Publicat pe 7 nov. 2019
this is embarrassing honestly
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-emma chamberlain


  • Hahaha love this

  • Skater boy is Ethan

  • Lets just pretend the dolan twins aremt scaters for a sec

  • @ aaron hull lol

  • A lot of people have itchy foreheads

  • Please don't skate beautiful girl.

  • Woo www she actually came to us about a guy...

  • DONT DISS THE PENNY BOARD LIKE THAT however the penny nickel is a total upgrade 👍🏻👍🏻

  • i bet it is ethan dolan

  • Emma...We all know who it is it's obviously Ethan...Duh.

  • lets be honest. we knew emma liked ethan before she did. 1 like = 1 ethma supporter

  • you guys, it obviously Tony Hawk

  • do you have friends still


  • YELP?? 😂😂

  • make a part 2

  • Ok poser

  • Literally every girl likes emma and no boys like her haha

  • yo I used to live there! Kings road

  • Show bob

  • We all know who he is

  • Everyone thinkin of someone else... I’m thinking of Sam Hurley 😂

  • Employee - what brings you in here today. Emma -soooo I met a guy...

  • rip ethan

  • Declan at 7:03 passes the vibe check

  • it’s one of the dolan twins because they have a skating rink in their back yard🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Just ask Aaron to teach you already 😐

  • But why didn’t you just have him teach you how to skate

  • emma show us ur closetttttt we need IT.

  • Her liking rick and Morty makes me like her even more

  • rotorrentinfo/PF1T7fv9WedKK28m8vub3PA?view_as=subscriber

  • I just want a button that every time I push it it says “hit the road bi***” in Emma’s voice

  • The guy = Ethan Dolan

  • I've been talking to this guy for months and he didnt seem to like anything about me. I changed my hair color got some tattoos and started stretching my ears again and he didnt like any of that. He wanted me to be like an instagram girl and that's not who I am. I've had my fair share of shitty guys and I'm over it. You know hes blocked now😂😂✌

  • not judging since I clicked because I now own 2 skateboards for that reason lmao

  • “hi I’m emma chamberlain, sponsored skateboarder from the san francisco bay area”

  • when are we getting a merch restock

  • when she posts this then comments on Aaaron hull's new ig pic and he replies with hearts. TEA

  • aaron hullllll

  • thats not going to impress him. you could just learn ABOUT skateboarding lol

  • I stan Ethma but whoever it is she’s talking about I support her ☺️💫

  • that little white piece of whatever at 9:42 really bothered me damn

  • Am i the only one who thinks Emma looks a little depressed in the last month ?


  • Omg the Dolan twins did a video teaching there younger selves there hobbies guess what Ethan’s hobby is???😂😂😂😂 SKATEBOARDING!!!!!! I’m sorry Emma I just have the need to say this 😀😂😂 love ur vids

  • i like this guy. everyone: omg ethan/aaron me: omg finn wolfhard? bacc off

  • Cough cough *Aaron*

  • Who is this bitch in my feed, she looks 12

  • emma dropping in: ThAt WaS cOoL Me doing a ollie: Eww this is for posers

  • Emma just put a screen protector on ur phone😭

  • Emma: I like this guy and he skateboards My brain: HE WAS A SKATER BOY SHE SAID SEE YA LATER BOY

    • I am enjoying your vids more and more

  • Nothing wrong for trying to take an interest in somebody's hobby! Seems like a great way to find common ground with somebody you like.

  • Buzzfeed just sent out a quiz to see if your a skater or a vsco girl and for the vsco girl picture it’s Emma and I’m dying😂

  • who else is annoyed that during 9:41 and beyond there is that little thing in her hair

  • What if that boy watches this video

  • What if that boy saws this video?And can you just show us that lucky boy?

  • Btw how did your dinner party go?😂😂

  • 😂😂 Emma kinda impressed me with the way she skates. I thought she couldn't even stand on it.

  • Hope emma impresses the skater boy They will look cute together!!

  • THERE IS A NAPOLEON DYNAMITE CARTOON! it’s from like 2012 but I still love it. I think it’s on Hulu?