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Publicat pe 17 iul. 2017
Is card throwing the new water bottle flipping?
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  • This guy be transforming playing cards into shurikens right there

  • Why fhinnis

  • Destes 48m de subs será que nimguem sabe que isto é FAICK

  • My mom: turn off the lights! No one Absolutely no one Me: 6:16

  • Wow ,, just like hisoka😁 HxH

  • Imagine this guy fighting a magician XD

  • Please Donate For Hungry People : @t

  • Gruß aus Deutschland 🇩🇪

  • He is twist pate

  • Ada yg dari indo gk..?

  • Невероятно... Просто матрица!

  • Where does he get his and what cards does he use

  • 🐺

  • I can throw a card just barely behind Rick Smith Junior

  • 2:38 Fake

  • brush deadass if they ever make another wolverine movie (even tho he dead) they should have this dude play as gambit

  • They Cant every thing riat 🤫🤫🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • 6:12 my dreams at night when the lights are on and i need to sleep:

  • Those cards are paid actors

  • In

  • 2:52 bank card

  • My cutest characters are coby and cory

  • The song in the background should be wild thang, but instead it’s wild card.

  • Any one else see the credit card in 4 around the world to break the bottle

  • At 1:50 it almost cut Cody's balls

  • *Jack Wilder would like to know your location*

  • Tyler you are dumb

  • Don’t move 😱🤯

  • You really don’t wanna fight this guy at a bank

  • He cheated he used credit cards is throwing cards

  • Wow

  • אני ישראלי

  • My mom can throw a knife 100 meters

  • Se vio clarito cuando ala botella de vidrio le tiro una tarjeta de credito

  • He throwed the credit card outside

  • 트페인줄

  • הם כתבו את הכותרת בעברית? מה הם ישראלים?

  • 2:52 That is a credit card lol

  • Wtf what kind of card that Here in philippines we dpnt have that

  • Cory Triggered

  • mantap betul l from indonesia

  • How sharp is these cards

  • Dude you are perfect 💯✨

  • 2:53 the uses a credit card to break the bottle

  • pause at 3:49 beard comes on 2 fast

  • Amazing clean shot

  • Can you play rubik 3. 3

  • 3:47 look closely at ty he is the flash.

  • I subscribed

  • did anyone notice he used a credit card to break the bottle at 2:53

  • his knife drawer at home is probably just playing cards

  • 1412 is proud of you.

  • Я метиз. Друг научи

  • 2:52 he used a gift card

  • He is using a credit card when he breaks the bottle

  • Twisted Fate irl

  • Thank youu turkishh thank you

  • throwing visa card to broke the bottle

  • You know it’s not real you need to slow mo it