Publicat pe 1 ian. 2019
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The squad convince (force) Ian to give them a tour of his house. What kind of treasures await them? A candy wall? A closet full of Gucci Slides? A bedroom full of Colombian strippers? Watch to find out!
Let us know what you think of this kind of video and if you want a tour of someone else's house!
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  • 1:55 Anthony?

  • lol I see you Ian with Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies cookbook! Love her

  • Keith's house

  • I rather wash my but eith bidet rather than tissues cause if you are using tissues it wouldnt be really that clean so i use bidet...

  • Do Keith's house next I want to see all the Micheal Jackson stuff

  • 3:14 Ian almost get death Yt: FECKIN ADD TIME

  • fast forward to Noah on trivia bidet

  • Is it weird that I think Courtney and Ian would be so cute together? But I ship Shayne and Courtney also

  • Ian's house is actually really nice

  • "I don't take care of the things in my life" Welp... Explains why he's single

  • wow. Courtney is really beautiful. Gorgeous.

  • I wanna see courtneys house

  • Nematodes I think is what he meant. It’s a micro biotic worm thing people put it on their lawns to kill off bugs and stuff.

  • When u realize that hes not actually rich

  • Guys PLEEEEAAAAASE put Mari into your videos pleeeeaaaase

  • i wanna see Courtney or Damiens bc they're very interesting people so that means their houses will be either nuts or super mundane

  • It is a Museum

  • Does Ian have kids? Is that a baby gate in his kitchen

  • “I LOVE THIS ONE ITS SO-“ **add plays**

  • Ian kinda looks like Chris Pratt

  • Shouldn't we be seeing Anthony and Ian chilling out in pimped out mansions with their collections of BMWs and corvettes? There are asshole youtubers showing off that like jerks who are like 1/8 as famous as them

  • Where’s Olivia

  • How did you get the only bad ramen

  • I love how Anthony is showing in this video and they say everyone else's name but Anthony lol they act like he's not even a thing anymore

  • I saw the nerdy mummies book lol!!!

  • we stan a snack king - Courtney, 2019

  • 123 fake st north pole

  • the house is big, but kinda boring tbh lol. still wish i had a big house tho :(

  • My adress is 420 street on the 69 intersection

  • They should invade every Smosh Squad members house

  • 6:03 PERFECT 👌🏽

  • I got very excited at 12:22 because of the Nerdy Nummies cookbook. I love Rosanna Pansino btw 😊

  • I feel like Courtney is a really good friend


  • How dare you shayne harry potter is awesome

  • I actually wonder how much his house costed.

  • 4:37 lol i was eating pasta

  • Noah House

  • Anthony was the best part of smosh

  • Shayne: you have Harry Potter, what a nerd. At shayne’s apartment tour/ invasion you can see the full set of Harry Potter books

  • 5:40 pamela bought those

  • Did anyone else notice that at 12:22 u can see Rosanna Pansino’s cook book...

  • The angry birds house


  • watching ian throw the rao’s gave me a heart attack that sauce is so good and way too expensive lmao

  • Damn Ian got some moneys

  • 6:06 i got diabetes

  • He reminds me of my friend Mike

  • drop some bops ian XD