Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Publicat pe 26 mar. 2018
Time to take boomerangs to the next level!
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  • I love seeing this videos

  • do a video precision tricks with fly fishing outfits

  • very nice

  • The logic of that I think is easy, they just have to practice it many times and then set aside or publish and edit only the times they managed to be successful. Hhh...

  • Is that really a boomerang though, I though they were somewhat different to that. Perhaps it's a 2019 version of what a boomerang looks like but it's not a traditional one. So can any of these guys do any of those tricks using a traditional boomerang?

  • Didn't know anyone could bro up a boomerang so hard before. They only thing this video was missing is a yeti cooler full of bud light.

  • This dude is on another planet skill kind , basically cheating his abilities through ports

  • If the phrase "what goes around comes around" was a question, the answer would be "a boomerang" 😂

  • Aamakeao group eh neye

  • This 2018 video, guess it came back just like a boomerang...

  • Go to Australia and thus is a boomerang

  • Not a real bommarag

  • It's fake

  • Best

  • Link’s boomrang skills IRL

  • Я в Шоке!

  • Question is how many takes did they do before it was succesful? If he can do it consistently then its really impressive but i doubt it.

  • Cool for like ten seconds. Hearing them scream every time like it’s the most amazing thing ever got old. And for that reason, I’m out.

  • Kurwa nie wiedziałem, że rzucanie bumerangiem może mi się spodobać ha! Montaż, wykonanie, wasza radość w tym filmie robi z tego coś niesamowitego. Pozdrawiam chłopaki powodzenia życzę!

  • Wtf mnts 5:48 ... ESTO ESTA DE LOCOS !!?!!!

  • You can do it too guys. The trick is go throw the boomerang. Observe its motion and decide where will you put your target along with the motion. Then go throw again the boomerang with the same way you did with your first try to have same result. Expect some lil error coz you cannot do the same exact position (altitude, angle, force, etc.)

  • I want to show this to my father, but he is just going to say it's fake 😐

  • What are the chances?

  • did they keep on try so they can it?

  • D hello L a Siri I love you Siri I love you so much because you're also you every day let me put something along you why are you are the best I love to you you

  • 74M de vues une vidéo sur le boomerang.... mdr

  • 1 like for the little white dog 😌

  • 2:56 - 3:03 WOAH!

  • These guys have their own warehouse, gym, house thing??

  • weird flex but ok

  • Someone teach me how to do that

  • Imagine he didn’t record

  • OK BOOMERang

  • 9/11 was an inside job.

  • Anybody can do that you can't get a ride on the first

  • How many times did really take you to get it right 1 million times

  • HA I got a boomerang that you can never bring back because it went to go get milk!

  • yeah.. and it took only one shot huh.. pffft at least show all the out takes

  • Where's the single boomerang? Not the triangle.