DAILY FAILS WE ALL KNOW TOO WELL || Clumsy struggles by 5-Minute FUN

Publicat pe 27 sep. 2019
Can you relate to this daily fails and clumsy struggles video?
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Clumsy struggles everyone can relate to:
0:01 Gum bubble
0:09 Dropping your phone while you're making selfies
0:16 Got a closed pistachio
0:33 Sprayed perfume in the face
0:40 Liquid soap
0:49 Spitting
1:01 The shoelaces untie
1:19 Lost money
1:33 The shelf fell down
1:51 Pinky bump
2:01 It's hard to make the bed
2:14 Hoody problems
2:25 Delivery came in the wrong moment
2:46 Asking for a glass of water
3:07 The snot on the paperwork
3:21 The ladder
3:36 Legs shaving
3:43 Waterproof eyelash
3:57 Hills stuck
4:14 Sunburn
4:37 Bloopers
Have you found CHUCK in the video??
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