’m not only talking about football, or in any sports. I’m talking about the entire universe. Someday it will all go away, and there will only be peace and love.

  • It’s really nice to know that reports on Islamophobia in Merseyside dropped by a massive amount, when Muslim players like Mo Salah & Sadie Mane joined Liverpool FC. I know I’m talking about a religion and not about racism. But I’m sure you people get my point. It would be nice to love in a world where there isn’t any discrimination in race, religion, gender etc. I’m not only talking about football, or in any sports. I’m talking about the entire universe. Someday it will all go away, and there will only be peace and love.

  • Liberal lefty arse holes.. Racists are in every walk of life. Mostly in the black communities.. Stop migration to UK..

  • This is so stupid football is a loved sport and should be played well but Racism not only distracts players but also offends them and it is not right. it is so sad to see that it's still happening after 2 decades NO ROOM FOR RACISM

  • Not sure how Jamie Redknapped can dare say anything when he got off completely when he totally disrespected a woman who he'd "Hit that"! People need to realise they can't just pick and choose when they have to be respectful.... it's needs to be everybody, all the time.... I'd back a team walking off now.... and even as a Untied fan watching us struggle desperately this season I'd back us getting points deducted or game told to play behind closed doors as a league enforced punishment !!

  • Racism has got worse? It hasn't, it's just been constantly talked about so we think it's everywhere. Even Gary could only name a few incidents. There are about 15,000,000 people who attend Premiership matches every year and we get a few incidents of racism and it in the papers for a week and on every football programme, whilst the stabbing of some kid in London doesn't even get a mention any more. Give us a break. The more we talk about it the bigger the monster grows. These guys might know a thing or two about football but they should stick to that and stop whipping up a moral panic.

  • i know what to say, but to scared to say it. i have olive skin

  • I say the people sitting quietly next to this type of behaviour should be held accountable too. Just because you didn't join in, doesn't mean you don't approve. Until we hold each other accountable as a society it won't change...

  • Man city fans are like city..fake amd unreal..they belong to division two..

  • Gary Neville is a proper man. From a Hammers fan and fellow human.

  • So many white people taking about racism!! Interesting!!

  • if you're glad that people are being punished for saying mean things about you, you're tyrannical and cruel all these people are worthy of nothing but contempt, everyone in that studio

  • As the ratio of black players increases so will the racism it’s only a matter of time before black players outnumber whites the fans will have to accept it as in American football or up the ante leading to god knows what . Would it be right to field an England squad with ALL black players ? Could it ever happen? would it heal or damage race relations would it kill football ?

  • Ask the new PM to take a lie detector test when asked what does he really think of Coloured people and Muslims! P.S. Also Northerners!

  • It's going on since slavery!

  • You ain't seen nothing yet !

  • Simple the west Britain is built on racism and exploitation and white supremacy indoctrination.

  • This country has a fixation with racism. There’s still no evidence that the guy’s action was racially motivated

  • The more you keep telling what they can't do the more they do it! Stop bringing up the subject and it will go away! People love attention good or bad!

  • Hate speech is not regulated in the USA , I suppose Uk ain't so free.

  • It is not getting worst at all. You can’t paint everyone with the same because of 1 fan Gary. Look at Italy ffs

  • England made a huge issue of all the Balkan countries when it's on their own doorstep for era's, time to step up England...really hope they find a solution as It should never happen in society let alone to a Football player

  • Gary neville and Jamie rednknapp unapologetically spoke the truth, it’s a society and education problem. You can deduct a 100 points from a club but the only thing it would do is fuel the fire even more. We need to focus on educating these people rather than just thinking about their punishment.

  • Racism is getting worse everywhere, not only at football matches, the root lies with the amount of migrants being allowed into our country right now, and the Brits feel threatened by it all, they are seeing their culture being took away from them and they are angry, in the streets and on the terraces, the one's at football matches get highlighted, but it's worse on the streets, and it's going to get a lot lot worse.

  • Scared to comment here as iv not gone back to my own country yet

  • Not worse, just more caught on camera now.

  • Fans raged because Man City has to lose match. They just unstable.

  • when do we draw the line ?

  • I once went to Sheffield utd vs millwall some United fans were calling the ref a black bastard but the ref was white think it was cuz he was wearing black no joke that really happend. Madness

  • Well said Gary and Jammie.

  • The whole idea of Britain is based on racism.

  • As a Manchester United fan this isn't isolated to these few city fans. It's everywhere, ignorance is everywhere, we need to educate.

  • Dirty oil money can't save you now...

  • Hmmm it's almost like uncharted economic migration doesn't cause a spike in nationalism...

  • The one time Roy Keane wants to sit on the fence 😂

  • Its due to zionist media race baiting every topic. Media these days will pass on a front page story if it doesn't fit their narrative.

  • The joke is that Man city is an Arab owned club

  • Say hello to Boris Johnson dummass...

  • Choke them with silence

  • Wow no one suggesting England getting kicked out from euros and the world cup.... or that is only reserved for the Italian national team

  • Can't blame all city fans due to a couple of wrong un's. Gary Neville is the biggest hypocrite, a few years back he was saying too many foreigners in English football and then said it again whilst at England camp, the guys a proper kunt.

    • @Gallowglas I agree, I'm just pointing out out his hypocrisy.

    • There are too many foreigners in football and in Europe in general


  • Why are people aloud to chant derogatory names to Luke shaw about him being fat and that's OK? No one wants to see racism of any kind but shouldn't it be lets kick abuse out of football all together. These stupid /uneducated people that chant abuse don't know the difference between right and wrong and because one thing is accepted they think it's OK to do racial slurs.

  • Ban for life from watching football fall stop and if that dnt stop them games should be done behind doors but then u loose money which u wont do .. u play for cash nower days not the love for the game

  • Gary Neville supports Pro IRA CORBYN..OMG

  • I bet you £1000 pounds it was a whole lot more than 1 supporter...

  • What a load of crap! Racism? He don’t know the meaning of it, a few mindless chants! doesn’t compare with the 50s/60s when the colour of your skin dictated wether you get a job, find a house what toilet you could use,where you could sit on a bus ........ Grrr.

    • Sorry but ur name is black vegetable

    • @island girl sorry what is that an answer to?

    • @Mr BobaJango because people cannot chose the colour of their skin.

    • Either way it's not acceptable now or then. Chants that racial abuse are not acceptable.

  • A ban for life unfortunately doesn’t mean they still won’t go to the games. A pair of sunglasses or a hat, a scarf, grow a beard or shave a beard, the stewards won’t even know who it is anymore. Not to mention their friends can book the tickets under their name for them. Besides all that the stewards probably change week in week out most of them are only kids working for £8.20 an hour to get a bit of pocket money while they are at uni... and the stewards don’t want the confrontation half the time they can’t even be arsed to be there probably.

  • No, it hasn’t.

  • Micah Richard's should never EVER be on the same show as these gents what's happening

  • Its because players have started reacting, walking off and talking about boycotting games. If that's going to be your response then fans are going to do that to "help there team". They are all on camera just ban them from every football stadium in the country. Its not hard and they will soon learn. I knew this would happen and it has.

  • This is ridiculous. Micah Richards said "we're having repetitive conversations". And nobody thinks maybe what we're doing isn't working, they just want harsher punishments like that's going to make it disappear. It's 100% political now, as Gary Neville said. This is a free speech issue. If we start banning people for speech we don't like then it's a slippery slope.

    • @jakiiboi8 So are we going to ban fans who swear at players as well? I think you would be removed from a department store if you came in and started swearing at staff.

    • Its got nothing to do with free speech. There is no right that allows you to trump someone else's right. You have a right not to be discriminated in the work place. If you worked in a department store and a customer came in and started racially abusing stuff that store would get security to escort them out the store and ban them. Their is no reason this shouldn't happen in football. This is happening more because players are reacting to it. They are walking off, boycotting games, kicking off ect. So of course some fans are going to do it because they see it as helping there team.

  • Gary Neville is a hero.

  • You won’t kick it out of football until it’s less prevalent in society. Sadly poor political decisions and mass immigration has caused a surge in nationalism and will continue to do so until something seriously changes.

    • Gallowglas I don’t agree with deportations unless the person has committed a crime. Those here legally should be allowed to stay, but shut the god damn door, drop the PC crap and start focusing on British needs.

    • True, like mass deportations. Starting with all illegals

  • Vote the conservatives out

  • Racism has got worse in this country?? Who are you trying to fool....

  • So your telling me none of these has never said or dine anything simuler.. it's not just football The reality is the powers that be have had this kind of attitude towards non white players for years..

  • Vote labour

    • Lol you dumb people are idiots and part of the problem. Just everything has to be politics with you knuckle heads.