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Publicat pe 17 iul. 2017
Is card throwing the new water bottle flipping?
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  • Gambit.

  • Anyone notice @ 2:51 he throws a credit card

  • EPIC

  • beautiful

  • Use a credit card 2:52

  • He sliced garrets banana... Hold up

  • 2:50 he broke the bottle with a credit card

  • He used a credit card when he crakes the bottle

  • He use a credit card in it for some things

  • At 2:52 that looked like a credit card

  • How did this get 125 million views, but Rick’s video only got 2.4 million views?

  • 2:52 does anyone want to talk about the credit card

  • I love you

  • Dude perfect are the best leave a like button if you agree

  • Лайк кто понимает русский Подписываюсь взаимно

  • Da HECK happened with Tyler at 3:47

  • 3:50 how fast Ty went forward and back

  • Is it just me or are people only looking at his face than the trick shot

  • 2:52 Did he throw a credit card?(look closely)

  • The face

  • Pause at 0:36 His face tho

  • Wow so nice

  • That is crazy The olive slicer looked hard

  • I think you with your card skills and newt in maze runner with his ninja skills should battle hahahaha

  • No group is ever going to fight him after watching this video

  • Harley

  • Hesoka

  • credit card??

  • Me: wtf Edit: using credit cards Me still: wtf

  • When Now You See Me 2 was filmed, the producer should hire dude perfect for the throwing card scene 😂

  • 僕とトランプやりたいな~お前、仲間になりたい(^◇^)

  • twisted fate

  • 2:52 Me in baseball: I WANT RICK TO PITCH

  • Watch the Colaboation with rick and mark Rober and you will be impressed HE BEATS A MACHINE!!!!


  • 3:49 look at them moves

  • Did anyone laugh at the way he always threw his hand

  • Ko bisa?

  • 현실트페네

  • same with my mom

  • I do not want to get on his bad side playing a game of UNO

    • Lol, I totally agree. You never know xD

  • There is no way that is a normal playing card

  • His face whenever he throws the card makes it look like he is pooping

  • Nice trick

  • Magic

  • Mic drop is also a K-POP SONG

  • Me: sees card....NOPE NOPE NOPE

  • Do you use custom metal plated cards

  • 4:47 cards on ground 4:54 no cards like if can tell

  • How could someone be a card master!?

  • apakah aku saja yang nonton dari indonesia

  • Twisted Fate --the Card Master

  • 2:51 did anyone notice that the card he was throwing was a credit card is that supposed to be like that or is it fake

  • Switches are invented in 1884 People in 1883-6:15

  • Look closely at his face during the slo-mo throws

  • That banana slicing part looked explicit...if you know what i mean..

  • You yes

  • Nice

  • es el bideo mas mentiroso q e visto

  • I am only think how much he plaided? 😝