9 Fun Ways to Reuse Old Toys || Make Old Toys Great Again !

Publicat pe 10 ian. 2020
Have you just found a box of old toys and have no idea what to do with them? Here are some fun old toy upcycle hacks - boredom not included! Create some lovely, handmade jewelry using something as simple as barbie shoes or puzzle pieces! Learn how to make an absolutely adorable backpack from a plush toy or instead of that, turn it into a cuddly night light! There are so many ways to upcycle all of your old toys, so stay tuned for all of these old toy hacks and ideas!
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00:04 Resin Bangle
01:09 Puzzle Heart Couple Necklace
02:27 Barbie Parts Jewelry
03:29 Party Dinosaur Candles
04:32 Lego Candy Molds
06:32 Photo Puzzle
07:48 Toy Soldiers Photo Frame
09:02 Superhero Book Holder
09:57 Lego notebook

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