Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! - EXPERIMENT: FRUITS VS CAR

Publicat pe 5 aug. 2019
WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: FRUITS VS CAR
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Intro by Sphinxcorp
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  • L

  • Next up place the person whos driving this car under the tyres, CRUSHING TEST EXPERIMENT FOURWHEELER DRIVER VS TYRES 🙄🙄🙄

  • Пидаразы ебаные

  • is it a experiment?? seriously? shame on you please stop wasting food.🙁go and watch that peapoles who have nothing to eat. i hope then you realize...

  • Pls don't waste food..many are starving for it..🙏

  • استغفر الله يدوس النعمة 😑

  • What is up with this comment section, amirite? Jeez.

  • So satisfying to see them crushed

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  • 0:40 rip crocodile

  • There are millions of people out there starving for foods and here you are making video wasting foods 😡😡

  • You know how much money you have wasted

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  • assa mat karo ✋👊👊👊👊👏👊

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  • koi passa barbad kar rahe ho

  • video tidak mendidik

  • Cho đầu bố m vào còn nát nữa là mấy cái này

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  • motiffffff?? really wasting

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  • shame shame ALLAH GIVE MONEY U DO GOOD That all u give to poor people That people pray for u

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  • Put you foot please

  • U guys r careless

  • Desperdiçadores de alimentos

  • Tinha que denunciar

  • Lindo🎀😁


  • Vai a merda

  • Try crushing some nails

  • Uste esta loco

  • Meu deus fica estou estruindo comida

  • Como eres p...... porq desperdicias

  • Pessoas sofrendo para compra comida,e ele destruindo elas sem pena se ele pelo menos doasse que concorda com migo da gostei no meu comentario

  • When you're trying to be the hydraulic press channel but you're low on budget. Or This is what the hydraulic press guy did when his machine breaks.

  • Pessoas querendo isso e ele destroindo tudo

  • Ao inves de vcs ficarem estragando coisas pq vcs não dão?

  • rotorrentinfo/PU4vUF2dA_PtnK-zOvKqXzQ

  • Apa manfaat nya begituan

  • Got bile coreye hele eliyeler

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  • Wow 😺😺😱😜😝😳

  • Itni chezan kharab karty han ya kisi gareeb ko dadiya karan

  • OMG I feel bad while watching I would definitely prefer to eat them all whether I got constipated afterwards

  • Simple all of those read comment please report this page

  • after visitng his chanel an idea came in my ind bring any thing , put it in toilet, under the car or fire in it , you just need is a camera and stand thats all you are a youtuber. what the. . . .. . . . . . . .. . .. .. . . . . .

  • WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: FRUITS VS CAR amazing , its scared me that fruits those fill my tummy, not mine only acutely every human needs re so dangerous , how you can make this bull shit, a large number of people are making sacrifices to get this , its on trending , 3m + subs and 46m+ views what the shit we all learnt from this, just tell me

  • Sira ulo!!

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  • pienso que no deverian hacer eso con comida por que mucha gente la necesita esta bien que se ciente satifactorio pero no me parece

  • No water in the hole

  • Cool

  • I was asking myself if I was the only one who thought that this is wrong but then I saw the comments and i saw I wasn't alone, and I'm glad that it's like that, there are so many people in the world who don't have what to eat, they're starving to death while some people waste food like this??

  • Shameful act

  • Are you made you are wasting so good you fool who's agree with so you can answer me 😠😠😠🙀

  • rediculous 😣 wasting food when many people are dying of Hunger

  • Residents of poor countries will not think well about these actions (((

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  • Youngest batsman in Kuttapa style rotorrentinfo/watch/2aCyc8q10a2vyd0.html

  • Why you used thing like this.... Fruits and cakes are make to eat... Not for crush by car.....

  • Wasting food....jahil insan

  • Pakistan bhuka nanga desh h.

  • Lol I wonder how many times you need to change your car's tyre

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  • Кто казак или ручки лаик и потписка на того я потпишус

  • نعلكم الله

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  • Toy car

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  • Не понимаю смысл таких видео????!!!!!!!!Ведь некоторые люди нуждаются этим вещам!!!!!!!!!А вы играете с ними

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